Tecno POVA Price in Nigeria and Ghana, Specs and Review

If you’re on the lookout for a device with a good battery, camera, and memory, then the Tecno POVA is simply one of the best devices on the market right now. For long, I have hated the idea of device makers getting some features right while woefully failing on some others, like devices with top quality batteries having below-par camera quality.

The Tecno POVA checks a couple of boxes, from its camera quality (both front and rear) to the power of its battery, the screen size, and culminating it with a pocket-friendly weight for all the features it sports. I am putting this review together, including sharing the latest Tecno POVA price in Nigeria, Specs, and Review to help you make an informed decision if you’re planning on getting the device.

Tecno POVA Price in Nigeria and Ghana

As of the time of this writing, the Tecno POVA Price in Nigeria is NGN 83,000 in Slot Nigeria, while the Tecno POVA price in Nigeria is NGN 78,000 on Jumia Nigeria. We can’t say much about the merchants on Jumia, but if we would recommend where to buy the Tecno POVA in Nigeria, Slot will be our recommended retailer to get the device from. You get better service, you’re sure to get a device that hasn’t been tampered with, and the company has some sort of support service where they test the device to ensure that it’s working in perfect condition ever before you leave with it.

Asking what the price of Tecno POVA in Ghana is? The price of Tecno POVA in Ghana is GHS. 750.

Tecno POVA Features and Complete Specifications

SpecificationsTecno POVA
Display6.8-inch Dot-in display
Operating SystemHiOS based on Android™ 10
SecurityFingerprint sensor & Face Unlock (0.3 seconds)  
ProcessorHelio G80 Octa-Core
CameraFront (8MP Front Camera with Dual Flash) Rear (13MP Quad Rear Camera with Quad Flash)

Battery and Charging

The Tecno POVA comes with one of the most powerful batteries you’ll find on a mobile device, and you’re sure to get a standby period of up to 30 days on a full charge of the device, while also getting 8 days out of the device if you play only music. We should also mention that you get around 64 hours of nonstop calling and around 20 hours of nonstop gaming on this device. With a battery this powerful, one thing is sure to happen with the device, it’ll become a tad weightier than usual.

On the charging front, the Tecno POVA comes with a speedier and safer fast-charging feature. You will be getting around an 18W Dual IC flash charge, so you will be able to get your device juiced up in as little as 10 minutes, giving you enough power to call and play music for around 20 hours. On our test of this device, we saw a noticeable 20 percent improvement in the charging speed compared to older models of the device and its charger.

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On the performance front, the Tecno POVA sure packs a punch. The device comes with a Helio G80 octa-core processor, which remained as seamless as possible in performance all through our gaming and operation test on the device. Speaking of gaming, the device comes with a Hyper-Engine game tech that ensures that your games are stable, smooth, and operate seamlessly. No freezing, no crashing, no wacky graphics. If you’re on the lookout for a device that intelligently manages CPU and GPU and allocates power efficiently, the Tecno POVA is one of the best on the market.

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Tecno POVA Memory

On the memory side of things, the Tecno POVA sure deserves accolades for the features that come out-of-the-box. You’d be getting 128GB in internal storage, plus a space for an SDcard in case you’d like to expand the memory further. I have been using a Huawei device with 128GB in internal storage since January 2020, and until now, I haven’t been able to fill the storage even once, so you can expect something similar with the Tecno POVA. To quantify just how much data can be saved on this device, you’ll be getting 30,000 photos, 23,000 songs, 300 games, 200 videos, and just enough space to save all the files you want.

You will be getting 6GB RAM, so multitasking between many different applications and games becomes even seamless, with no closing of minimized applications. You also enjoy smoother performances on the gaming front.

Tecno POVA Screen (Display)

The Tecno POVA comes with 6.8 inches in screen size, so you get better display when gaming and watching movies on your device. This dot-in display comes with a 720 by 1640 HD+ resolution, it also comes with 480 nits in brightness, so even under the sun, you’d be able to see anything on the device screen seamlessly. I should also mention that it comes with a 90.4% screen-to-body ratio, so you’re getting richer, wider, clearer, brighter, and a bigger display for all your daily needs.

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Tecno POVA Gaming performance

We touched on gaming when talking about the screen, the battery, and the processor; but there are just so many gaming features, that we needed to specifically talk about the gaming experience on this device. The Tecno POVA comes with Game Mode. When using this feature, you will be able to restrict the use of other mobile operations and background apps, channeling most of the device resources towards gaming.

With the game assistant V2.0, you will be getting a quick access toolbar that shows up on the screen to monitor the CPU, GPU, and running apps status. With this feature, you get shortcuts, so you wouldn’t have to minimize your game to handle simple tasks like replying to messages.

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Tecno POVA Camera

On the rear, the Tecno POVA comes with a 13MP camera with a 2MP depth control, a 2MP macro lens, AI lens, Super Quad Flash, and great image processing thanks to the Helio G80. You’ll be getting camera modes like AI beauty, super night mode, portrait mode, AI detection and so many more on the rear camera.

On the front is the DOT-IN 8MP AI camera. The front camera also comes with dual flash, you get AI beauty and portrait mode, so getting charming, and natural selfies are as seamless as possible, as easy as possible, and as fun as imaginable.

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