Right Or Left Earbud Not Working? What to Do When One Side of Wireless Earphones Don’t Work

Have you ever had to deal with problems on either your earbud, or your wireless earphones and AirPods stop working? Many of us have. When either the right or the left earbud suddenly stops working, what could cause it? And what are your chances of fixing a right or left earbud not working issue on products like Samsung Galaxy Buds, JBL, Apple, Skullcandy, Jabra, Bose, Sony, and Jlab?

The issues that cause one ear of your earbuds to stop working are pretty common among a range of different earbud products and brands, hence, one fix can work for multiple brands of earbuds. Here are the possible causes and fixes whenever one ear of your earbud stops working.

Right Or Left Earbud Not Working? Working Fixes for Faulty Samsung Galaxy Buds

  • Charge and Reconnect
  • Update the Galaxy Buds Software
  • Troubleshoot only the faulty Samsung earbud

Fix 1. Charge and Reconnect

The first thing to check if either the right or left earbud stops working is the battery of the dead earbud. Most times, the battery of one earbud running low is why they stop working.

Place both earbuds in the charging case, and ensure they are well seated >> charge the earbuds for at least 4 hours >> restart the earbuds and the smart device >> turn the smart device OFF for around 30 seconds and then turn it back ON (if you connected with your phone, delete the earbuds from the list of paired devices) >> try re-pairing the Samsung galaxy buds to the smart device or smartphone.

Fix 2. Update the Galaxy Buds Software

If the first fix doesn’t work, you might need to update the Galaxy Buds. Go to the Galaxy Wearable app >> select About Earbuds >> select Update Earbuds Software >> select Download and Install >> now to go to the Samsung Wearable App >> select About Earbuds >> select Reset.

Fix 3. Troubleshoot only the faulty Samsung earbud

While our first two fixes have focused on troubleshooting both earbuds together, this particular one focuses on only one earbud, the faulty right or left Samsung galaxy bud.

Charge the charging case to max capacity >> disconnect both earbuds from the Bluetooth and reset the app >> place the faulty earbud in the charging case >> confirm that the red light of the charging case is now ON and stays ON (if it changed to green after a few seconds, reposition the earbud) >> leave the earbud plugged in and the red light turned ON for around 30 minutes (leave the charging case open), in which case the earbud should be charged to around 40 or 50 percent >> then try pairing with the Galaxy Wearable app while it’s still plugged in.

Right Or Left Earbud Not Working On Apple Airpods? Working Fixes

  • Tweak Hearing devices
  • Forget, reset and reconnect the airpod
  • Adjust the AirPods volume

Fix 1. Tweak Hearing devices

One of the first and most used fixes when your AirPods lose sound in either the right or left ear:

Go to Settings >> select General >> select Accessibility >> scroll down to Hearing >> select MFi Hearing Devices.

Fix 2. Forget, reset and reconnect the Airpods

Place both AirPods in the charging case and ensure that they are charging (if both or the faulty ear doesn’t charge, chances are that you have a hardware issue) >> on your iOS device, go to Settings >> select Bluetooth >> next to the Airpod name, tap the “i” icon >> select Forget This Device >> select Confirm >> return both AirPods to the charging case and close the lid for around 30 seconds >> press and hold the setup button on the AirPods until you see the status light blinking white >> open the charging case lid, place the AirPods close to your device and try reconnecting.

Fix 3. Adjust the AirPods volume

Another fix is to try adjusting the volume of either one or both AirPods. We have found few cases where one Airpod doesn’t work because the volume is close to zero. To know if the volume of either one or both AirPods is the issue, try connecting another set of AirPods and see if it works.

If it works, this might not be the issue, but if it stays the same, chances are that you need to go to Settings >> select General >> select Accessibility >> scroll down to Hearing and ensure that the balance is in the middle and not on either side.

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Jabra Elite 75t and 65t Right or Left Earbud Stopped Working? Best Fixes

  • Manually reset the Jabra Elite 75t & 65t earbud
  • Reset the charging case

Fix 1. Manually reset the Jabra Elite 75t & 65t earbud

If you’re using either the Jabra Elite 75t or the Jabra Elite 65t, and your earbud is dead and not turning on, or just not working, this is one fix that has worked for many.

In the right or left bud close to the contact points, you will see a very small hole >> get a thin pin or toothpick and use this to probe the hole GENTLY.

We must emphasize being gentle, don’t push the pin into the hole, a GENTLE probe will do.

Fix 2. Reset the charging case

If your Jabra Elite 75t or 65t right or left earbud still isn’t working, we recommend resetting the charging case.

To do this, open the charging case and place the earbuds inside >> leave the lid open and plug it into a power source >> when the battery level indicator light comes up after like 5-10 seconds, close the lid >> leave the earbuds in the case for around 2 hours until it is fully charged >> on your devices, unpair and forget the earbud >> take out the earbuds and try re-pairing them with your devices.

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Right Or Left Earbud Not Working On Skullcandy Push And Skullcandy INDY? Here Are Working Fixes

Fix 1. Reconnect both earbuds

For Skullcandy Push and Skullcandy INDY, the right or left earbud not working could be caused by disconnections between the two earbuds. So you might need to try having both earbuds connected and see if it works.

Turn OFF the Bluetooth on your device >> turn ON your INDY or Push earbuds >> tap the center of both buds 4 times to automatically reset the earbuds (do this when they’re not connected to any device >> put them in the case and take them back out so they are turned ON and will start pairing with the other >> you will hear a prompt when they start pairing and a beep when the buds have completed pairing >> enter your device’s Bluetooth settings and forget the INDY / PUSH earbuds and try re-pairing them to your devices.

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