The Rise of the Coronavirus Led To the Rise of the Zoom App

Everyone knows about Zoom now, just as everyone knows about the coronavirus, the COVID-19. Parents, friends, neighbors and even religious groups now make use of the Zoom app extensively.

This software company went public last year, and right now, the company is having a moment. This will be one of the fasted rise of any company in the 21st century. Out of a desire to keep up with friends and family, millions now use the software. Some have even built digital communities and hosted weddings over Zoom.

The increase in usage, though, has led to the unraveling of many security flaws with the Zoom app. These include zero to no encryption on Zoom meetings, with users facing many privacy risks. Something people wouldn’t normally do, the coronavirus is now forcing millions to give up personal data, and exchange their privacy for a chance to socialize in this time when the coronavirus is forcing people to social distance themselves.

The Zoom interface is relatively intuitive, and it is very easy to access meetings, this is even if you’re not registered as a user. All you need is an invitation.

The ease of accessing Zoom meetings has resulted in people randomly generating Zoom meeting IDs and joining Zoom calls that are not their own, they then broadcast offensive materials, including porn. It has been reported that a tool developed by security researchers was able to find around 2400 Zoom meeting IDs in a day. The company has encouraged users to take advantage of the passwords to avert these types of occurrences.

The rise of Zoom has also revealed a critical risk with using Zoom. It’s the “Company Directory” setting that could leak user emails and photos. The company has also revealed that its video calls are not end-to-end encrypted. The company revealed, though, that it will spend 90 days working to fix privacy and security issues.

Zoom is free, but that might be the only thing it offers to users, and that might be the reason why its use has skyrocketed with the rise of the coronavirus. If the company tries to work on protecting user privacy and security, it might end up becoming a leading app, even after the COVID-19 goes away.

Is Zoom for Free?

Yes, Zoom does have a plan that is for free. This plan is limited to 40 minutes of video conferencing calls with up to 100 participants. It can also set a single meeting ID and password so that a person can reuse it several times. If you’d like extended features, you might have to pay starting at $14.99 to be able to enjoy 24 hours of meeting and other features.

How Do I Download Zoom?

To download the Zoom app, please visit and register. You’ll automatically get a link to download and install Zoom. If you’re on mobile, you can download Zoom by visiting your app store.

How Long Is Free Zoom Meeting?

The free Zoom meeting lasts 40 minutes. If you want to have up to 24 hours meeting time, you’d need to upgrade to a paid version.

Is Zoom Similar To Skype?

Yes, it is. With Zoom, you can video conference and message users directly as you find on Skype. The main difference right now is that Zoom isn’t as secure and private as Skype is.

Do I Need To Download Zoom?

Yes, either on mobile or desktop, you need to download a Zoom app to be able to use it for your meetings.

Can I Use Zoom On My Laptop?

Yes, you can. Zoom offers you a desktop and mobile app. So you can download and use Zoom on your laptop also. You can visit Zoom.Us to download the app.

Can I Join a Zoom Meeting Without The App?

No, you cant. To join a meeting, you will be required to download either a desktop or a mobile app.

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