The best iPad Games for 2021

Are you a gamer that loves to play online? Are you looking for your next iOS game? Well, 2020 is something of a classic year for game creation. From shooters to puzzles to those adventure games and RPGs, there is likely something to keep you happy. Here we take you through the best of these games category by category – with enough iPad action to keep you going until well beyond Christmas.

Story Games

The touchscreen has revolutionised the old point and click games and now allow the user to engage in fully interactive and engrossing stories. The best one around this year is Banner Saga. This game blends all those classic ingredients of adventure, decision making and turn-taking. You will command a squad of six fighters in a skirmish, selected from your larger army of possibilities. You will need to employ strategy to win and your personnel will take on hero capabilities as they move on. You can improve their abilities – whether it is weaponry, ability to socially interact or ability to use magic. Beyond the fighting, there is also peril in all the decisions you make. And all this is set in a beautiful landscape that your retina display on your iPad will bring to the fore.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is another game that falls into this genre. It is worth a look, even though you might find it a little odd. There is no victory to be gained as your death and your fall into non-existence guaranteed. What makes this game fun is the creativity you can put into your own annihilation. While you are tasked with surviving, the game offers increasingly imaginative hazards – some of them are pretty dark too. You will get obsessive about this game.

Finally, in this category, you could try Her Story. This is a narrative mystery game. You play as an anonymous user who is searches for the truth in old interview tapes from a murder that took place in 1994. The video-clips are disorganised and your investigation is made easier with a keyword search box. Your experience with this beautifully scripted game will depend on the search terms you type in.

Arcade and Action Games

So you are gem junky and you love nothing more than strange journeys through beautiful worlds – then this is the category for you.

Let’s start with ALONE… which is a procedural game that increases in speed as you move through the course. There are few controls and you are automatically carried through the course, forced into avoiding obstacles. By limited controls we mean up and down. Although this spaceship game is simple and stripped-back, it is strangely addictive. The speed of the game is enough to keep you gripping on for control. While you might think the game developers should have done more with the graphics, it is the simplicity of the small spacecraft moving up and down through rocky caverns with asteroids that makes it.

Another game is Atomik: RunGunJumpGun is simple but highly effective. Again, speed is at the heart of this game and when you first start you will wish the damn thing would slow right down. Your little hero seems to run around like a lunatic, as he is largely out of control. You can either shoot down or shoot out obstacles and your choice will define your survival. You can also try to capture spinning objects too – once you’ve mastered the functions of blasting everything.

If you like weird though, then you are going to love PUSS! This game is full of brightly coloured animations that will attack your senses. You will cycle through some of the latest cat memes and somewhere, somehow, you play a game. It is basically a maze.

Board and Card Games

If you love something more traditional, then you could go for some of these board and card games. The best thing about playing them on your iPad is that you will never lose the pieces.

First, Agricola is a strategy game. This is about farming, which makes it sound awfully dull. However, you will be surprised how quickly you become obsessed with your farm. You are responsible for worker placement, as each member of your family performs an action each for a turn. You might want them collecting wood or feeding the livestock or putting up fences. The point of this game is to keep the balance on your farm and ignore something at your peril. Ultimately, if you don’t collect enough food your family will suffer and this will hurt so bad.

Exploding Kittens sounds disturbing but is actually a card game. It started off as a real-life card game but now it is on your iPad. It is sort of like Russian Roulette with cats. You draw cards and if someone gets an exploding kitten then they are out of the game unless they have a way to diffuse that cat. It is part strategy – as you need to steal cards and skip turns to keep your place in the game. There are some fairly energetic graphics when it comes to exploding kittens… but it is all good virtual fun.

Platform Games

Finally, let’s take a look at those classics from another age – the platform game. The best one out there at the moment is Bomb Chicken. This is about fast food – and BFC has a blue source that is addictive. You need to uncover the secret of the source – but you are a chicken.  You also had an accident with the blue goop and now you lay bombs and not eggs. This looks old-school with its pixel-shaped graphics. However, it is both tough and addictive and well worth a place.

Last, but not least, is Icycle: On Thin ICe, which is a beautiful game – set in a post-apocalyptic game. Half the time you ounce around and then you grab an umbrella to help you break your gall. The scenery is super-sharp so you have to move through the game carefully to survive. There are 80 missions – enough to keep you happy for a few months.