Why Is My Phone Hot When Charging?

When it comes to phone use and heat coming from a phone, some people generally get worried over the slightest rise in temperature – especially Samsung users. The first thing to note is that it is normal for a phone to get warm – the problem is when it gets hot. Sometimes one might notice a little too much heat coming from the phone or they might get an overheating warning.

More often than not, it happens when the phone is charging rather than with normal use. If you often find yourself asking ‘Why is my phone hot when charging?’, here are common reasons why a phone gets hot while charging and the best fixes to get your phone to normal temperature again.

Why Is My Phone Hot When Charging?

Your phone is hot when charging because you are using it while charging. Just like humans need to rest and recharge, phones need that too. If your phone gets hot while charging, you should take it as a sign to let the phone charge. The more you use it, the slower the charge, the longer it stays plugged in, and the hotter it gets. A phone has a particular timeframe that it requires to charge fully and when the phone is in use while trying to charge, the timeframe is extended, making the battery and phone overheat and this could cause a lot of damage to the phone.

While it is perfectly normal for your phone to get a bit warm when charging, it certainly should not be hot. Here are some more answers to the question, ‘Why is my phone hot when charging’:


Another reason your phone gets hot while charging could be due to the temperature of the environment. If you are walking in the sun with your phone plugged into your power bank or in a particularly hot environment with your phone charging, then your phone will inevitably get hot too. Your phone could also get overheated when water gets into it.

Charging Position

If you place your phone face up while charging on a bed, couch, or any surface with poor heat dissipation, this might cause it to heat up a little more compared to placing it face down. The latter would give the battery room to get some air, hence reducing the temperature. You can also place the phone facing up while charging but on a surface with better heat dissipation.

Background Apps

One other reason why your phone gets hot while charging is that several apps are running in the background. This gives almost the same effect as using your phone while charging because the phone keeps running all these apps instead of it taking a break and charging. Not only apps, but functions like Wi-Fi, mobile data, and location services might also cause your phone to heat up.

Faulty Charger, Battery, Or Phone

Your phone gets hot while charging because you might be using a faulty or counterfeit charger. Chargers that are not manufacturer-approved are dangerous to your phone and battery. Chargers like this are usually not compatible, have a higher output than the phone can accept, or are just faulty and this would cause the phone to heat up while charging. You might also have a faulty battery or phone and this would cause some malfunction, like the phone getting hot while charging.

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How to Stop Phone from Overheating While Charging – Fixes

To stop your phone from overheating while charging, you should try to stop using it while it is charging. Turn ON airplane mode and close all apps, then plug the phone in to charge and leave it for a while. This would let it charge faster, making it ready for use again in no time. Rather than have a hot phone that you can barely touch, why not just let it charge?

If you had already been using it while charging and it is now hot, you should unplug it, turn ON airplane mode and close all apps, then leave it to cool OFF. Once cool, plug it back in and give it time to charge.

Here are some other ways to stop your phone from overheating while charging:

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Fix 1: Adjust Charging Position and Environment

If your phone is not getting enough air ventilation while charging, then it is bound to get hot. To fix this, you can try changing the position. Take OFF the phone case and place it face down rather than face up. This would give the battery more space to breathe. Also, make sure you are not charging it under direct sunlight or around any direct source of heat. If the phone has come in contact with water, then you should let it dry properly first before plugging it in as this might be another cause for overheating.

Fix 2: Charger and Battery

If your phone overheats while charging, then you might be using a counterfeit charger or your battery might’ve developed some fault. If none of the fixes above works for you, then you might want to use another charger. Try getting a manufacturer-approved charger for your phone, this should help it stay cool while charging. Otherwise, you should take the phone to a certified technician.

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‘Why is my phone hot when charging’ is a question that has crossed the minds of many phone users – more often than not, we know why it’s happening, and we know what to do, we just absolutely refuse to put the phone down.