Best Guide to SonicWall Global VPN Client Download, Support, and Troubleshooting

Are you struggling with SonicWall Global VPN Client Download? Or are you looking for answers to queries like SonicWall SSL VPN setup and SonicWall port forwarding? This article tries to go into detail as much as possible to help you with your SonicWall VPN Client.

Before we go into our topic, let’s learn more about what SonicWall is and who uses SonicWall.

What is SonicWall?

Formally owned by Dell, SonicWall is a network security vendor. SonicWall features a series of security solutions called firewalls. These firewalls are pretty stable, and they provide good online security for large, small, and medium businesses.

What does a SonicWall do?

You get firewall protection, which blocks attacks with Real-time deep memory inspection. You also get protection from these threats with cloud-based, on-box threat prevention, and an ability to inspect and decrypt TLS/SSL traffic in real-time. SonicWall prides itself on offering you the very best of enterprise and small business security.

Who uses SonicWall?

SonicWall is a very powerful and important tool for many industries, we have found that the highest number of companies who use SonicWall are in the computer software industry. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada are the countries with the highest numbers of users, with companies having between 10-50 employees on average and revenue of between 1 million dollars and 10 million.

Other industries that use SonicWall are information technology, hospitality, constructions, telecommunications, computer hardware, financial services, retail, and wholesale. These industries are rapidly adopting this set of security options.

Is SonicWall part of Dell?

No, SonicWall is not a part of Dell. Dell acquired SonicWall and made it official on May 9, 2012, but sold SonicWall to Francisco Partners and Elliott Management, a private equity firm. But while SonicWall is no longer a part of Dell, the two still have an ongoing relationship. Dell EMC remains a channel partner for SonicWall’s products and services. So is SonicWall part of Dell? No, SonicWall is now an independent company.

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SonicWall Mobile Connect

SonicWall Mobile Connect is one of the free tools offered by the security giant. The SonicWall Mobile Connect is a free app that’s available for users on both PC and mobile. SonicWall Mobile Connect provides you with full network-level access to corporate and academic resources over an encrypted VPN connection. You also get access to all critical applications anywhere and anytime.

While SonicWall Mobile Connect is a free app, you will need to get a user license in a SonicWall solution like Secure Mobile Access 100 Series Appliances, SonicWall Mobile Access 1000 Series Appliances, and SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall Appliances.

SonicWall Netextender Download

There two main options available when it comes to SonicWall Netextender download, you can either download it on SonicWall firewall, using the Virtual office, or you can download it at

  1. The first option we will be exploring is the Netextender download at
  2. Click on the link above for a direct link to the downloads page on SonicWall.

Use the filters on the top of the page to refine your search and select Netextender. You’d get an option to select the version you want to download. You must download the most recent version, as that is the one with the latest updates and security patches.

SonicWall Netextender Download

The second way to have your Netextender downloaded is by using the Virtual office. You would have to check and confirm that the SSL VPN feature is enabled; if it’s not, you’d need to have it toggled on.

  1. You’d need to now select any IP address, whether public or private which will accept SonicWall user logins, and enter the port number used for the SSL VPN feature at the end of the IP address. It would look like this:  IP =, Port = 4433. So you’ll have something that looks like this:
  2. You would now login with a Local/LDAP user who is in the same SSL VPN services group. Click on “Click here to download Windows Netextender Client.”
  3. After downloading the SonicWall Netextender, double-click on the file to start the setup process.
  4. After completing the installation, double-click on the Netextender to launch it.
  5. You can then enter the server name, username, and password.
SonicWall Global VPN Client Download

SonicWall Global VPN Client Download

The SonicWall Global VPN Client download is a pretty easy process, with the SonicWall Global VPN Client, you will be able to connect to corporate networks with ease. It’s one very efficient tool, and for me, that is one reason companies use it. It creates VPNs and encrypts internet connections from almost all corners of the world, providing extensive security and privacy as you connect to your computer remotely.

The SonicWall Global VPN Client download is completely free, it sports a pretty clean interface, comes with excellent troubleshooting options from the company, and it offers a host of features that all users need.

SonicWall Global VPN Client download for Windows

To download the SonicWall global VPN client for your windows computer:

  1. First access the SonicWall VPN client download here.
  2. The global VPN client is the default app on the screen, and the one you find is the latest version. You just need to click and toggle the dropdown and select between 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the operating system you are running.
  3. Download and save it to a directory on your management PC.
  4. From here, you just have to configure remote access on the firewall, and you should now be up and running.

Was this SonicWall VPN client download process easy to follow? If you experience any difficulties, drop your issues in the comments, I’d be able to help.

SonicWall SSL VPN Setup

How to setup SonicWall VPN? Here is a video that will help you with your SonicWall SSL VPN setup, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to follow, and should make your SonicWall SSL VPN setup less painstaking and very fast:

SonicWall Port Forwarding

Here is a video tutorial that will help you handle the SonicWall Port Forwarding:

SonicWall NSA 2650

Here is a video review of the SonicWall NSA 2650:

SonicWall NSA 3600

Here is a video review of the SonicWall NSA 3600:

SonicWall NSA 2600

Here is a video review of the SonicWall NSA 2600:

SonicWall TZ 105

Here is a SonicWall TZ 105 review video:

SonicWall Support Numbers

To contact SonicWall, use these support numbers depending on where you are calling from.

LocationSonicWall support number
Local SonicWall support number (USA and Canada)1.888.793.2830, 1.408.430.5870
Brazil0800.047.4726, 1.408.430.5868
Mexico01800.083.4915 or 1.408.430.5866
International SonicWall support number (Others)1.408.430.5866
Hong Kong3071.3208
New Zealand0.508.242108
Philippines1.800.14410678  or 888.7932830 or 1.800.14410908 or 888.7932830
Renew Support number1.866.580.8089


Afghanistan: +44 20 7660 1457

Austria: 0800.080.016 or +43 720 022460

Bahrain: +44 20 7660 1457

Belgium: +44 20 7660 1457

Czech Republic: 8009.00510 or +44 20 7660 1457

Denmark: 8032.0298 or +43 720 022460

Egypt: +44 20 7660 1457

Finland: 080.094.417 or +44 20 7660 1457

France: 0800.970.019 or +33 1 85 14 92 29

Germany: 0800.0003.668 or +43 720 022460

Iraq: +44 20 7660 1457

Ireland: 1.800.818211 or +44 20 7660 1457

Italy: 800.909.106 or +44 113 360 4709

Jordon: +44 20 7660 1457

Kuwait: +44 20 7660 1457

Luxembourg: 800.21201 or +44 20 7660 1457

Netherlands: 0800.858.5003 or +44 20 7660 1457

Nigeria: +44 20 7660 1457

Norway: 800.38.224 or +44 20 7660 1457

Oman: +44 20 7660 1457

Pakistan: +44 20 7660 1457

Poland: 800.702.409 or +44 20 7660 1457

Portugal: 800.208.993 or 351 308 801 783

Qatar: +44 20 7660 1457

Russia: +44 20 7660 1457

Saudi Arabia: 800.844.9909 or +44 20 7660 1457

South Africa: 0800.000.015 or +44 20 7660 1457

Spain: 900.811.056 or +34 911 23 42 25

Switzerland: 0800.562.221 or +44 20 7660 1457

Sweden: 020.79.5750 or +44 20 7660 1457

Turkey: 800.448.82991 or +44 20 7660 1457

UAE: 800.0444.9629 or +44 20 7660 1457

United Kingdom: 800.028.0488 or +44 20 7660 1457

All other countries: +44 20 7660 1457

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