Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Yellow, Red [Light Codes]

Why is your Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow? What do this indicator light and others mean? And what can you do if you come across it on your mobile wireless charger? This article will be discussing these and more.

Many times, when the Samsung wireless charger is blinking yellow, the phone stops charging, and it stays this way either permanently or you’re unable to charge the device until you disconnect and reconnect it.

From these being a result of incompatible components to something or someone chewing the cords, here are some things to consider if your Samsung wireless charger is blinking yellow.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Yellow – Causes and Fixes

Why is your Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow? When the Samsung wireless charger is flashing yellow, in the majority of cases, this will mean that the charger is in abort mode. The charger’s output is shut OFF, and resetting it should fix things in most cases.

You can reset an abort mode by simply unplugging the charger from the power outlet, waiting for around 5 minutes, and plugging it back into the power outlet.

You will likely see the yellow light flashing when your battery can’t be charged completely.

Damaged Charging Cord, Pad, or Plug

Your Samsung wireless charger is likely blinking yellow because something has damaged the cord.

If you have kids and animals, you might try to see if any part of the cord has been chewed, while you’ll want to visually investigate both ends of the cord to be sure the cable hasn’t been pulled on both sides – the side of the adapter and the side of the charging pad.

You’d also want to confirm that the cords are plugged in all the way both on the charging pad and on the wall adapter. Something this small causes the yellow light to start flashing.

Incompatible Cable, Adapter, or Pad

The Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow often results from using an AFC or brick that doesn’t match the phone in question. You’d want to ensure that you have cables, adapters, and pads that are compatible with Samsung devices.

If you’re seeing the yellow light blink, quick troubleshooting we recommend is changing each component of the charger as these not working together is one of the most common causes of the Samsung wireless charger blinking.

Here are two quality wireless chargers we recommend for Android and iPhone. The Samsung wireless charger and the MOSHI OTO charger.

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Weaker Wall Adapter

If you are experiencing this issue with the Duo charger, using compatible components is way too important. We have seen users whose issues primarily resulted from using a single wireless charger adapter for a Duo wireless charging pad.

Basically, trying to charge two phones with the power of one caused the yellow light to start flashing. Using the right adapter fixed this almost instantly.

If you are using a single wireless charger and you are having this issue, try getting an adapter that delivers 2amps and above like this one.

Adapters get weaker over time, so you might try a newer adapter should the one you have start developing issues.

But weaker wall adapters almost always cause the Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow.

Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Blue – Causes and Fixes

Why is the Samsung wireless charger blinking blue? While the solid blue LED indicates that the charger has a good connection, the wireless charger flashing blue indicates that the devices aren’t fully connected, and repositioning of the charging pad and the phone may be needed to have this fixed.

Remove obstacles

If this is the first time using your wireless charging pad with your phone, we recommend taking the phone out of any phone cases and placing the phone body-on-body directly on the charging pad. Most phone cases have things like magnets and heavy plastic that could interfere with the quality of charging when using a wireless charger.

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Indicated battery being fully charged

While this is rare, we have seen users who notice the blinking blue led when the phone charges to 100%, and lifting the phone is what causes the blinking light to stop.

Some have noticed that when the phone is on the charging pad for a while, the blue light starts blinking (even when the phone isn’t fully charged).

In many of these cases, though, lifting and placing the phone back on the pad fixes things.

Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Red – Causes and Fixes

Why is the Samsung wireless charger blinking red? The Samsung wireless charger blinks red when the phone either doesn’t support wireless charging or doesn’t support the wireless charger being used. So confirm that your phone supports the wireless charging feature and the wireless charger being used.

Check Phone Placement

A second reason for the Samsung wireless charger blinking red will be when the phone isn’t placed on the wireless charger properly. Always carefully place the device on the center of the wireless charger, and it should work fine in many cases.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Green – Causes and Fixes

Why is the Samsung wireless charger blinking green? The Samsung wireless charger blinks green because the device isn’t charging properly. Unplugging and re-plugging the USB cord, removing all foreign objects between the phone and the charging pad, including plastic and metal cases often fixes this.

