Ring Doorbell Pro Not Connecting to WiFi? Best Fixes

No matter where you live in, a big house, an apartment, or a condo, everyone needs a working Ring doorbell. With an amazing design, easy installation, and Wi-Fi connection, you can ensure you and your family are safe in the face of the increasing crime rate.

Many customers opined that its use may not always be glitch-free because of connection difficulties. Because we know you too may have experienced the Ring doorbell Pro not connecting to WiFi issue, we discuss possible reasons and some of the best fixes you can try.

Why is the Ring Doorbell Pro Not Connecting to WiFi?

Some of the most common causes of the Ring doorbell Ori not connecting to WiFi issues are Incorrect Wi-Fi Login Details and Low Battery levels. It’s either because you entered the wrong password, either by typing an alphabet in lower case instead of in the upper case, or you missed a special character. If the battery is not charged, the connection will fail or may not even connect at all

In both cases either confirm that the Wi-Fi password is entered correctly or have your doorbell fully charged.

Let’s examine other possible causes of the Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi or keeps going offline issue. In each case, we will look at the best fixes to get your Ring doorbell back up and running.

Weak Wi-Fi signal

Poor Wi-Fi signal is another cause of the “Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi or keeps going offline” issue. Signals are represented by bars on your router. If the bars are not full (mostly because the Wi-Fi router is too far from the Ring doorbell) your doorbell will fluctuate at times. If the signal is really weak, the system may not connect at all.

Faulty electric connection

While a Ring doorbell is a smart device, issues with electrical wiring within your house can cause internet or Wi-Fi problems that will hinder your doorbell’s smooth operation. This is because a short circuit or a faulty fuse can affect the router, which will in effect be detrimental to your Ring doorbell’s operation.

Hidden Wi-Fi network

One strategy people use in managing their router is to hide their network from other devices within range. But be careful because it can also stay hidden from your Ring doorbell. When this happens, it won’t connect to Wi-Fi and will remain in offline mode.

Low Battery or Power Issues

If your Ring Doorbell is battery-powered, you might want to check the battery percentage to ensure you have enough juice.

Ring Doorbell Pro Not Connecting to WiFi? – Best Fixes

When you detect why your Ring Doorbell pro is not connecting to WiFi, you can follow these steps to fix it.

Fix 1: Move the Router Closer To the Doorbell

Checking the distance between the router and the Ring doorbell is the first fix we will recommend for the “Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi” issue. When the W-Fi signal is weak, moving the router closer to the doorbell can fix this in most cases. The farther a device is from the router, the weaker the signal will be.

Fix 2: Make Your Wi-Fi Network Visible

If you have hidden your Wi-Fi network from neighbors or just for the sole purpose of staying anonymous, this will likely be the reason for your “Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi” issue. To fix this, make your Wi-Fi network visible and reconnect your Ring doorbell.

Fix 3: Reset Your Doorbell

If after trying the other options, and you are still having the same Wi-Fi issue, just reset your doorbell. To do this, hold the button at the back of the doorbell for a few seconds. This resets the entire setup process.

Fix 4: Buy a Router Booster

No matter how many tricks you initiate to correct the problem, some routers will continue to give out a weak Wi-Fi signal. Instead of discarding the router, why not consider buying a router booster? It works to increase the Wi-Fi range for most routers. This way you may not have to physically move the router closer to your Ring doorbell.

Fix 5: Change your WiFi password

If you used special characters in your WiFi password while installing the Ring device, we recommend changing it to a simple password and trying again.

Fix 6: Enter the Correct WiFi Password

Double-check that you are not entering the wrong password; you might want to log into the WiFi account to ensure the correct password.

Fix 7: Repair Electrical Connection Problems

Faulty external wiring could be the source of the problem. To begin, turn OFF the power and test the circuit. Then, check to see if the wiring is correct and, if not, correct it.

Fix 8: Use proper battery

It would be best to have at least a 16V battery to power your Ring gadget; anything lower or of worse quality will likely damage your Ring Doorbell.

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How To Connect Ring Doorbell Pro to WiFi

Before you begin this process, you should charge the battery and install the unit. After that, connecting your Ring Doorbell to WiFi is a straightforward process.

  • Install the Ring app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Create a Ring account (or sign in if you already have one), then select “Set Up a Device.
  • Choose the doorbell model to which you want to connect.
  • Scan the MAC ID barcode or QR code on the device’s or product packaging’s back.
  • Enter your home address and give the device a name.
  • To enter setup mode, press the device’s setup button. If the test is successful, a spinning white light will appear on the front of the unit.
  • Tap “Join” and then choose the Ring Doorbell.
  • Enter the password for your preferred WiFi network.

How do I reset my Ring Doorbell WiFi

There are times when your Ring Doorbell pro is not connecting to WiFi, and you may need to reset it. Follow the steps below.

  • Remove the doorbell from its mounting bracket.
  • Log in to the Ring app and select the menu option.
  • Choose your doorbell, then “Device Health” and “Change WiFi Network.”
  • Press the orange button on the back of your Ring.
  • Then connect to the Ring with your phone.
  • You can now connect your Ring to your home’s WiFi network.

How to change Ring Doorbell WiFi without removing

Knowing how to easily change the WiFi network on your Ring devices without unscrewing faceplates or removing from the mount while precariously poised can save time.

#1. Use That Barcode or QR Code

One of the most important reasons to save your box is that it comes with additional codes that you can utilize during setup. Every Ring gadget comes with a QR code or Barcode code.

You must have physical access to your device to proceed with the setup process if you do not have these QR codes.

#2. Use the same WiFi name and password

You can also use a clever workaround to trick your Ring device into connecting to the same WiFi network.

You have to name your new WiFi network the same as your old WiFi network and give it the same password. This tricks your Ring device into thinking it’s still connected to the same WiFi network it was initially connected to.

This approach is most effective if you are changing WiFi devices, such as purchasing a new router or moving and needing to sign up with a new ISP.

#3. Press the Ring Reset/Setup Button

The reset button on Ring Doorbell Pro devices is on the side, and the reset/setup button on most Ring outdoor cameras is on the top.

Remove the faceplate and push the orange button to reset the WiFi connection on the Ring Doorbell Pro 1 and 2. You can access the reset button by removing the security screw at the bottom.

How to remove Ring Doorbell to reset WiFi

Sometimes, your Ring Doorbell Pro not connecting to WiFi is because you need to remove your device from your account. The steps below will show you how to solve that.

  • Open the Ring app on your phone and select the Ring Doorbell you want to disconnect.
  • Go to “Device Settings.”
  • Then from the menu, click “General Settings.”
  • Finally, click on “Remove This Device.”

Why Won’t My Ring Doorbell Connect During Setup?

Your Ring gadget can’t detect your network connection because it operates in the 5GHz range. Unfortunately, the Ring Doorbell is only compatible with 2.4GHz networks.

In most cases, customers can change their internet connection from 5GHz to 2.4GHz with the help of a manual.

If you wish to remain with the 5GHz connection, you’ll have to get advanced Ring products like the Ring Video Doorbell 3, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and other devices you may explore through the Ring app.


Ring Doorbell is a simple yet valuable technology-based solution used in practically any home.

However, Ring Doorbells are not always a pleasant experience. You may experience technical difficulties. With the help of this post, you should be able to resolve the Ring Doorbell Pro not connecting to WiFi issue in no time.