This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic – How to Fix

Since Apple began supporting encrypted DNS in iOS 14, some iPhone users have received notifications stating; “this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic”.

As it turns out, if the network fails to meet certain standards, this is normal. Also, if you’re connecting to a network that isn’t configured according to Apple’s recommended security standards, you’ll get a notice like this.

If you receive this warning, it’s more probable that you’re trying to connect to a network using a router that doesn’t support encrypted DNS. There are different solutions for this issue depending on your router and ISP, and we’ll also look at them in this article.

What does blocking DNS traffic mean?

A DNS block is a server-side method that allows you to restrict access to specific web pages. By blocking known suspicious IP addresses, the system, which was originally developed to help protect against spam and phishing attempts is now used for several purposes. Some people use it to protect against piracy, while others use it to keep porn and gambling sites out of the workplace.

Is blocking DNS traffic good?

Yes, it is. DNS plays an important role in supporting current online traffic, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular target for cybercriminals. DNS blocking is one of several best practices that can have a significant influence on overall cybersecurity, and one of the most efficient techniques to keep people from visiting harmful websites or getting hijacked.

“This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic” – causes

There are different reasons why you may get the “this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic” warning. We’ll look at the most common ones so you know what to do the next time you get this notification.

  • Some sites prohibit DNS encryption, which is one of the reasons you may be getting the “this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic” warning. Without encryption, it’s easy for other devices on the network to access your encrypted DNS communication especially if you’re using public Wi-Fi. Some websites can also use private address masking to gain illegal access to your account and they can keep track of the names of your network’s websites and servers.
  • Your network may also be blocking your DNS requests if it suspects malicious activities. Because your network usually monitors the names of websites and servers, it may prohibit your connection especially if you’re accessing any harmful websites. It’s not worth the bother if you have a good security solution.

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“This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic” – best fixes

If your iPhone displays a Privacy warning stating that the network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic, this means that your network is vulnerable and other devices on the same network may be able to trace your browsing activity. It may also be because of poor router configuration.

You can try these approaches to solve the problem.

  1. Go to your iOS device’s Wi-Fi settings, forget/delete the network, and then reconnect to it. Check to see if the privacy warning has disappeared.
  2. If that doesn’t work, manually change the DNS servers on the router to and Then go to your iOS devices’ Wi-Fi Settings, forget/delete the network, and reconnect. You can do this under Advanced >> Network >> Internet.
  3. Use Router App: If you haven’t already used remote access to manage your router from your iPhone, verify if your model has an iOS / iPad OS app. Open the app after downloading it. Log in with your admin credentials to give the app access to basic router settings and enable remote router access.
  4. Update Router Firmware: Assuming you’ve updated your iPhone or iPad to the most recent software version, also ensure your router is up to the current update as well.

On your iPhone

  • Open the app for your router
  • Go to the menu and select Settings.
  • Select Check firmware version from the menu.
  • If an update is available, tap the Refresh button and wait for a while.

On your Mac

  • Open Safari and tap the log-in IP for your router.
  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Select the current Firmware Version by clicking on it.
  • To check for a firmware update, click Check and update if a new version is available


Encrypted DNS will secure your privacy while also preventing hackers from obtaining your account information. When your network doesn’t support it, you’ll get a privacy notice on your screen saying that “this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic”.

The only way to keep DNS traffic safe is to encrypt it and your iPhone will be able to block dangerous websites or prevent an attacker from hijacking your account on your mobile network.