Web Hosting in Nigeria – The Best, the Cheap, the Worst Companies and Plans to Start a Blog With

If you want to take your business online or start your blog, a great web hosting company is just as important to the success of your online life. So if you are looking for the best web hosting in Nigeria, with the best and cheapest hosting services, this article should serve as a very practical guide for you.

While I’d so love to have a lot of Nigerian web hosting companies on this list, my research shows that some web hosting companies are simply write-offs, which means you’d be better off not even using them.

One thing I considered when drawing up this list is customer support, which I believe as the lifeblood of any business. I also considered uptime, ease of migrating to and off the platform, the security of website files, and speed.

All of these are very important to the success of your business, if a person comes on your website and doesn’t even stay up to 10 seconds because your pages just don’t load fast, what’s the point of even having a web host.

If the website is down most of the time, then your chances of ever growing online are as good as NOT GOOD.

Google and other search engines can crawl your website, and if your website is well optimized, you get to be indexed by the search engines and get your website shown to searchers. If your website is always going down or slow, that wouldn’t happen, and you’ll end up losing out on so many business opportunities as hundreds of thousands of people are regularly searching for the services your company offers.

If you’d like to see how search engine optimization can benefit your company, online business or blog, you can always contact me via my email (you’ll find it in the author bio under this article). I’d be happy to work with you and get your website up there in Google search and help you get as many qualified leads as possible.

My 2 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria at a glance

  1. Whogohost
  2. SiteGround

My 3 Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria at a glance

  1. Hostnownow
  2. DomainRacer
  3. QServers

My 2 Worst Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria at a glance

  1. Smartweb Nigeria
  2. Web4africa

A strip-down of my best web hosting in Nigeria

In this section, quality is put over pricing, at the same time, Nigerian-made is given priority.

Whogohost – Best web hosting company in Nigeria

Whogohost.com might not be one of the best web hosting companies in the world, but it sure is the best web hosting company in Nigeria. I said that unapologetically.

Whogohost is the most popular web hosting company in Nigeria, and they sure have a ton of customer feedback to prove their dominance in the Nigerian, and African web hosting market.

I once used Whogohost on one of my older blogs, so I do have experience firsthand with how they operate. Customer support is great, you can easily get in touch with them on phone and email, live chat is still not so great.

They also offer WordPress hosting, if you are looking to get support fully for WordPress websites and blogs. Their WordPress hosting begins at N1600 per month and goes as high as N4000 per month.

The lowest WordPress hosting plan comes with 10GB SSD storage, 100GB bandwidth, a free .ng domain name, free SSL certificate, auto-updates for your WordPress plugins and themes and their web hosting is powered by AWS (Amazon web services), the same AWS that is used by organizations like Netflix and the USA Justice System, so that’s as good as zero downtime.

The normal web hosting begins at N500 and goes as high as N2500 per month. You get access to many of the options you get on the WordPress hosting plans, but these are pretty much downgraded based on pricing. In my opinion, the company could scrap that lowest tier plan and prioritize quality delivery over pricing.

If you have tried Whogohost for your websites, I’d love to hear about your experience more than anything.

SiteGround – Best WordPress and Joomla hosting in Nigeria

We host this website,tekgoblin.com, on Siteground. It was formerly hosted on Namecheap, but when we saw that the experience of our readers could be improved, we decided to take the bull by the horn.

Read my review of SiteGround Web Hosting

From the day we started using SiteGround, we have experienced as good as zero downtime. We have an alert set on WordPress that notifies us whenever our website goes offline for just 5 minutes. In almost 9 months of using SiteGround, we haven’t received any email of that sort.

Speaking of SiteGround hosting plans, SiteGround begins at $3.95 for beginner sites and goes as high as $11.95 for the top plan. The company offers features like 10GB web space, an average of 10,000 visits per month, which is great for growth, and unmetered traffic to your website.

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There are WordPress auto-updates, free installation of WordPress, free SSL, daily backup, CDN, Email, and so many more. One of the main things for me with this web hosting company is customer support. Everyone agrees that SiteGround has what would probably be the best customer support in this industry.

They also offer a pretty easy to learn, and simple CPanel, making it easy for even the least technical person to make adjustments and changes to website files straight up.

It might not be one of the web hosting companies in Nigeria, but it sure does the job. I recommend SiteGround web hosting.

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A list of my cheap web hosting In Nigeria

If you are on a low budget, and maybe your company is cash-strapped at the moment and you want a web hosting company that wouldn’t break the pocket, while allowing you to test the waters of running your website online, these web hosting companies are my OK choices in Nigeria.

I wouldn’t allow for web hosting companies that offer bad quality services to join this list just because they are cheap. I am only choosing the very best among the best. Let’s look through each company and see what you get.

Hostnownow – Starting at N250

Hownownow offers you a very cheap web hosting option. While they don’t allow monthly billing, the company offers you the yearly plan starting at just N2500. The company also offers you a free domain name on other plans except for the lowest plan. You get free SSL on all plans unlimited emails and support for PHP.

They have plans that go as high as 75,000 per month with the best offerings from the company. So if the lower plans don’t do the job for you, maybe you’d do better subscribing for the pricier ones with more features. But these are still having fewer features when we compare them to the best web hosting companies we have on this list.

On our review of this web hosting company, we feel they offer the true cheap web hosting with all the silver lining. The company is known for being customer-centric and being affordable.

