What to Do If Spectrum Internet Keeps Dropping, Cutting, or Going out Almost Every Hour

If your Spectrum internet keeps dropping, and it’s happening almost every hour or even in less time, there could be varying explanations, and in some cases causes of the issue. It could be caused by hardware issues with your router or devices, or it could be caused by some software issue on any of the devices. In few cases, the cause could even be from their end, so we put this article together to see possible causes and share tips on how to handle it if your Spectrum internet keeps cutting or going out.

Why Spectrum internet keeps dropping every hour

There are just so many possible causes of why Spectrum internet keeps dropping every hour, and we will be trying as much as possible to share some of them in this article.

  1. One of the most obvious reasons why Spectrum internet keeps going out is a situation where your router is sending out errors. This issue is mostly caused somewhere in the splitter box connection. Fixing this is often left for the Spectrum tech as they would have to replace the wiring from the pole to the house and in some cases even replace the modem, as it could be a lime issue.
  2. Another reason why Spectrum internet keeps going out could be an issue with the feeder line or node.
  3. In some cases, your Spectrum internet keeps going out because your neighbors are bumping you out from your own Wi-Fi connection. If you’re sharing the same Wi-Fi frequency with a couple different neighbors, you’ll probably have to deal with the internet cutting out very often.
  4. Something as simple as a bad Wi-Fi hotspot, poor strength of the hotspot, an overloaded internet network, and as we mentioned earlier, a defective cable running through your connections could make your Spectrum internet keep going out.
  5. You might also want to check if the router is up-to-date. If your router or router firmware is out-of-date, and your Spectrum internet keeps dropping every hour, then that may be the cause of the problem.
  6. You might have to check your ping rates as they could cause internet drops every hour. In these cases, a ping represents the speed of the data transfer between your computer and a server, if you notice the ping rate is high, it’s often a case of slow Ethernet, and that would cause drops in your internet.
  7. Another possible cause of internet drops every hour is dirt in your PC, so see if the internet drop is general or if it’s happening on one device. If it’s only on your device, then a clog of dirt may be causing your machine to overheat, so the system is constantly resetting itself.
  8. For Spectrum users, the company mentioned that the devices need to be rebooted daily, so we imagine that their systems need constant updates, hence a need for a boot so that the changes can be applied. If you haven’t rebooted your device in a while, then that could be the culprit for the internet drops.
  9. If it’s hourly, your PC might not be handling IP address renewals well, hence the persistent internet drops.
  10. If you have made any recent Windows update or firmware update to the router before the sudden drops, you might have messed things up along the way.

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Spectrum internet keeps cutting out? Working fixes

Now that we have seen some of the causes, let’s explore possible fixes if you notice that your Spectrum internet keeps cutting out.

  • As we have mentioned with Spectrum modems and routers, the company seems to recommend regular restarting of the device, and that is what we will advise. If the issue of internet drops, either every few minutes or hours is the same on all devices, you might reboot your Spectrum device and see if that works. If it is happening on just one device, then you might need to reboot the device in question and see if that fixes the issue.
  • If you are still experiencing this issue, you might check if your router is up to date or if the firmware is up to date. Older routers are the norm in many households, with people still holding on to Wi-Fi routers that are ten years and older. Speak to the customer care team and see if there is anything they can do. If the firmware is outdated, your router might find it really hard or even unable to detect new WI-FI broadcast messages, which is the same as saying it will be unable to keep in pace with the speed of the data traffic that most services require, and that could be causing internet drops every hour.

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  • Checking and changing the internet cables might also be an option, although this will be in the domain of the technician that Spectrum sends. While there might not be visible damages to your cable, the wire carrying the Wi-Fi signal might have some damage, and it’s serious enough to cause the ‘Spectrum internet keeps cutting out’ issue.
  • Your next option to consider will be both the strength of the signal, and the number of devices connected, and the demands of each device. On older devices, when all the devices are pulling quite a lot of resources at the same time, there could be a drop on the internet, especially when this doesn’t match the speed. If you have more than four devices connected to your subscription plan, you might experience lags since many networks have 4 as the max number of devices connected at once for fast, interrupted Wi-Fi.

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  • Wireless interference could be an explanation when the Spectrum internet keeps cutting out. To tackle this, you might have to connect your PC to the internet using the cable and see if that fixes the issue on the device level.
  • In case the explanation for Spectrum internet keeps dropping is your neighbors bumping you out of your Wi-Fi, changing the frequency might be a way to go. The FREE Wi-Fi analyzer Android app is a great way to find that out. If you discover that this is the case, you might need to change your wireless channel settings from auto to a manually entered figure, and that should fix it.
  • If the Spectrum internet keeps dropping every hour after making some upgrades or changes in settings, either on your router, your machine, or your firmware, you might need to roll back the changes you make, as something might have been broken while you’re working on the changes.

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For most issues you have with your Spectrum internet, we recommend contacting the company’s customer support and they’ll be sending a tech over to see firsthand what the issue is. If you have tried some of these that are within your skill level and your Spectrum internet keeps dropping, you sure will be saving yourself time and resources by requesting that they send you a professional.

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