What Keyboard, Mouse, Mic & Chair Does Clix Use?

In Fortnite, Clix is known as the top 1v1 higher ground taker and gamer. Clix rose to prominence after qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup, where he won first place and $58,000.

Since then, his career has been a success story. And because of his success and professionalism, many people try to replicate what he does, including using the accessories he uses for gaming. So, everyone is asking, “what keyboard, mouse, microphone, and chair does Clix use?”

This article will address those questions while also presenting you with the best Valorant keyboards.

What Keyboard Does Clix Use?

Clix uses the Clix X Matrix 60% gaming keyboard. Matrix Keyboards collaborated with Clix to create this 60% keyboard. The keyboard is available in two versions – the red keys in-between the black keys version and the black keys in-between the red key version.

The Clix X Matrix 60% gaming keyboard is designed with some of the best technologies. It has hot-swappable switches, allowing users to have the best gaming experience possible. The PBT double shot seamless keycaps are known for providing the best durability and comfort for every gamer because they are resistant to wear, friction, and solvents.

What Keyboard Switches Does Clix Use?

Clix uses the HyperX Quad Cast microphone. Because of its impressive quality, this condenser microphone is ideal for gamers. In addition, this mic has an anti-vibration shock mount built-in, which assists in the reduction of external sounds caused by movement. Gamers will find this microphone very user-friendly; streamers and podcasters can also use it.

What Server Does Clix Play On?

Clix plays on the official Fortnite server, also known as the Fortnite Discord server. This server is ideal for those who, like Clix, are interested in free-to-play battle royale games. The server has channels dedicated to all things Battle Royale. In addition, it also assists gamers in forming groups based on the game mode, region, and platform.

What Chair Does Clix Use?

Clix uses the Tall Executive Office Chair and LaZBoy. This office chair is said to be more comfortable than some gaming chairs. It is ideal for gamers because it has adjustable recline, tilt, and height features. In addition, it has layered memory foam cushions and a contoured lumbar panel that provides excellent body support.

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Best Controller Settings For 1V1 LOL

The following are the best controller settings for 1v1 LOL.

  • Use the right stick button for jump; this stick is the best option for the “jump” command.
  • When building, use R1 for cones, R2 for walls, L1 for the floor, and L2 for Ramp.
  • Go for 55% Sensitivity with 33% Aim Sensitivity for sensitivity.
  • The value of the Build Multiplier can be 2.6, and the Edit multiplier can be 2.3.
  • Playing with Aim Assist off is a preferred option; however, if your aim isn’t that strong, you can use an alternative.

Best Colorblind Mode for Fortnite

Most gamers best prefer Protanope mode at strength 5-7. However, since everybody’s eyes vary and might require a different mood, you can adjust the colorblind mode to suit your condition. This can be done from the color-blind mode setting. In addition, adjusting the Color-Blind Mode makes it easier to spot other players at a distance.

Best Keyboards for Valorant – Why We Love Them

Here are the best keyboards for Valorant and why I think they are the best:

1# Havit Mechanical Gaming Recording Keyboard 

This is a keyboard with lighting effects that increase excitement while playing Valorant. It has an all-key rollover feature, which means the keyboard simultaneously registers all keys. This keyboard also has a detachable wrist rest for extra comfort. It also has an RGB backlight mode for better visibility. 

2# Razer Huntsman Analog Gaming keyboard

This keyboard has analogy optical switches, detecting how far a key is pressed. It also has a powered razer chroma RGB for more visibility of keys. It comes with a magnetic wrist rest, ideal for gamers who play for extended periods. Its smooth Double-shot PBT Keycaps allow light to pass through opaque keycaps. 

3# HyperX Alloy Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard doesn’t only have good light effects; it has an aircraft-grade aluminum body. This ensures the keyboard remains structurally sound and stable, ideal for gaming. It also has adjustable keyboard feet that make it great for ergonomics.

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