Fighting Guides: Remnant from the Ashes Nightmare, Dreamer, Alternate Boss Kills, Final Boss

Remnant from the Ashes Nightmare, Dreamer, Alternate Boss Kills and Final Boss kill tutorial.

Remnant: From the Ashes is one of the hottest video games around right now, and it enjoys game plays from users in all corners of the world. Remnant: From the Ashes is an action role-playing third-person shooter game. The game was developed by Gunfire Games and was published by Perfect world entertainment on August 20, 2019. The game works on PlayStation 4, Windows 10 and Xbox One. So users on virtually all devices get to enjoy amazing gameplay on Remnant: From the Ashes.

The main story behind Remnant: From the Ashes is a remnant of mankind; a world that has been thrown into a lot of chaos, and the culprit is an ancient evil that has a lot more power. An ancient evil that has never been seen or faced before.  You are one of the last remnants of humanity, and your job is to go out alone or alongside one or two other survivors and face the hordes of evils. So you’re technically in a survival action shooter game that’s set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by monstrous creatures.

Remnant: From the Ashes is incredibly difficult to play. It’s one of the most difficult games I have personally ever touched. Before you even think of taking on titanic foes like Remnant from the Ashes Nightmare, you might want to test your hands and skills with other players. It’s almost impossible to beat and kill the Remnant from the Ashes Nightmare on your own.

When you play together with others, you’ll be having one or two other persons helping you, you’ll be able to discuss and apply strategies together, you’ll also be getting a lot more power when you attack together, with weapons and mods you all agree to use.

You can also play Remnant: From the Ashes offline solo. And as we mentioned in the preceding paragraph, you can also play the game online solo, or with up to 3 players co-op. You should know, though, that when you choose to play the game offline and solo, other users will be prevented from joining you.

When you die in Remnant from the Ashes Nightmare or any other modes, you really won’t be losing anything. The enemies get to respawn upon your death; but apart from that, all that you have collected will remain yours.

Apart from Remnant From the Ashes Nightmare, there are two main types of bosses. There are the dungeon bosses, who play the role of mini-bosses while there are the main bosses who need to be defeated to make progress in the game.

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When it comes to protection, Remnant: From the Ashes sports some cool armor sets. Remnant from the ashes armor sets are some of the best I have seen in-game. There is the Void armor, which, to me is the most sinister-looking armor in the game. It also happens to be the best armor you can wear in the game. Others are the Twisted, Radiant, Osseous, Scrapper, Elder, Slayer, and Akari armors. You need great armor to be able to defeat the countless bosses in the game. Your chances of killing the bosses in a fewer number of tries are also increased when you use an armor.

List of bosses in Remnant

  • Gorefist
  • Singe
  • Brabus
  • The Root Mother Scourge
  • Undying King
  • Claviger
  • Maul
  • Ancient Construct
  • The Unclean One
  • Ixillis XV
  • The Thrall
  • The Ravager
  • Scald and Sear
  • Stormcaller
  • Dreamer, Nightmare
  • Root Horror
  • Shroud
  • Raze
  • Shade and Shatter
  • The Harrow Onslaught
  • The Ent
  • Mangler:

Now let’s take a look at some of the bosses in Remnant: from the ashes and see a few guides on how to kill them. These remnants from the ashes bosses have different strengths, so killing each comes with its unique techniques.

The Ravager Kill Guide

The Ravager remnant is a wolf boss that you get to face in a very huge area. He attracts faster than most of the Remnant from the ashes bosses, while he is also very dangerous. He has three nightmare mobs on his back that helps him by shooting at you –the player—in battle.

You might be able to avoid fighting The Ravager remnant, though. These instructions should help you find and avoid fighting and either killing the Ravager or having it kill you. If you choose to kill the ravager, then follow the steps that follow.

To find the Ravager Remnant,

  1. Find the  Song Book at the start of Yaesha
  2. Enter his boss Arena, but don’t go close to the Ravager
  3. Shoot the bells in the order that was shown in the Song Book
  4. Talk to Ravager
  5. You should now use the checkpoint to leave the world
  6. You finally have to return to the Ravager checkpoint and go back to the boss arena

To kill the Ravager, Always try to keep an average or quite far distance from the Ravager. If you are too close, you’ll suffer a lot more damage, so maintain the distance. Whenever the remnant from the ashes bosses draws close to you, he’ll either attempt to bite or claw attack you. Avoid these attacks by quickly dodging in any direction.

Don’t stop shooting him whatever happens. Look for even the smallest chances to get a bullet on him. He will likely disappear only to reappear with reinforcements on his back, you should use weapons that deal area damage, as that has been the best way to deal with this.

If you can’t use an area weapon yet, then concentrate first on killing the mobs, after which you face the boss again. The reason why it’s important to kill them first is that they’ll soon jump off the back of the Ravager boss and start moving freely around the arena while attacking you.

Always take note of when the Ravager leaps into the air. He will almost always attack you with thunder, dodge in any direction as fast as possible. You’ll know he is about to attack you with thunder when the wolf lands on the ground.

Remnant from the ashes Dreamer Final boss kills Guide

Here is how to kill Dreamer remnant from the ashes. When fighting Dreamer, always focus more on shooting his head. This is like a weak point, and you would be able to inflict more damage on him. After some time, you will have to face the Root reinforcements, so always keep a distance, aim for his head and always dodge its attacks fast. Whenever Dreamer tries a Volley, (where it stops in the air and shoots 3 projectiles, you just have to sprint to be able to avoid being hit.