Samsung Wireless Charger Light Codes

In case you’re wondering what the Samsung wireless charger light codes are, I thought we should list them out for easy understanding whenever you see them.

  • Red: The AC adapter is working well and is supplying power to the charging pad.
  • Blinking Red: Unsupported charger, or phone not supporting wireless charging
  • Yellow: Phone charging
  • Blinking Yellow: Abort mode
  • Green: Battery fully charged
  • Blinking Green: Phone not charging properly (needs repositioning, something likely interfering with charging, metals, phone cases, etc.)
  • Blue: Charging pad and phone have a good connection and are ready to charge.
  • Blinking Blue: Charging pad and phone having interference (phone case, coin, and other metals or hard plastic)
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What is a Samsung wireless charger with TA (travel adapter)?

The Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is a wireless charger with two charging pads and a USB port where you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Significantly faster than the previous version, it charges 27% to 36% faster with a Fast Charging feature limited to only the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e devices. It is also compatible with other Qi devices.

Samsung wireless charger

How does the Samsung wireless charger work?

  • First, plug your Samsung wireless charger into a power socket outlet via its USB. An indicator light will flash when you connect it.
  • Place the compatible device (like your phone, Samsung earbuds, or smartwatch) on the wireless charger when you want to begin charging. Make sure to place it on its back, as that’s the only way to ensure it charges. The Samsung foldable phones should be closed with their backs placed in contact with the wireless charger.
  • Your device might not charge properly because of the case, especially if the case is too thick, so remove the case if the need arises.
Samsung wireless charger

Mophie case blinking but not charging? Possible reasons why

Your Mophie case may not be charging, although it is still blinking for several reasons.

  • The juice pack may not be receiving enough current to power it. For example, this could happen if you’ve plugged it into a computer’s USB port. Ensure the juice pack is plugged into a suitable power source such as a wall socket or an extension outlet.
  • The wireless case may also not be charging correctly.
Mophie case blinking

Why is my Samsung wireless charger not working?

When your Samsung wireless charger isn’t functioning properly, it flashes an indicator light or makes strange noises. It could be because the charging pad isn’t connected properly or some parts have been damaged; frayed wires bent connections etc.

If your charging pad continues to blink nonstop, you can:

  • Unplug it from power and check the charging cables for any damage.
  • Reconnect the charger to a working socket or extension box. The indicator light will flash briefly, then turn OFF when the charger is ready.
  • Contact Samsung Support for assistance.

If your Samsung wireless charger makes strange noises, it could be because the fan cools the charger while charging. The fan can be heard more during fast charging as it has to do extra work to cool the charger. You can reduce the noise by deactivating fast charging.

Why does my wireless charger keep blinking?

When your Samsung wireless charger keeps blinking ceaselessly, you’ve placed an unsupported device on the charging pad or placed a device abnormally. If you place the front of a compatible device, for example, the LED would continue blinking without ending.

Why is my Mophie wireless charger blinking?

Your Mophie charger blinks for about 20 seconds when you plug it to show it is plugged in and charging. It will also blink when you press the indicator button on its back to let you know how much the battery pack has charged.

What does yellow charge mean on iPhone?

When your iPhone’s battery icon shows yellow, Low Power mode has been activated. You can switch it back to normal if you go to your Settings, scroll to Battery and turn off the Low Power Mode switch.

Why is my Samsung wireless charger not fast charging?

Sometimes if you use your wireless chargers in areas with poor network signals, you may lose network reception, causing your charging speed to fall and reducing the time it takes for your device to full charge.
Also, ensure you have Fast Wireless charging turned ON in your device setting before you start charging.

Why is my Galaxy buds case blinking red?

When your Samsung Galaxy buds flash red, it could result from several issues. First, it could mean that there is a charging error. If you were applying the wingtips wrong (the rubber covering), it could also cause the red light to blink.

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