Tecno Camon 16 Price in Nigeria and Ghana, Specs and Review

The  Tecno Camon 16 Pro is the latest to be featured in a range of camera-centric devices offered by Tecno mobile, and it sure remains one of the best ones I have tried my hands on from a strictly camera point of view. I have been using this device for a few months, and I must say, it beats some pricier devices in the camera department.

I am putting this review of the Tecno Camon 16 together to help you make an informed purchase decision whenever you do decide to try your hands on the device. This review will include the Tecno Camon 16 price in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It will also include a complete list of the specifications and features that you enjoy from using this device.

Tecno Camon 16 Price in Nigeria

How much does the Tecno Camon 16 cost in Nigeria? The Tecno Camon 16 price in Nigeria is NGN 77,000. If you plan to get the device, you should be able to see the Tecno Camon 16 price in Nigeria from Slot at around NGN 70,000. I will recommend that you buy from Slot Nigeria or any top retailer like 3cHub or Pointek as those can be trusted to sell original devices, plus you have a measure of safety net should anything go wrong with the device.

Tecno Camon 16 Price in Ghana

How much does the Tecno Camon 16 cost in Ghana? The Tecno Camon 16 price in Ghana is GHS 1,070.00.

Tecno Camon 16 Price in Tanzania

How much does the Tecno Camon 16 cost in Tanzania? The Tecno Camon 16 price in Tanzania is TZS. 261,625.

Tecno Camon 16 Price in Pakistan

How much does the Tecno Camon 16 cost in Pakistan? The Tecno Camon 16 price in Pakistan is Rs. 33,999.

Tecno Camon 16 Price in Bangladesh

How much does the Tecno Camon 16 cost in Bangladesh? The Tecno Camon 16 price in Bangladesh is 14,990 TAKA.

Tecno Camon 16 Features and Complete Specifications

SpecificationsTecno Camon 16
Display6.8-inch Dot-in display
Operating SystemHiOS based on Android™ 10
SecurityFingerprint sensor & Face Unlock (0.3 seconds)  
ProcessorMTK G70
CameraFront (16MP Front Camera with Dual Flash) Rear (48MP Quad Rear Camera with Five Flash)

Tecno Camon 16 Camera Review

If you’re settling for a Tecno Camon 16 device, ever before you check the price or the features, the quality of the camera is something pretty much all of us are concerned about, hence a need to speak about the camera that comes with the device before any other feature. The Tecno Camon 16 comes with a 48MP ultra quad camera, and you’d be getting two 2MP lenses and one AI lens when you get the device.

I have used this smartphone for around 6 months now, and the camera quality is one I can attest to. One of the 2MP lenses controls the depth, while the other one is a macro shot lens. The smartphone also comes with 5 rear flash, which was a pass in my books. In fact, shooting at night or in lowlight conditions didn’t deliver any blurry, mushy, or poor quality pictures, we still got the same clarity and depth.

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On the front, the Camon 16 sports a 16MP camera that’s situated on the dot-in display. The camera also delivers top-quality pictures and videos. I found issues with the camera in low-light conditions, though, as the images may lack a measure of quality, looking mushy, with the autofocus performing less effectively.

Some other features you’ll be getting on the camera include:

  1. AI beautification 4.0 (your personal makeup feature)
  2. YUV super night mode (make videos and take pictures at night and feel like its day)
  3. 10X hybrid Zoom (zoom in and zoom out and still maintain the quality of pictures and videos)
  4. Macro Shot rear lens (see details that you wouldn’t see with other cameras)
  5. AI Scene Recognition 3.0 (automatically customize your camera to the different environments you’re shooting in)
  6. Super Video mode (slow-motion shots, high definition image quality, and great stabilization for shooting moving scenes)
  7. Video Beauty (Blur the background like you do on a DSLR camera, use the bokeh effects in video, enjoy blockbuster-like effects)
  8. Animoji (make your DIY emojis using many different facial expressions)
  9. Better Grip and Improved camera interaction

Overall, the Tecno Camon 16 manages to perform well on the Camera side of things, and I’ll be giving it a 7 out of 10.

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Tecno Camon 16 Battery

The Tecno Camon 16 comes with a 5000mAh battery, which is a massive improvement from the 3500mAh we find on older devices in the Camon range. The Camon 16 also comes with an 18W flash charge; in fact, we were able to get the battery from 0 to 100 percent in a little over 1 hour 20 minutes.

After getting a full charge, we put the device to full use, from gaming to watching Netflix shows and listening to music. I saw that the device can stay up to 20 hours before it runs out of juice when put through rigorous usage, which makes it a great device for the millennial who now spends quite a lot of time online every day.

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Tecno Camon 16 Software

Under the hood, the Camon 16 sports some interesting features. The device comes with HIOS 7 based on Android 10. The MTK G70 processor ensures that you get smoother, lag-free performances when gaming, taking pictures, and when engaging in more intensive uses of the smartphone.

The Camon 16 processor comes with a Hyper Engine game optimization, and you wouldn’t really know how powerful it is until you play graphic-intensive games for a lengthy period and not have to deal with an overheating or freezing and crashing device.

Tecno Camon 16 Memory

The Camon 16 comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, making this one of the best features on this smartphone. A 4GB RAM ensures that you can multitask even more seamlessly and not have to deal with apps shutting down when minimized. The 128GB storage ensures that you can save as many images, videos, and apps as you like.

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