Why are Some Domain Names Better Than Others?

Ever wondered why some domain names sound better than others? If so, then you must be curious to know the main reason behind the same.

Being a relevant aspect of any organization, profitable online businesses input extra efforts when deciding the domain name. It renders credibility and ensures that both you and your competitors are on the same page. 

Also, a domain name manifests your online visibility and increases brand awareness. Let’s grasp some of the reasons why these domain names sound better.

1. They are Brandable

As mentioned earlier, a domain name personifies your brand. It is a way to know what your company delivers. Thus, it’s crucial to make it seem more brandable.

By brandable we mean, something that is simple yet memorable. It’s best to prevent adding any characters or numbers into the same. The biggest names in the industry keep their domain name basic yet comprehensible.

Some of them even use efficient platforms like www.domainify.com to get premium brandable names for their business. So, you can follow the same tactic too.

2. They are Easy to Pronounce

Another important aspect of a good domain name is its pronunciation. Now, it’s unlikely that customers will say your name out loud, but they will surely do so in their minds. If you choose something with complex pronunciation, it will become challenging for the reader to process the information.

The idea is to select a domain name that prevents any struggle. It should be understandable at once without any hassle.

If you keep a simple domain name, it will become more manageable for the readers to find you. It will then increase the website traffic and improve your online visibility.

3. They are Concise!

Your domain name should be short but not too short! When you have a short domain name, the reader is likely to remember it. However, keeping it too short can backfire. It could affect the pronunciation and make it tough to remember the name.  

Startups registering for domain names should maintain proper balance within the characters of the same. If your brand is renowned for its acronym, you can use that as well! You can learn more about what to consider when choosing a domain name on https://moz.com/blog/.

4. They are Intuitive

Your domain name should speak for your brand! At one glance, the client should be able to know what your website holds. In fact, intuitive domain names are easy to memorize.

As the visitors already know what they are going to get from your website, it’s hard to forget! So it’s best to come up with something that defines your brand.

5. The Domain Name is Easy to Spell

Apart from that, you should always choose a domain name with easy spelling. That’s because if you don’t do so, the visitor may mistype the name and get redirected to some other website.

It also renders a bad impression on them. Also, domain names with difficult spellings are hard to explain. 

Hopefully, it’s clear why some domain names seem better than others. If someone keeps a random domain name with no significance, it’s pretty unlikely to make any impact on the client. That’s why you should keep the above factors in mind when deciding on a domain name.