Solved: PUBG Lite Is Unavailable In Your Region – Working Fixes and Workarounds

Rarely will you find a PUBG lite player who has not experienced the PUBG lite is unavailable in your region error. Well, many settle for PUBG lite to bypass the paid game version, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. As a free service, it can’t always be a smooth ride.

It is particularly annoying since the “PUBG lite is unavailable in your region” error pops up randomly in no particular pattern. It could come up at launch or while configuring the game setting. The good news is that you can fix or work around it. But first, why does this error message pop up?

Why the PUBG Lite Is Unavailable In Your Region Error Message Pops Up

This error message seems to appear when the game notices a difference between your computer’s location and time zone and the one expected by its servers.

How to Fix the PUBG Lite Is Unavailable In Your Region Error

Fixing this issue could take as little as changing time zones and location, but let’s see details on how to do this and other workarounds.

Fix 1: Check Windows Time zone Settings

Do this to make sure your date and time are set correctly or to set it if it isn’t.

  • Type Location privacy settings in the search box near the Windows icon and click on it from the menu displayed
  • Go to Location and make sure the location service is enabled
  • Now, go back to the search box and type Change the date and time, then click on it from the menu. On the displayed page, toggle on the following:
  1. Set time automatically
  2. Set time zone automatically
  3. Adjust for daylight saving time automatically

Lastly, confirm that the auto-set time zone is accurate

You can now relaunch PUBG Lite to see if the issue persists. Note that this fix won’t work if you use a VPN.

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Fix 2: Use VPN

Many have mentioned that using a VPN has helped solve this PUBG Lite error. Even if you are in a geo-restricted zone, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass your restrictions. When choosing a VPN to use, make sure it’s a paid one because free versions collect information about users in addition to a lot of ads.

The reason many opt for VPNs is to keep and ensure their privacy; it masks your online presence. Who you are or where you are using the internet from is kept private along with other personal information.

With a VPN, you can work around the PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region issue. This service tweaks your location so that the game does not trigger any time, date, or location-related problems. Even if you are unable to access PUBG Lite from your region, you can use your VPN to change regions.

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  • Run VPN
  • Go to the server/region list and select a different region
  • Relaunch your game and see if the problem persists. If it does, you can keep changing regions until you find a region that gets you gaming without the PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region error.

NB: Sometimes, the error message can actually be a result of using a VPN. Since virtual private networks set your location to somewhere other than where you are, the game might notice this discrepancy and create the PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region error message.

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Fix 3: Allow Apps Access Your Location

Since PUBG Lite is so time zone-concerned, if you do not allow it to access your location, this error may occur. Hence:

  • Right-click on Start and select Settings
  • On the displayed page, click Privacy
  • Then go to the Location on the menu on the left side of your screen and select it
  • On the displayed page, scroll down to Allow desktop apps to access your location and enable it

On the same page, you will find the tab, Choose which apps can access your precise location. Underneath it are apps that are either toggled on or off. If PUBG Lite is displayed, make sure it’s toggled on.

Applying any of the above-described methods should fix the PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region problem. Let us know which worked for you.

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