Where is the Microphone on MacBook Air, Mac Desktop, & MacBook Pro Located?

The location of MacBook microphones can be different depending on the model, year, and design. With improvements in technology, microphones have been shrinking in size even while maintaining high-quality performance. The same is true for Mac microphones.

These microphones are often built into the computer, perfectly blending into the surface. This makes them harder to find especially on Mac products aimed at delivering sleek devices.

So where is the microphone on MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, and MacBook Desktop located? Let’s talk about these in this article.

Where is the Microphone on MacBook Air?

On the most recent MacBook Air laptops, there are 3 in-built microphones and they are located under the left speaker grille. On older models with no speaker grilles, the microphones might be situated just in front of the headphone jack. One of the benefits of knowing where the microphones are is that you can speak directly into them or towards their direction during meetings or calls so that those on the receiving end can hear you.

Where is the microphone on MacBook pro?

On the MacBook Pro, from the 2018 models till the most recent, three microphones can be found on the bottom casing, close to the speakers, or top of the keyboard area. If they are in the keyboard area, you will find them on the upper left part of the keyboard and speaker section, on the grille. The fact that they are in-built to blend in with the design of your MacBook makes them hard to locate but contributes to general aesthetics.

For older models of MacBook Pro laptops, you can find the microphone close to the hinge at the upper left part of your keyboard, just above the ESC key.

To confirm where they are located, do a test zoom call. Cover the described portion with your fingers and speak to see if the person or people at the other end can hear you. If they can’t, the spots covered are most likely the mic locations.

MacBook Pro Microphone Quality

One thing you can be sure of is that MacBook Pro microphones are better than MacBook Air’s when it comes to sound quality. With three microphones at your disposal, they deliver very well. They can pick your voice from about 3 feet away and are great for calls, meetings, and the likes. They might not deliver as much as you would want if you choose to use them for voice recordings, singing, or podcasting. The reason is simple, these microphones are more optimized for voice communication. As such, they don’t do well for high-quality recordings.

Specialized microphones, though, are more likely to outperform the microphones on any Mac device.

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MacBook Microphone not Working? Tips for Fixing

Rarely will the microphones on a MacBook get damaged or break because they are in-built and often inside a chassis. Apart from liquid damage, setting or software problems are the only other possible causes for its microphone to stop working. Below are likely causes and how they can be fixed.

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When Microphone Access is Turned OFF

If mic access is turned OFF, the apps on your phone won’t be able to use your MacBook’s mic. To fix this, grant microphone access by Clicking the Apple logo >> then go to System and Preferences >> Security & Privacy >> click on the Privacy tab >> click on Microphone. Check the boxes of the apps you want to grant microphone access. You can now restart the PC and check to see if the microphone is now working.

When You Get Low Input Volume

You can fix this by adjusting some settings. Go to System Preferences >> Locate Sound >> then select the Input tab and set input volume to as high as you need it. This will fix the low input volume problem.

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