Where to Get the Best Deals on PC Games Keys

If you are like most gamers, you have your own very specific way of getting your games. Some gamers still prefer to buy physical disks because they are collectors. However, over 90 percent download their games from online storefronts.

There is a very long list of digital game distributors today. Choosing one can be a daunting task because they are all so great. Here are some of the most popular names in the industry that you probably already know about:

  •  Steam
  • GOG
  • GameFly
  • Origin
  • Amazon PC Store
  • GreenMan
  • Microsoft Store

Storefronts vs. Game Keys Marketplaces

The gaming industry is exploding. It was worth a whopping $159.3 billion as of May 2020 and is projected to double in value by 2027, according to Statista.

Consequently, there is stiff competition between storefronts for customers. These companies market and sell games developed by third-parties. They try to outdo each other based on the quality of service, variety of games, and of course, prices.

New smaller storefronts and codes marketplaces are rapidly gaining popularity among gamers. They thrive by offering the best prices and often personalized service that the leading resellers cannot. Much like bet365 India when it comes to online casino games, these sites are user-centric and are the best places to go to save money on games.

Here is a list of the five less-popular places you can get good deals for gaming keys.


If you are looking to spend as little as possible on gaming keys, G2A is your one-stop-shop. G2A is a gamers’ marketplace where brokers who buy codes in wholesale from developers sell them at lower-than-market prices.

It is worth pointing out that G2A has many bad reviews online because it is an open market. The marketplace is essentially a platform where gamers can buy keys directly from other individuals. Before you pay for anything, be sure to take precautions.


Kinguin is another platform that brings together game buyers and sellers. The platform goes a step further to monitor and verify transactions between gamers. Unlike G2A, Kinguin is a marketplace mainly for gamers looking to offload their games or trade them with other gamers.

You can buy, sell, or trade almost any software on Kinguin aside from PC games. The prices are often low, and transactions legitimate. However, note that there is always a level of risk when transacting online, and Kenguin.net is no exception.

Instant Gaming

Instant Gaming was founded by enthusiastic gamers fed up with poor treatment from brick and mortar game stores. Their motto is to provide gamers with immediate access to the best games at the best prices.

How do they do that? They buy bulk game keys from authorized resellers and directly from developers and sell them to gamers at great discounts.

Instant Gaming has a fanatical following in the gaming community because of its friendly prices. The next time you wish to buy a game, check out their prices and deals before going elsewhere.


AllKeyShop is the ultimate discount store for gamers. It also doubles up as a games review site where you can read what other gamers have to say about titles before buying.

Developers and game resellers also promote their games on this site. It is not uncommon for fans to win free and very cheap games on daily deals and by redeeming AllKeyShop’s reward program.

Since they support a wide variety of games and payment methods, you can resort to AllKeyShop if you cannot find your favorite game elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is looking to get a good deal on anything. Considering how expensive good games can be, any service that can save you money is worth checking out. These game keys marketplaces can save you as much as 70% on the price of your next game.