Shark Vacuum Not Turning On? Causes and Fixes

Is shark vacuum not turning on? Could it be that you didn’t plug it in? Seems like the least likely reason except for a few clumsy or forgetful friends. Not that we blame you.

When your shark vacuum doesn’t turn on, there is a range of possible causes just as there are fixes. Machines are not 100% trustworthy. They can falter at the most crucial point or just when you have a lot to clean. Not that they mean to.

Shark Vacuum Not Turning On? Causes and How to Fix It

When it’s Not Properly Plugged In

Most people won’t forget to plug their vacuum cleaners in but might not plug them incorrectly. If your vacuum is not securely plugged into an outlet, it won’t come on.

To fix this, check to see if it fits securely and if the socket is turned on. If it isn’t, fit it in securely and get your machine running smoothly.

Damaged Cord

If the cord is damaged, power won’t get to the vacuum cleaner. This can lead to electric shock, so unplug it and have the cord changed immediately.

Faulty Socket

If the cord is just fine and properly plugged in, the issue might be with the socket. If it has a broken fuse or tripped circuit breaker, it won’t supply power to the vacuum. If the socket has no power as well, the shark vacuum won’t turn on. Try it at another working socket to be sure it’s not a socket issue. If it still doesn’t come on, move on to the next fix.

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Clogged Filters

If the filters are clogged with dirt, it might cause shark vacuum overheating which triggers the thermostat to turn off the vacuum cleaner. If you try turning it on again, it might not come on.

To fix this, replace or clean the filter. Check the instruction manual from the manufacturer to see if the filters are washable or not. If they are washable, wash them under cool water and airdry for 24 hours before putting them back in. If they are not washable, you will have to dust them off with a brush.

Vacuum Switch Turned Off

If you plug in your vacuum cleaner correctly but do not turn on the vacuum switch itself, you will experience the shark vacuum not turning on issue. It seems as unlikely as not plugging in your vacuum cleaner but is actually easy to forget.

All you have to do is turn it on.  

Worn Collection Canister/Dust Cup Switch

The collection canister has a switch that engages when it locks in. That switch can wear and not function properly. To fix this, try removing the dust cup and inserting it carefully in an attempt to engage the switch. This is a tested and trusted working fix.

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Broken Motor

Motors don’t last forever. With the amount of parts they have, they can break down at any time. If this happens, get an expert to repair it or utilize your warranty, getting it fixed at no cost.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker might trip when you initially power on your shark vacuum cleaner. This is because vacuums can draw a lot of power. They are notorious for tripping circuit breakers. If this is the case, check the breaker on the outlet. To reset it, press the reset button on the outlet. If it does not have one, locate the circuit breaker panel and check to see if the outlet was tripped or not.

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Suction Motor Thermostat Needs Reset

Shark vacuum cleaners have a thermostat that shuts down the cleaner once the machine overheats to avoid any damage. It shuts down the vacuum until the suction motor cools down. If you try to restart the cleaner when it’s not cool enough, it won’t start.

To fix this, reset the suction motor thermostat by first switching off the unit using the OFF button. Next, unplug the vacuum, clear filters, and hose, and wait for at least 45 minutes for the machine to cool down. You can then plug it back in and put the switch button back in the ON position to get it working. If any of the above fixes do not work to fix the shark vacuum not turning on issue, you might have to get a new vacuum cleaner.

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