Tecno Spark 7P Price in Nigeria, Specs, and Review

“Business at the front, party at the back” is how the company described the newly released Tecno Spark 7P. While the device boasts some of the top features we have seen on a device on the Tecno Spark series, we noticed some features that were like carry-overs from older devices in the series, which begs the question, is it worth upgrading to the Tecno Spark 7P right now?

Has the company delivered a device worth the change, or is this a device that comes with around one or two new features, while maintaining the features we might have loved or disliked about older devices? Let’s take a look at the Tecno Spark 7P price in Nigeria, complete specifications, and a detailed review.

Tecno Spark 7P Price in Nigeria

How much does the Tecno Spark 7P cost in Nigeria? The Tecno Spark 7P price in Nigeria is NGN 67,000. If you plan to get the device, you should be able to see the Tecno Spark 7P price in Nigeria from Slot at around NGN 70,000. I will recommend that you buy from Slot Nigeria or any top retailer like Jumia, Konga, 3cHub, or Pointek, as those can be trusted to sell original devices, plus you have a measure of safety-net should anything go wrong with the device.

Tecno Spark 7P Price in Nigeria, Features, and Specifications

SpecificationsTecno Spark 7P
Display6.8 Inches HD / 720*1640 Resolution
Operating SystemAndroid™ 11 / HiOS 7.5
SecurityFingerprint sensor & Face Unlock (0.3 seconds)  
ProcessorHelio G70 Processor
CameraFront (8MP with Dual Flash) Rear (16MP Triple with Quad Flash)
PriceTecno Spark 7P Price in Nigeria is NGN 67,000 – NGN 70,000

Body and Looks

The first thing you’d notice and which in many cases the company is trying to use as a selling point for the Tecno Spark 7P is the slim feel of the device which is clocked around 9.15mm. Another look at the thickness of older devices in the Tecno Spark series shows that the Tecno Spark 7P is the thickest device when compared to the Spark Go 2020, the Spark 5 Pro, and the Spark 5, the last three devices in the Spark series. Going by thickness alone, the Spark 7P is almost the thickest device in the Spark series, hence slimness not being a standout feature in our opinion.

In addition to the thickness, the Tecno Spark 7P was quite heavy on our test of the smartphone, and if compared to the Spark Go device, it looks like it’s a bit lighter than the Spark Go, which means the Spark 7P gets a pass in our weight test.

On the back, the device comes with similar aesthetics when compared to older devices in the series, with the three cameras standing on one side with the inclusion of the AI feature, and the flash feature standing on the other side. The main difference between the Spark 7P and the Spark 5 Pro feels like the AI feature we get.

The device also comes in 4 different colors, Summer Mojito, Spruce Green, Magnet Black, and Alps Blue, with a height of 171.9mm and width of 77.9mm.

Tecno Spark 7P Screen

The Spark 7P comes with a 6.8 inches edge-to-edge display, which is an improvement from the 6.6 inches we had on the Spark 5 line and the 6.5 inches we got on the Spark Go 2020. This is in my books a notable improvement when we notice the increased immersive experience on the Spark 7P. We played a couple of games, watched Netflix movies, surfed the internet, and even read documents, and the display performed way better than we had on older models of devices in the Spark series.

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Tecno Spark 7P Camera

The Tecno Spark 7P comes with an 8MP camera with dual flash on the front and a 16MP AI triple rear camera with quad flash on the rear. The Spark 7P also comes with an AI lens which is an upgrade from older versions of the device. The AI lens ensures better lighting of the environment when taking pictures, its shallow depth of field also ensures that you’d be able to take better and clearer pictures, while covering more space, making it the perfect picture tool for large gatherings.

Other features we get on the Tecno Spark 7P camera include the Video Bokeh, which is a feature that blurs out the background and focuses on the subject being shot. You also get the Video Beautify feature which is a range of beautification effects for your videos. Another interesting feature is the Smile snapshot, which will basically time the shot to when a smile is detected.

Overall, with its range of camera features, the Tecno Spark 7P gets a pass from us as it’s an upgrade from older models of devices in the Tecno Spark line.

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Under the hood

Under the hood, the Tecno Spark 7P maintains the 2.0GHz we had on the Spark 5 Pro and the Spark 5, you also get an Octa-Core Helio G70 processor, an 820 MHz graphics unit, and 90Hz refresh rate which is an upgrade to the 60Hz we find on older versions of the devices in the Spark series. All of these ensures that the device doesn’t only perform at a good speed, it also remains snappy and smooth, not laggy and slow. On our test, we noticed that the Spark 7P gets a benchmark that’s almost twice what we had on older devices in the series.

The Spark 7P comes with HiOS 7.5 and an Android 11 operating system, a significant improvement from other devices on the Tecno shelf. The Tecno Spark 7P is thereby the first Tecno phone with an Android 11 OS and is probably one of the first devices on the Nigerian and African smartphone market with this latest operating system.

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The Spark 7P also comes with a 5000mAh battery as we find on the Spark Go, Spark 5, and the Spark 5 Pro, which means there is pretty much no difference in that department. As with any of these aforementioned Spark devices, this phone has a standby time of around 14 days, with around 18-20 hours of juice if you’re a heavy device user.

On our test, we played games, watched Netflix shows, and listened to music nonstop, and it managed to stay around 19 hours, although experience shows this will continually drop as device batteries weaken over time. Charging this smartphone from 0 to 100 percent took around 1hr 45 minutes, although you can expect charging to take longer if you’re using the device while charging it.

Tecno Spark 7P memory

On the memory front, the Spark 7 comes with 4GB RAM, while on the internal storage front, you’re getting around 128GB on the top model and 64GB on the base model. You can expect a difference in the prices of the two models. On our use of the device, multitasking was as good as possible for the average user. 4GB RAM is increasingly not as great for more extensive device users, so you might have to consider your use of the device before settling for the Spark 7P.

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Other features

Some newer features we saw on the device include the App Twin feature, which makes it possible to run more than one account on a social media app without the stress of logging in and out. The Instant chat bubble makes it possible to reply to messages from different social media apps without going through the stress of minimizing apps. We can’t forget to talk about a very helpful feature, the Auto Dark theme that ensures that you don’t have to deal with sharp bright lights at night, lights that might affect your quality of sleep.


Should you get the Tecno Spark 7 Pro? By all means, the device is great. But I might have an objection if you plan to upgrade from the Spark 5 Pro. If your Spark 5 Pro is working fine (many users have complained about the terrible quality of the Spark 5 Pro) you don’t have to upgrade to the Spark 7 Pro as there is pretty much the same features on both devices, with the differences being the OS, and probably the speed and screen, nothing outstanding.

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