The Best Freelance Websites in Nigeria – Complete List

If you have been reading my articles on freelancing as a Nigerian, you’d probably have learned a lot about being a freelancer and making good money online in Nigeria. It’s not always easy to get started as a freelancer; in fact, its work on its own. But if you have followed my writings and advice, you’d know that this is actually doable.

Upwork is a pain the ass, Freelancer is one very funny platform (for me) as they charge you to take tests, and when you don’t complete these tests in given time, you fail and are forced to take it again, paying another money. Fiverr? I am still watching, but I have been encouraging pals who are entering this space to try Fiverr virtually every time.

So, to the article for today. Best Freelance Websites in Nigeria. These are owned by Nigerians, operated by Nigerians and virtually all freelancers are from Nigeria. My Alexa rankings have seen some growth, and along with this growth comes a list of websites that are similar to mine. I am going to pick those websites, check them out and share my one cent on them.

Note: These websites have not paid me to get a promotion, so I am sharing an unbiased review of these services. My arrangement of these websites doesn’t in any way reflect my preference of one over another, this is not a ranking.

The first on my list is

Freeciti The Best Freelance Websites in Nigeria - Complete List

Having an Alexa ranking of over 4M and no rank in Nigeria, I’d think this website is new or maybe doesn’t have time to market the business. But a review on the Facebook page from 2016 shows this website has been around for that long, so the latter is the case.

For a website that hasn’t been really active on social media, hasn’t given its search engine presence any attention, I’d want to be careful working with them as all they might offer is a place to keep my profile.

I am leaving them here because they claim to have a service like that of Upwork. Client’s post jobs, freelancers bid, and the client chooses the best proposal. I have always been a fan of this, and that’s obviously why I am no fan of Fiverr.

Nice website design, though.

A number of really bad grammar errors on the front page.

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Another website I will be looking at is Jolancer. I’d say it has a fairly good look on the search engines, but for a business looking for the bulk of its businesses online, this website has a lot of work to do. Moz spam score for this website is 5/17, which is bad for a business that needs trust. The company also runs ads, which might mean they need an alternate source of income to keep the website running.

As at the time of this writing, Jolancer doesn’t have social media accounts visibly located on the website, and I’d find it hard to trust a business like that. I don’t know if they have a social media presence, but if it happens that they don’t have, you might want to look somewhere else for now.

The company runs a system like Fiverr.

I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments, but I believe freelance companies should start thinking of more innovate systems, not copying the likes of Fiverr and Upwork.

As a last thought, I’d think twice about working with this company, either as a freelancer or as a buyer.


Compared to the first two websites on this list, justfrom5K has some online visibility and I think I have seen them visible in one or two places online. With over 3K followers on Facebook, this company has proven trustworthy.

Great concept, though. The freelance business has been called a downhill battle, where people underbid, making it very hard for clients to find freelancers who are actually ready to do great jobs.

The website also adds one other unique feature. It takes the freelance world away from digital tasks with its “Post an Errand” feature.

The website is active, noticed jobs were posted daily, so you guys can register and actually start bidding on jobs right away.

I am waiting to see if it’s okay to mix the concept of freelancing with the age-old 9-5, because some jobs posted on the website are meant to be at physical locations, and freelancing is meant to do opposite that.

Speaking of design, the first two websites are easier to navigate and more user-friendly than this.

It’s obviously the best I have written about thus far. The company looks super professional, freelancers are already working on the platform, which signifies that clients have been using the platform to source freelancers.

They also have this phone number on the website, which makes it easy to contact customer support, providing transparency and security that many of the websites I have spoken about don’t have. Likely one of the best freelance websites in Nigeria.

The website has a good presence on social media, which is superb. The only thing I just hate about this service is the slow loading speed of the website. Am sure the developers have one or two plugs that they still need to fix.

I don’t have a lot to say about this service though. Lots of gigs on the home page and none of them looks like it’s been bought. The company will do great if they do more in marketing and attract more service buyers, not just sellers.

The design looks like Fiverr, but the company can do more in this area as great design beats everything. Did I mention that Asuqu has great designs? I believe amazing designs attract professionals.

Overall, freelancing in Nigeria looks like a decade away. None of these websites is structured to give you great paying jobs or a fulltime income, so you might want to stick with the websites you’re using and that are working.

Freelance in Nigeria is something I believe in, and I know that the more people join the bandwagon, the better and faster the adoption becomes. We need more service buyers already, we have too many service providers.

I’d try to register accounts on some of the freelance websites that I find really great, to support them, and I will encourage you to do the same.

So, is this article helpful? Please share it with friends. Subscribe to my blog if you’d want to be the first to get new articles. If you’ve got a special inquiry, please drop it in the comments, I don’t mind writing an article to provide an answer to your inquiry.

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