Why you should sell your mobile phone before Christmas

Smartphones have become an essential part of everyone’s life. They help people to stay connected with their loved ones and colleagues with the help of the internet. However, as we are living in a world of rapidly evolving technology, the devices we buy become outdated within a month from its launch date.

The benefits of using the latest technology are far and wide, and no one would want to use a device that is old and does not support the latest features. Most of the leading brands regularly release newer versions of handsets that are a step ahead of the ones release previously. With 2020 almost getting over and Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s the holiday season. If you want to sell your mobile phone at the best price, now is the time.

You might want to purchase a new mobile phone for yourself or your loved ones. When you buy a new device, your old one will become useless. What you can instead do is sell it at the earliest and get some cash in return. The benefits of selling mobile phones are plenty.

In this article, we will elaborate on reasons you must sell your mobile before Christmas.

  • Arrest the depreciation value

There are several new models of smartphones that get released each month. It leads to older models facing a depreciation in their value. The value of old handsets only decreases with time, which makes it vital to sell them at the earliest. It would also mean that you will not be receiving much of you delay the selling. So it is always best to sell your mobile as early as possible, especially if you expect a fair price in return.

  • New technology is always better

When new mobile phones get launched, they are packed with advanced features and tools, design, speed, security, and aesthetics. New smartphones will allow you to do a lot more things that will not be possible with your old handset. After a certain point in time, old devices also begin to lag and stop functioning to their full capacity. In extreme cases, it can also lead to the loss of data, if you haven’t backed it up at a secure location. If you have a functioning model, it will still fetch you a better price as compared to the one that doesn’t work at all.

  • Get quick cash

Who doesn’t like some extra money that can take care of any immediate expense? You will not only declutter your space but also get the satisfaction of getting something in return. If you are looking to buy a new device, the money can cover a portion of the cost of the new handset.

  • Donate it to the needy

It could be possible that someone might need a gadget, which you no longer use. Helping someone out by lending your phone is an act that will get appreciated. It is also a positive feeling, and you will feel much happy doing it. If you don’t know someone personally who would need an old phone, you can look for charities. They are committed to the cause and will help your old mobile phones fall into the right hands.

Tips for selling mobile phones at a good price

Here are some tips that will help you get rid of your old handsets and get a fair amount in return.

  • Price

Even if the technology is old, do not settle for a low price. It is essential to research well and get quotes from different buyers and recyclers. The competition among such companies is tough, so you can expect a fair amount.

  • Make a good impression

The prospects of getting a higher amount will increase if you click some high-quality photographs that depict your handset in the best way. It is essential to click multiple pictures from various angles that will help the buyers understand better. Posting better photographs also highlight your seriousness and will get appreciated by the right buyers.

  • Concerns

If there are any issues regarding the damage or any other concern, mention it upfront. It would be better not to hide if it will anyway get discovered later by the buyer. You might receive a lower amount, or the buyer would cancel the deal altogether if the device condition does not match with what was advertised.