The Latest Version of Firefox for Android is More Convenient and Easy to Use

In the meantime, Android Firefox browser will get the new version which is more convenient to use. You may say that the change is quite radical. Since the launch of Quantum Firefox, Mozilla tries pushing that browser to be more modern so it can compete against Chrome and the change is about to happen in Android too. Mozilla almost launched Preview Firefox browser in Android. Then, the display in the browser was brought to Beta Firefox and Mozilla made Preview Firefox to be Nightly Firefox like alpha version before beta.

The Change of Firefox in Android

If you have tried Beta Firefox, maybe you are already familiar with this kind of change but if you haven’t, the change is so fun. The easiest thing you can see is the display is so cool. Beside that, there is also the support for night mode and the option to put the toolbar on the bottom. It will not make your eyes hurt when playing game agen slot will make you earn a lot of money, because with nugh mode you can play any game for a long time. and the new Firefox is also easy to use using one hand only. Beside that, Mozilla also brings the new feature such as Enhanced Tracking Protection that will protect your privacy and Collection that will make you collect more interesting things in the group. The Collections feature is so similar to the one owned by Microsoft Edge.

Transition to The Latest Firefox

Mozilla said that the transition to the new version of Firefox this time will work automatically without you doing anything but with some notes:

  • The new app update will be activated for Android Firefox
  • You use Android5 or the latest operation system
  • You use Firefox for Android 59 or latest

Then, what features will tag along when the browser gets update? Here are the private preference list that might migrate along to the new version such as:

  • Open tabs
  • History
  • Bookmark
  • Top sites visited
  • Login (if you turn off the password master function)
  • Add-ons (Add-on will be turned off temporary in private mode)
  • Built-in search engine (if you set the customization, you need to reset)

The transition from the old version to the latest will start in the end of July until August 2020. If you phone is still using old Android version under Android5, you will not get the latest version at all.

Worth to Try

Honestly, many people love the “black horse” just like when you use Windows Phone in the middle of Android and iPhone which are so popular. Meanwhile in the browser world, almost all systems use Chromium as the base such as Vivaldi, Opera, Edge, Chrome and many more. Firefox becomes the only one beside Safari from Apple that uses the different machine. This is great because it will make the healthy competition.

Beside that, the new version of Firefox for Android is worth to try. For some people, the most interesting part is of course the dark mode and also the navigation box or the toolbar which can be placed on the bottom (there is no reason why Google pulled out this feature from Chrome). If you are interested to try, then you may download the Firefox and then wait for the update or for the Beta version if you really can’t wait anymore.

If you want to use this feature with Chromium as the base but you want navigation box is still on the bottom, then the recommended system to use is Kiwi. If you are interested in using Firefox eco, then you can try some other Firefox apps besides browser.

The Features of Beta Firefox for Android

Actually, it has been 9 years since the first Firefox browser was released for the first time for Android. There are many people have accessed, used and tried it and the users gave the valuable and important feedback that may allow it to improve the apps so well and it motivated the company to give more latest features to the users that will increase their own privacy and also it will make users’ mobile lives become so easier. They also give another brand new chapter for the Firefox especially for the Android users called Beta Firefox.

Beside that, you need to know that Beta Firefox has some changes as stated before and these are several changes in better explanation such as:

  • New Look for the Tables

Beta Firefox has new look for the tables which leverage the large size of the screen and it makes the web browsing for the mobile phone more intuitive. The popular features of Firefox like tabs and also the Awesome Screen are all optimized perfectly for the tablets users.

  • Browsing in full screen portrait

Beta Firefox will take the advantage of large screen of tablet so you may use the full screen size just to browse on the web even when the screen is in portrait mode. When you playing HTML5 game like idn poker the tabs will be listed on the top left menu and those will hide easily when you really don’t need them at all.

  • Tab Optimization

Tabs will be shown as the thumbnails on left panel of Beta Firefox and it will allow the users to switch easily between tabs while you still view the full website placed on the right side. You may swipe the screen to the left so you can hide the tabs for full screen view.

  • New Action Bar with the access button

You may access add-ons, Firefox preferences, downloads and others in new menu named Action Bar which is placed next to Awesome Bar. The Action Bar will add forward, back and the bookmark button is easy to use and access.

  • Camera Access with HTML Input Tag

The developers can make the web apps and mobile websites that allow the users to use phone camera on your Android or even tablet to snap the pictures even scan any bar codes without even leaving this Beta Firefox.

  • Form Validation of HTML5

This latest Firefox may support automatically Form Validation API of HTML5 which validates the form fields of website such as emails, numbers and URLs without developers writing the custom mode.

Well, there are more to know about Beta Firefox before enjoying this service on your Android so you can maximize its features that will give you benefits especially in your work and other activities.