Windows 10 Updates Crash Systems and Delete User Data, Microsoft Warns

In the face of the release of the new Windows 10 update, tagged as ‘KB4524244’, which was released a couple of years back by Microsoft but had turned rouge in an unfortunate twist of event. This update is notorious for causing stop errors of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes, it is also famed for wiping out wipes stored on the desktop and reverting user settings back to default.

Hence, amidst all these abnormalities and bad reports on the ‘KB4524244’, Microsoft had to retrieve this update back, thereby passing a subtle warning to users on the mischievous operation of the Windows 10 update.

Irrespective of the fact that this security update has been wiped out from Windows’ operating services, certain users who have installed this update beforehand are provided with tips and guidelines on how to uninstall this update.

1: In Windows Desktop Search, type ‘update history’.

2. click on ‘View your update history’

3. In your settings, you’ll see a list of all your installed updates. Right at the top, a blue highlighted option says, ‘Uninstall update’, click on that.

4. A new tab will come up ‘Installed updates’, and will provide you with a list similar to the previous list in step 3.

5. Check through the updates listed under Microsoft Windows and select ‘KB4524244’ or ‘KB4532693’, then click uninstall.

6. Exit all tabs and restart Windows.

Follow these steps according to wipe out either of the updates before they cause permanent damage to your PC. Users can also download ‘Windows Update Troubleshooter’ which would help prevent troublesome updates from reinstalling.

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