They also know their stuff, handling customer queries professionally, with a well-trained support team. I feel they get a pass and deserve to be the top choice in this article of the cheapest web hosting in Nigeria right now.

DomainRacer – Reliable web hosting in nigeria

DomainRacer is one of the top and best web hosting delivering excellent performance spread across the US, Europe, and Nigeria, etc. They provide Litespeed webserver to deliver seamless performance to grow your website.

One great thing about DomainRacer best php web hosting beginner site plans at $0.99/month and goes as advanced plans as $ 4.29/month with unlimited SSD disk space, free SSL certificates, CloudLinux platform, website builder, LiteSpeed technology and get a weekly backup for plans.

For Nigerian beginner to the pro-level business website, DomainRacer is a trusted and faster web hosting company. The goal was to provide great support, if have any query their support available 24/7 via Live Chat, Email and Ticket. 

You can easily connect the WordPress, Joomla website by using the one-click Softaculous with 400+ other applications to get support fully for WordPress websites and blogs.

DomainRacer great Features to start your Website:

  • 21x Faster LiteSpeed Technology
  • Unlimited SSD Storage Space
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL License
  • HTTP/3 & QUIC Support
  • Top Security and Firewall protection
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • CloudLinux Based Resources
  • Secured with ImunifyAV+ and Imunify360
  • 1-Click Softaculous Script (450+ Apps) and CMS
  • Free Domain with Advanced Plans

DomainRacer is to establish a unique model and the latest technological advances for web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting which is great for growth for your website.

You will perceive the fast web hosting traits, DomainRacer has top monitoring, multiple-choice server locations like UK, USA, India, France, Germany, Singapore, and Canada.

QServers – Affordable web hosting in Nigeria Starting at N500 per month

QServers’ lowest plan is N500 while the plans go as high as N2,100 for monthly web hosting. The lowest plan comes with 2GB storage, 8GB bandwidth, free .com.ng domain names, free SSL, 5 subdomains, 1 parked domain, PHP, Cpanel, and free daily backups. For a plan of N500 per month, I think these are mouthwatering features.

You’d be getting 2GB storage and 8GB bandwidth, so for me, this is not a plan that would take any amount of real traffic to your website. You’d need to upgrade to more expensive plans if you want to be able to take more traffic to your website.

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On our QServers review, we discovered that the company has a pretty cool uptime, compared to other cheap web hosts we have on this list. They also have great support, which is vital to every website on the internet right now.

We also noticed that the support is OK, and they have experienced, skilled technical staff for when you have issues that you can’t handle yourself. So, I think QServers gets a pass when it comes to cheap web hosting for you in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

A stripdown of my worst web hosting In Nigeria

Well, these are those that scored the least in reviews. They failed in customer support, technical expertise, and customer satisfaction. I wouldn’t recommend them.

Web4Africa – Starting at N700

This is one of the most popular web hosting providers in Africa. The company has subsidiaries like Web4Africa Ghana, which is an option for those looking for the best web hosting in Ghana. The company also has a presence in Kenya and South Africa.

This is one very cheap web hosting in Nigeria. The pricing begins at N700 per month and goes as high as N5250 per month. For this price, the company offers you a free domain name when you buy yearly plans, while you get a free SSL certificate, weekly website backups, unlimited email accounts, Cpanel, and unlimited addon domains. But how do they perform on an actual test?

Well, customer support is one area where this company suffers. The support staff have also shown that they have not as much experience with the technical areas of running websites, with staff being very defensive when customers bring quality issues to their attention.

The website, while it had better uptime than some of the others we have in this article seems to be pretty slow. But the biggest problems that people seem to have with this web hosting company remain their customer support and the speed at which they handle customer issues, which sometimes run into weeks.

Customer support should be at the top of your list when getting a web hosting plan, and Web4Africa looks like they are doing a pretty shitty job in that area.

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Smartweb Nigeria – Starting at N350 per month

Smartweb claims to be the country’s largest web hosting provider, but our research shows that this is debatable. The company is known for a couple of different web hosting options, and you get cloud services and domain registration as part of their web hosting suite.

For a company offering web hosting services, I didn’t like the fact that the website was slow, and breaks after some time trying to load other pages on the website.

You should be getting customer support 24/7, which wasn’t very great support for me. If you need a web page that would be like a portfolio, maybe this web host will work fine. But if you were looking to grow, then Smartweb might not be the ideal choice for you.

They give you a free domain when you buy annual web hosting plans, they support WordPress hosting and PHP. They don’t come with SSL certificates. If you need an SSL certificate, you would need to invest N3500.

Overall, I wouldn’t rate them “great” when it comes to the experience of their staff in the technical aspects of running a website.

They also don’t have a good reputation among users when it comes to keeping to their agreements and giving customers what they paid for. Lastly, I feel the company could do better when it comes to making its pricing scheme more easily assessable and transparent.

The cheapest web hosting option they offer is N350. And they go as high as N2300 per month. When it comes to being cheap, Smartweb Nigeria does a pretty good job.

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My final take on cheap web hosting in Nigeria

Nigerian web hosting companies need to go beyond using pricing as a competitive advantage. ALL of the cheap web hosting companies offer completely shitty options when it comes to their lowest pricing plans.

I am looking for a company “IN NIGERIA” that will offer quality to users (even if it means charging more) over pricing. Customer support is also a big issue for Nigerian companies, not just web hosting companies.

So you will see that the companies with the very best web hosting reviews are those that have great customer support.

If you are a representative of any of these web hosting companies reading this article, you should take this message back to your team.

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