TikTok Calculator – Just how much do TikTokers make

If you just created your TikTok account and are starting to upload TikTok videos in hopes that you one day get to earn money on TikTok and put all your hard work to use, while also making a living, this article is just for you,

We have created our very own TikTok calculator that gives you an idea of what you can make from your TikTok account. This calculator considers things like the number of video views and the number of TikTok followers you have. The more users view your videos, the more you make money on TikTok. Likewise, the more followers you have, the more you make money on TikTok.

This TikTok calculator only considers what a creator makes from TikTok ads and how much they get paid from the TikTok creator fund. It doesn’t include what your favorite creators make from the tipping feature, sponsored content, virtual gifts, sponsorship deals, and other revenue streams.

TikTok calculator – How many sources of income can your TikTok account benefit from

TikTok influencers can benefit from pretty much all streams of income that users on other social media platforms enjoy. For example, because of the size of social media accounts, TikTok creators benefit from promoting brands, selling merchandise, affiliate link insertion in videos, and posting sponsored content. They can even sell directly to their followers.

Promoting brands – Influencer marketing

Even micro-influencers can make money on TikTok by promoting brand deals. Many brands are in super small niches, meaning they need influencers to drive traffic to their websites or social media pages. Brands are ready to pay a lot as long as the creator’s audience comprises prospective customers. The more niche your engaged audience is, the higher your chances of charging a premium.

Sell merchandise

If you have custom items, like dresses and tees, mugs and shoes, that your audience would like to use in support of your content, this is a great way to make money on TikTok. You just need to discern your audience’s interests and see what they would be proud to have from their favorite creators and offer this to them.

Affiliate marketing on TikTok videos

Like other social media platforms, you can promote affiliate content on your TikTok posts and your TikTok profile. From experience, this isn’t as seamless as you’d find on YouTube, but depending on your followers, this may be a chance to make more money.

You need to create content about the said product, post regularly, and link to the products you’re promoting, and you’re on your way to making money on TikTok. The one piece of advice we’d give is to ensure you’re the posted content aligns with the theme of your page and the interests of your audience.

Sponsored content to TikTok users

While this is similar to branded video promotions, sponsored content cuts across all paid-to-post content. Many creators are earning money from posting unique content after receiving a payment. This could be content from other TikTok creators or brands. The very idea behind this is that you are paid to post these. To find sponsored posts that you can post to your page for money, we recommend joining a marketplace like the TikTok creator marketplace.

Tips from TikTok users

You can also set up a profile on tipping platforms like Patreon and have your engaged audience donate to you to support your craft. You can have a system where you can show appreciation to your viewers on your videos, thereby encouraging others among your target audience to donate to your craft.

TikTok Calculator

TikTok Calculator

Enter the number of video views and followers to calculate how much an account makes:

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