Adding SSL & Configuring WordPress Tutorial

Welcome to our Adding SSL & Configuring WordPress Tutorial. Continuing from our last tutorial “cPanel & WordPress Setup Tutorial” we will be using SiteGround as our Hosting Provider.

Adding SSL

Much the same as the last Tutorial we want to head on over to SiteGround and access our account as illustrated below.

siteground hosting

Use the Login button and enter your details. Once logged in click on your “My Account” Tab and select Goto cPanel, as shown below.

siteground hosting

When you are in the cPanel section scroll down about mid-way until you come to the security section and look for “Let’s Encrypt” as marked below.

Adding SSL & Configuring WordPress Tutorial

Select Let’s Encrypt. On the next page, you will have your domain name listed. Click on “Activate HTTPS Enforce” to the ON position beside your Domain Name.

Your website will now have switched from Http:// to https:// & when you goto your web address you should have a Green Lock beside your Domain Name like so.

Adding SSL & Configuring WordPress Tutorial

That covers your SSL setup!

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Configuring WordPress

This part of the tutorial is to show you how to login to WordPress & make some standard changes to get you started.

To access the back end of your WordPress website you need to type in your URL like this: so we are putting /wp-admin after your web address. This will show the following.


As shown above you have to enter your username and password. We set this up in our previous Tutorial. “cPanel & WordPress Setup” One you have entered your details you are now logged into the back part of your website.

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WordPress Admin Panel

Below is an illustration of what you should be seeing now.

wordpress dashboard

That is it for this Tutorial. In our next few Tutorials, we will be discussing WordPress, Base Plugins & Installing your first Theme. Our next Tutorial:

Base Plugin WordPress Tutorial I hope you enjoyed our Adding SSL & Configuring WordPress Tutorial and found it useful in some way. Please leave a comment in the comments section below if you have time and why not Subscribe to our mailing list for more Tutorials and Articles, They are Free!

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