Six Essentials for the Startup Office Space

It is not uncommon for a startup business to be launched at the kitchen table and it will not take long for the owner to see the wisdom in securing professional office space. When that day arrives, it is important to find space that meets the needs of the business, both now and in the future.


Before determining a budget for leasing office space, research available spaces to determine current market conditions. Take some time to study commercial lease options to find one that works best. Some leases are simply by the square foot while others, such as triple net leases, leave more to chance when projecting expenses.


Long hours and perseverance are the hallmarks of every successful entrepreneur thus it is wise to find a location close to home for an easy commute. Equally important is finding a location that allows easy access to customers and suppliers alike. Be sure to check parking availability as well as the proximity to highway ramps, eateries and other destinations commonly used by the business.


Before locating a space, envision the layout on paper. Will a reception area be required? How much storage will be needed? Consider a workflow that allows employees to complete their tasks efficiently. Once these guidelines are established, locate a space that can meet those criteria.

The new office should be large enough to comfortably fit all employees with an area for breaks plus accommodate all office equipment without crowding. Once a business is established, changing addresses becomes more difficult so it is wise to find a space large enough to accommodate future expansion.


Each business has its own specific needs when it comes to equipment. With startup businesses, equipment is often added as the need arises. However, certain basics are essential for any business such as phone and security systems, computers, copiers, and servers. These machines will require a temperature-controlled environment and adequate power supply. In most cases, this is the tenant’s responsibility so discuss the issue with the building management to clarify current power to the office. For more information on proper power supply, contact Titan Power, a licensed contractor in the critical power equipment field.


An office makes an impression on visitors whether they are customers, suppliers or investors. A shabby, disorganized space reflects poorly on the business and should be avoided. From the outside entrance to the type of office furnishings, the office should reflect professionalism and success.

Another benefit to a nicely appointed office is the positive effect it has on employees. A comfortable working environment creates an upbeat mood and more productive workers.


Some businesses do not rely on location to attract new customers but others may want to locate near a high traffic area for drive-by visibility. If large signage, banners or other promotional products will be used, be sure to check with property management and the city regarding signage regulations.

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