World of Empires 2 Review and APK Download

World of Empires 2 is one of the best strategy games you can play, and it was surely one that we couldn’t help but recommend to our friends who are diehard lovers of true strategy games.

If you have followed my writings long enough, you’d know that I hate strategy games that are too guided, games that leave you at the mercy of the gameplay, and the many in-app purchases that game makers try to push down our throats. The type of strategy games I love most are those that challenge you to think, you’d be able to decide just how many soldiers to send to face a group of enemies, how many outposts to build to keep you safe, and many more.

And we have World of Empires 2. The type of strategy game I love.

This game is one of the best strategy games when we consider the UI, the animations, the features, including the AI. You enjoy stunning gameplay right from the bat, the AI is faster, and you are given the freedom to be as creative as you possibly can with your gameplay.

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One of the most outstanding features is the ability to create armies and combine different units and make a powerful army, with units having different strengths and weaknesses, making for a super diverse and formidable force going into wars.

The game also supports both single and multiplayer modes, all in one device. So you’d be able to show your friends just who the boss is. You can also host online parties in-game with pretty much any player and from any part of the world. You get features that support the creation of technologies and weapons to kill your enemies faster, you can improve the strength of your units, build cities, turn oceans into land, and expand your territory further. I should also add that you’d be able to harvest resources, raid your enemies and take their resources.

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World of Empires 2 Minimum hardware requirements and APK Download

  • 1GHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • Adreno 205 GPU or its equivalent
  • 500MB minimum in available storage space
  • Android 8 Minimum operating systems
  • APK Download

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