He will only continue to fly towards you slowly to attack you, and we will be using this against him. When he is very close to you, dodge backward, and quickly shoot him in the head.

Whenever you notice that Dreamer is trying to pull you in, roll away and never approach him until he falls to the ground attacking you. Always attack the mobs that come as a reinforcement first, then concentrate your attack back on the boss.

Remnant from the ashes Nightmare kill Final Boss Guide

Fighting and killing nightmare remnant from the ashes is hard. You need to be as detailed as possible and prepared if you ever want to get a chance, you could also co-op with another user, as that has been found to give a real boost for most players.

Nightmare is a huge bird-shaped boss. Nightmare isn’t as dangerous as dreamer though, but it is a lot more resilient with its attacks. Way more resilient that the remnant from the ashes nightmare we know in previous versions.

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Nightmare requires a pretty different strategy from what we have on Dreamer. In this case, you don’t want to start shooting him as soon as the battle starts. Focus more on killing as many enemies as possible in the Shadow Realm (the remnant from the ashes nightmare will transport you to the Shadow Realm from time to time, so be alert to this).

You’ll be able to inflict double damage when you kill as many opponents as possible in the realms. Every second counts when fighting remnant from the ashes nightmare, every second. The longer you wait, the more your health bar drops and the stronger the enemies get. Always try to kill as many as 8 opponents at least before you leave the dimension.

Nightmare attacks you with large energy orbs, but these are pretty easy to avoid. Just dodge to the side as fast as possible. Focus your attacks on his head. When his shield is up, your chances of hitting him and inflicting damage is reduced. You can also use fire and other weapons that deal a lot of damage over a long time. These weapons help to destroy his shield, giving you better chances of hitting him.

Immediately you think you have gotten enough kills in a dimension, run to another dimension.

Remnant from the ashes Alternate Boss kills Guide

This list of Remnant from the ashes alternate boss kills Guide includes other methods of killing different bosses. This Remnant from the ashes alternate boss kills Guide also includes Special drops.

  • Boss Ent – Destroy his legs with any type of weapon before killing him à get a Twisted Heart.
  • Boss Singe – Destroy his tail with any weapon before killing it àGet Dragon Links
  • Boss Brabus – Before the battle begins, hand him a pocket watch à Get Bandit Armor Set
  • Boss Maul –  Shoot the NPC caster in the head and immediately pick the module à Get Control Rod
  • Boss Harrow – Shoot Harrow’s legs. This will cause him to stagger and make him crouch. When he crouches, run to his back and pick up the spear by interacting with the boss à Get the Lost Harpoon
  • Undying King – Give the heart to the Queen, or refuse to give it to the King à Get Ruin and Kingslayer
  • Boss Ixillus – Kill both bosses at the same time, and let no one off the bosses à Get Guardian Tentacle.
  • Totem Father – Before you engage with the boss, you should come to a Totem. It would be either blue or red. If it’s blue, it’ll give you a gun and if it’s red, a spear à Get Tempest Heartstring
  • The Ravager – Make him fall asleep by playing him the lullaby à Stalkers Claw

Remnant from the Ashes Achievements

Here is a complete list of Remnant from the Ashes Achievements and what you need to do to be able to achieve them. Feel free to share which of these Remnant from the Ashes Achievements you have been able to get while playing the game.

Fire in the Sky – Defeat Singe

The Bigger They Are… – Defeat the Ent

Watch the Totems! – Defeat the Totem Father

Wolf of the Woods – Defeat the Ravager

Undying, Eh? – Defeat the Undying King

The Keymaster – Defeat the Claviger

Butterfly Effect – Defeat Ixillis XV

Dark Awakening – Defeat the Dreamer

Untouchable – Defeat a world boss in single-player without taking damage

Not So Special – Defeat 100 special enemies

First…But Not the Last! – Acquire the first trait

Good Start – Acquire 10 traits

That’s a Lot of Traits! – Acquire 20 traits

Unleash Your Potential – Acquire 30 traits

Equipment Collector – Acquire 5 armor sets

Equipment Enthusiast – Acquire 10 armor sets

Hard Choices – Upgrade the first weapon

Halfway There – Upgrade any weapon to +10

Push It to the Limit – Upgrade any weapon to +20

Shot Through the Heart – Return the Swamp Guardian’s heart to the Undying King

Mod Collector – Acquire 5 weapon mods

Mod Enthusiast – Acquire 15 weapon mods

Trait Dabbler – Upgrade any trait to 10

Trait Focus – Upgrade any trait to 20

One Person’s Scrap… – Acquire 50,000 scrap

Scrap Harvester – Acquire 100,000 scrap

Scrap Collector – Acquire 200,000 scrap

Ready For Action – Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss

Like a Boss – Upgrade a boss weapon to 5

This Watch… – Acquire Mudtooth’s pocket watch

Heart of a Dragon – Upgrade Dragon Heart

Not So Lucky – Return coin to Ace

Precious – Return ring to Reggie

Fade to White – Activate the Ward 13 World Stone

Are You Ok? – Meet the Root Mother

What is the Labyrinth? – Meet the Labyrinth Keeper

Death Warmed Over – Meet the Undying King

Like a Moth to a Flame – Meet the Swamp Queen

Changing of the Guard – Meet the Pan Rebel Leader

The Founder – Meet Andrew Ford

Fall of the Iskal – Defeat the Iskal Queen

Survivor – Defeat 5 Bosses in a row in Survival Mode

Dominator – Defeat 10 Bosses in a row in Survival Mode

Fashion! – Purchase 15 Armor Skins

Fashion is Danger – Purchase 40 Armor Skins

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