Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi or Keeps Going Offline? Best Fixes

No matter where you live in, a big house, an apartment, or a condo, everyone needs a working Ring doorbell. With an amazing design, easy installation, and Wi-Fi connection, you can ensure you and your family are safe in the face of the increasing crime rate.

Many customers opined that its use may not always be glitch-free because of connection difficulties. Because we know you too may have experienced the Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi issue, we discuss possible reasons and some of the best fixes you can try.

Why is the Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Some of the most common causes of the Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi issues are Incorrect Wi-Fi Login Details and Low Battery levels. It’s either because you entered the wrong password, either by typing an alphabet in lower case instead of in the upper case, or you missed a special character. If the battery is not charged, the connection will fail or may not even connect at all

In both cases either confirm that the Wi-Fi password is entered correctly or have your doorbell fully charged.

Let’s examine other possible causes of the Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi or keeps going offline issue. In each case, we will look at the best fixes to get your Ring doorbell back up and running

Fix 1: Move the Router Closer To the Doorbell

Checking the distance between the router and the Ring doorbell is the first fix we will recommend for the “Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi” issue. When the W-Fi signal is weak, moving the router closer to the doorbell can fix this in most cases. The farther a device is from the router, the weaker the signal will be.

Fix 2: Make Your Wi-Fi Network Visible

If you have hidden your Wi-Fi network from neighbors or just for the sole purpose of staying anonymous, this will likely be the reason for your “Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi” issue. To fix this, make your Wi-Fi network visible and reconnect your Ring doorbell.

Fix 3: Reset Your Doorbell

If after trying the other options, and you are still having the same Wi-Fi issue, just reset your doorbell. To do this, hold the button at the back of the doorbell for a few seconds. This resets the entire setup process.

Fix 4: Buy a Router Booster

No matter how many tricks you initiate to correct the problem, some routers will continue to give out a weak Wi-Fi signal. Instead of discarding the router, why not consider buying a router booster? It works to increase the Wi-Fi range for most routers. This way you may not have to physically move the router closer to your Ring doorbell.

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Why the Ring Doorbell Camera Keeps Going Offline

Internet connection

For the Ring doorbell camera to keep working at an optimal level, there must be no interruption in its Wi-Fi connection. The next time you notice that the camera or your Ring doorbell is no longer working fine, the first action you should take is to go straight to your router and check if the router is powered or if the Wi-Fi is working fine.

Power issues

Regardless of the type of wiring in your home, power surges can interrupt camera operations on your Ring doorbell.  Check your circuit breaker to fix anything tripped and to see whether it is connected to your Ring doorbell.

Hardware problems

Finally, hardware problems like a low battery or a cracked lens can cause camera issues. You can charge the device or change the cracked lens to correct the issue.

Check all plugged wires

In connecting the routers, the doorbell, and other devices, wires are plugged in at several points.  It could be that one or more wires are not plugged properly, resulting in the “Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi” issue. To correct this, physically ensure that all plugged wires are in place.

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Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi or Keeps Going Offline? Possible Causes

Weak Wi-Fi signal

Poor Wi-Fi signal is another cause of the “Ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi or keeps going offline” issue. Signals are represented by bars on your router. If the bars are not full (mostly because the Wi-Fi router is too far from the Ring doorbell) your doorbell will fluctuate at times. If the signal is really weak, the system may not connect at all.

Faulty electric connection

While a Ring doorbell is a smart device, issues with electrical wiring within your house can cause internet or Wi-Fi problems that will hinder your doorbell’s smooth operation. This is because a short circuit or a faulty fuse can affect the router, which will in effect be detrimental to your Ring doorbell’s operation.

Hidden Wi-Fi network

One strategy people use in managing their router is to hide their network from other devices within range. But be careful because it can also stay hidden from your Ring doorbell. When this happens, it won’t connect to Wi-Fi and will remain in offline mode.

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