Top 10 Best Free Fax Software For Windows 10

Every business is shifting its focus to windows 10 now. Most of their business operations can be done on this operating system easily. However, we can not forget the use of online fax services for windows 10.

Small businesses and individuals require online fax services to manage their faxes without a fax machine. However, it is a bit challenging to find the right applications for Windows 10. That is why we have created this list of the top 10 best free fax software for windows 10.

So, let’s start and discuss them one by one so that you can find the best application to send fax online.


CocoFax is the best application to manage your fax remotely. It allows you to send and receive fax documents without using your fax machine. Individuals and businesses can do their confidential communications with this technology.

You can upload and send a fax to any of your contacts. Additionally, you can enter the recipient’s fax number to send it directly to their fax machine. With benefits like cloud storage, easy google drive access, email to fax, and blacklist options, you can trust this application as your complete fax solution.

It offers a free 1-month trial to help you manage your documents without spending any money. So, create an account and start sending fax from pc or mobile devices.


RingCentral is a complete solution for small businesses. It offers fax and VoIP services to their clients. It means that you can use this platform to manage your fax documents and make international voice calls. 

It works great for those businesses who want to perform both the business activities. However, if you are exclusively looking for fax services, then it might come out as a bit expensive for you. They allow you to share your documents with your online contacts. 


PamFax has one of the biggest networks of online fax services. It is available in 236 countries helping people to manage their fax online. The application offers you to receive faxes and save them directly on your online storage. This way, you can check your received fax anytime you want.

It has several other advanced features to compete with other applications. However, it can only send three fax without registering for a premium plan. Hence, you must subscribe to their membership to keep receiving and sending your fax papers. 

There are no complaints about the security of this application, and businesses trust it with their data.


If you work remotely and do not like to stay glued to your working table, then you can use this platform. WebstFax is an online platform that offers real-time fax services to its users. You can choose a file and send it to multiple recipients with a single click.

Additionally, it has a built-in feature that keeps your incoming faxes even if you are away. Hence, you can trust this application to replace your fax machine for good reasons. Additionally, the plans are affordable and offer some advanced features as well. is one of the first few applications that offered remote fax services. It has a simple user interface and asks you to signup or logs in on your first visit. After that, it has three easy steps to send a fax document online.

This platform is a good fit for sending faxes, but it may not be the right platform for receiving them. Hence, if your work includes only sending documents, then you can go for this application. The basic plan of this application lets you send around 300 pages per month.


The best thing about this application is that it allows you to keep your existing fax number. It means that you do not need to register a new fax number and keep using your old one to manage your faxes. Additionally, it is equipped with a file converter to send and receive faxes in any format you want.

The website has a simple user interface that gives you an easy to upload a document and send it to any fax number. It comes with mDrive that helps you store the online content for as long as you want.


If you want a solution to send a fax from your email address to a real fax machine, then you can use this application. Biscom123 is a paid service that allows you to store and share your fax documents online. It comes with two memberships- Basic membership allows you to send up to 30 pages per month.

You can send up to 300 pages with their professional membership. The interface is quite good and provides some steps to upload and send the documents. You can enter the fax number of the recipient and send international faxes through this platform.


Nextiva is an advanced application that helps you manage your fax and calls at the same place. You can send and receive as many faxes as you want. Additionally, you can use VoIP technology to make calls for your business operations.

The plans for this platform are a bit expensive but offers some great features with it. Hence, you can check your budget and consider using this application for an excellent combination of services. 


FaxCore works on a similar concept and offers remote faxing services. It is famous for cloud storage that makes it much easier to manage your documents. You can also share these documents by entering the fax number of the recipient. 

It has managed to get a lot of active users on the platform. The main reason behind the increasing user base of this application is its security. It complies with all the security measures for online fax services. Hence, you can trust it to send and receive online fax easily.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word can also send a fax to a fax machine. You can create a document and send it directly through this software. However, you will need to install the Microsoft fax driver to use this feature. It is free of cost and comes with your Microsoft office subscription.

However, it has limited features and does not offer much reliability to the users. 

Final Verdict- The best way to fax 

Choosing the right fax application depends on an individual’s requirements. You can learn about these applications and match their features with your requirements. Or you can go with CocoFax and get all the advanced features on a single platform.

Using Microsoft is a free option for our readers as well. However, it is not as reliable as other applications on this list.