For those of you who don’t know, The Last of Us Part II is a sequel of a videogame called The Last of Us. Being a gamer, it is my right to give an honest review of the game that I spent my time and money on. To be honest, I love the video game. This sequel has so many features and upgrades as compared to Part 1. It is one of my favorite games and my 2 of my favorite characters are Joel and Ellie.

My review is solely based on my experience and I don’t talk on behalf of all gamers but my experience with this game has been thrilling. I love how the game handles its old characters. The way that the characters have evolved and grew in the game has been absolutely thrilling to see. On the other hand, the introduction of the new characters has been a delight for me. The dual perspective of the game has made it far more interesting to watch.

The new and exciting levels of the game have been one of the most thrilling aspects of the game and I loved the suspense that every level had.

Talking about The Last of Us part 2, we cannot ignore the death of Joel. As I’ve mentioned above, he was one of my favorite characters and my heart broke when I saw his death. But being a true gamer, I knew there was something better and more interesting coming up so I had to keep going. As the ones who have played it already know, Ellie and Joel get their own little place. They move to a small town and weathered the apocalypse. They were happy and good when one awful day, Joel and Ellie rescued a woman named Abby. Abby and her group have been looking for Joel for a very long time.

In the next part, they show that Abby and her group captures Joel, tortures him and just when Ellie comes in to save Joel, Abby beats him up with a golf stick to death. Such a tragic moment, it was. I felt that in my heart and I was literally heartbroken. I technically felt the pain that Ellie was feeling at that moment. But to be honest, that pain and urge of vengeance are what takes us through the rest of the game.

Although, I am a lot on the internet so I somehow got a hint of Joel’s death so I already had it coming. On the other hand, Ellie was on a rampage of vengeance that made her so mad that she would do anything to get her revenge. Although, there is a scene that showed Joel… how could that possibly be? I think it either might be a flashback from the past or it was just a ruse planned to throw people off guard and confused. To be honest, I hated that, they should have been clear.

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Whilst I remember a scene, Joel had done something monstrous and bad that could not have been forgiven. He murdered almost an entire hospital in search of a cure for Ellie. Although the purpose was clear, the act was still not right. It was Joel’s story and there was nothing that the controller in your hand could do. All you could do was to shut the game and never go back to prevent it from happening.

Many people review that the death of Joel was pointless but I think it was an important turn of event that needed to be taken to spice up the game. The game later takes a good turn with an amazing revenge story. First, Tommy makes his way to find the group that was responsible for the murder of Joel. Then Ellie and her new girlfriend Dina, make their way and ultimately lead to Abby and the boss of the plan. Whereas, the game is not satisfied with this story at all.

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At this point, I would love to add the experience of Ellie as she explores Seattle. It was followed by the performances and the sheer majesty of the digital environment of Naughty Dog has been shown here. The character has been amazing throughout, you will constantly see her changing partners, sometimes it’s Dina and sometimes it’s others. You might also see his alone mostly and that is the time when the game is at its darkest.

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Talking about the specifics of the game, the control scheme is definitely the most bizarre one I have seen in any game but well, I got used to it when I started playing it a lot. The combat style is enjoyable and I loved it. Enemies can lose your trail way too easily, it doesn’t have a challenge there. I almost felt that the game was too easy to play. The new feature of dogs smelling your scent is a bad feature and I feel bad for killing the dogs purposely.

On the other hand, I genuinely hate all the infected people in the game. There was one encounter that I liked which was with the cool infected boss. I loved that zombie, haha.

The game is an overall fun game to play. The thrilling story makes it even better and the twists and turns are something that keeps the player into the game. Whereas, the violence in the game is too violent. Well, it is true and can be a turn off for many people. I think that the infected enemies, both AI and humans are getting to the boring point.

The writing and the characters of the game are lovable though. I feel like there is too much to explore in this game which is a good thing. It keeps the player addicted to the game. Although the control scheme isn’t that good, the story and characters made me stick to the game. I would recommend gamers to at least try this game once.

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