PS4 Keeps Disconnecting from WIFI? Working Fixes

As a game lover, I can tell you that one of the most frustrating experiences for any gamer is frequent interruption when playing your favorite game.

If you regularly play the PS4, you should know that one common issue with PS4 consoles is a random disconnection from WIFI. The Wi-Fi connection speed drops and the game disconnects; after a while, the game abruptly connects again without any interference. The good news is that the problem is fixable.

As always, you’ll get well-researched working fixes that are recommended by real-time PS4 lovers. But first, why does your PS4 keep disconnecting from WIFI? Let’s find out.

PS4 keeps disconnecting from WIFI? Causes

  • PS4 console software update: A common indication that your console software requires an update is spasmodic disconnection from Wi-Fi.  Updates improve the game’s performance as well the gamer’s experience. If you were supposed to download and install an update but have not, your PS4 will still be playable, but it may start misbehaving by intermittently disconnecting from WIFI.
  • Bug in the firmware of the router: Firmware is software that is installed on a device. Most times, this software will automatically download any update when connected to the internet. On a few occasions, an unwanted bug may be downloaded together with a firmware update. If there is a bug in your router’s firmware, and your PS4 is connected to the router, the connection may keep disconnecting without prompt.
  • Router connection: The router provides a WIFI connection to the PS4. As experienced by some gamers, the router is culpable in some instances where their PS4 keeps disconnecting from WIFI. It could be in form of a loose connection to the wall socket, pairing failure, too many connected devices, or other router hardware issues.  
  • Signal interference from nearby devices: If there are wireless devices nearby, it can cause this frequent disconnection. WIFI signals are radio waves that are prone to interference by other radio waves around, not just from your home but from your neighbor’s home.  Any form of interference will reduce the signal strength, which will eventually cause disconnections.

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PS4 Keeps Disconnecting from WIFI? Working Fixes

Fix 1: Restart the Game and Console

This step might look too basic, but sometimes all you need to do is just exit the game, power OFF your PS4 console, wait for a while, and restart the game. Some gamers have found this simple step effective in solving disconnecting Wi-Fi issues with PS4.

On exiting the game,

  • Turn the console OFF
  • Unplug the power cables and wait for 5 minutes
  • Plug the power cables back
  • Press and hold down the power cable until you hear it beep twice
  • Connect the game controller and restart the game

Fix 2: Reboot your WIFI router

Sometimes, the WIFI disconnecting may not be from the game console but your router. So reboot the router to restart the internet connection. Disconnect the router from your PS4 console and the wall socket. Let it stay OFF for about 60 seconds before plugging the router back into the wall socket. Reconnect the internet to see if it starts working fine.

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Fix 3: Update your PS4 software

Since software update is almost the main reason why the PS4 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, update the software immediately. You can choose to update the software either automatically or manually.

To update your PS4 software automatically,

  • On the PS4 display, use the controller to select Settings
  • Next, select Power Saver Settings
  • Next, Choose Select Features Available in Rest
  • In the displayed checkboxes, check to Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning ON PS4 from Network

Checking both boxes will activate automatic updates on your PS4. As long as it is connected to the internet, any available updates will be downloaded and installed.

To Update your PS4 software manually,

  • On the PS4 display, use the controller to select Settings
  • Next, scroll down to System Software Update in the options and select it
  • Select Update Now and wait for the prompt
  • If updates are available, select Next to download the update
  • When the update is downloaded, click on Accept when the user license agreement displays
  • Wait for the update to install. On completion, restart your PS4 to complete the process
  • Select the appropriate frequency band
  • From your PS4 console Delete and reinstall the game

Fix 4: Turn OFF all wireless devices

As stated earlier, wireless devices around you can cause interference and disrupt the Wi-Fi connection to your PS4 console. The best option to solve this problem will be to turn OFF any wireless device around so that there wouldn’t be any interference. It could also be wise to change the position of your WIFI router. In a better location, the signal strength may increase.

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Fix 5: Connect Wi-Fi through Ethernet Cable

There is no denying that wired connections are more stable and reliable than wireless connections. Disconnect the wireless internet connection and replace it with a wired connection. By connecting the internet using an ethernet cable, the WIFI should be stable and further disconnection will be prevented.