Shark Vacuum Cleaner Making Weird Suction Noises

Honestly, you cannot go wrong with a Shark vacuum cleaner. They are generally strong and dependable, and, more often than not, will offer you efficiency, reliability, and excellent value for money.

In fact, Shark vacuum cleaners regularly come out near the top on several overall rankings. These lists are compiled based on such metrics as maneuverability, the controls, how easy they are to maintain and clean, battery run time for cordless vacuum cleaners, and other criteria.

But Shark vacuum cleaners are not invincible. There may come a time when it breaks down, refuses to come on, or you notice your shark vacuum cleaner making weird suction noises. This can be pretty disconcerting, especially the first time it happens.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Making Weird Suction Noises? Possible Causes

For most people, vacuuming is not the most enjoyable of household chores. What can make an already dreary task even less pleasant quickly is your Shark vacuum cleaner making weird suction noises. This noise can be really loud, or just plain grating to hear.

So what causes these inconvenient noises? Let’s take a look at some possible reasons why your shark vacuum may be making weird suction noises.

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This is a pretty common cause of the weird noises your Shark vacuum cleaner may emit. Vacuum cleaners are pretty sensitive about what they swallow. They are open to sucking in dust, sand, and small debris, but when it’s a sock, clumps of hair, folded pieces of paper, or coins, then there’s a problem.

It is important to inspect the surface you intend to vacuum before you begin. Apart from causing your Shark vacuum cleaner to make weird suction noises, clogs may lead to blockages that may need technical help to fix.

Dirty filters

There is a chance that if your Shark vacuum has suddenly begun to emit those annoying noises, dirty filters may be the problem.

Vacuum filters serve a very important purpose. Primary filters collect a good proportion of the dust, hair, dirt, and other tiny debris that have been suctioned into the vacuum cleaner before they can be pushed out back into the environment. Secondary filters on the other hand, further purify the air that has passed through the primary filter. It collects all finer particles that have made it past the primary filters.

Over time, filters gather up so much dirt. This affects the vacuum cleaner as it has to work harder to create enough suction to properly clean your surfaces. As a result, your Shark vacuum will begin to make those weird and annoying suction noises.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Making Weird Suction Noises

Broken Fan

Conversely, the weird suction noises your Shark vacuum cleaner makes may be a result of a broken fan. The fan plays an essential role in your vacuum cleaner, preventing it from overheating.

After a while, lots of dirt will run through your Shark vacuum cleaner’s motor and collect on the fan. Eventually, it will cause the fan to break. When this happens, the vacuum cleaner begins to emit a louder noise, with the sound from the broken fan combining with the suction sound of your vacuum cleaner.

If your Shark vacuum cleaner has a broken fan, you should take it to a repairer.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Making Weird Suction Noises

Damaged or Dirty Brush Roll

Finally, a damaged or dirty brush roll may be responsible for your Shark vacuum cleaner making weird suction noises. If it is damaged, then it may need to be replaced. If on the other hand the noise is caused by debris getting stuck in the brush roll, you can have the noise cut out in no time.

How to Fix Shark Vacuum Cleaner Making Weird Suction Noises

Now we are done with diagnosing the possible causes, let’s move on to the fixes.

Clean Your Filter

You need to make filter cleaning a regular fixture in your Shark vacuum cleaning maintenance.

  • Unplug your vacuum cleaner >> Tap the filter against a wall or the rim of a dustbin to get rid of loose dust and dirt >> Use an old toothbrush to remove the remaining dust in and around the metal grate >> Run the filters under warm water until all the dirt is gone and then sun-dry.
  • Your Shark vacuum comes with a HEPA filter. This is not washable. Simply clean with an air compressor.

Unclog the Vacuum

If the weird suction noise is a result of clogging, then you must unclog.

  • Confirm that it is clogged. Inspect the head visually. Release the hose and drop something small through it. If it does not drop out at the other end, then it is clogged.
  • If the clog is in the head, you may be able to pull it out with your fingers, a toothbrush, or a pen.
  • If it is in the hose, gently poke through the hose with a mop stick or a straightened wire hanger, until the clog drops out.
  • Test the vacuum to see if the noise is gone.
Brush Roll

Clean the Brush Roll

  • Lay the vacuum flat and turn it so the brush roll faces upward >> Remove the knobs and lift the brush roll plate off >> thoroughly clean any dirt and debris that may be stuck in it >> Place the brush roll on its end and spin. If it spins effortlessly, then there is no damage to it, and it should work noiselessly now.