Oberlo vs Alidropship: Which Is Best for Aliexpress Dropshipping

Oberlo vs Alidropship. That is one of the biggest arguments you will find on many Reddit dropshipping communities. For anyone starting a dropshipping business this year, choosing which is best is vital to the success of any dropshipper.

So what are each of these plugins really, and how do they work?

What is Oberlo and how does it work?

The first app we will be talking about is probably the most popular app for dropshipping with Aliexpress. Oberlo works only with Shopify. As an app, Oberlo handles the importing of products using the Oberlo Chrome extension.

Is Oberlo free? Yes, Oberlo is free until you have 500 products. If you have to import over 500 products, you will be required to pay $29.90 per month. When you go past the 10,000 products per month mark, you’ll also have to pay $79.90 per month.

In addition to paying these fees, you’ll need to pay a monthly Shopify membership of a minimum of $29 per month. This includes hosting, security, and every other feature every website needs. Depending on your needs, pricing could go higher. I must also mention that you’ll need to buy a domain name for your Shopify store, which is in the range of $14 and above depending on the extension.

Does Oberlo ship from the USA? Yes, in recent months, the company has started to push a crop of suppliers who have warehouses in Europe and America. You would need to use this as a filter when searching for suppliers inside the Oberlo app. This is one of the most attractive features for many. The ability to dropship better quality products – not those low-quality products you get in Chinese factories.

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Does Oberlo automatically fulfill orders? Yes, but you’ll need to have this set in your Oberlo app. You can have your orders fulfilled automatically or even have products disabled automatically when the supplier runs out of inventory. Oberlo also automatically updates the status of the product from order placement to delivery.

What is Alidropship and how does it work?

In contrast to Oberlo that works on Shopify, Alidropship offers you similar features, but you’ll be hosting the plugin on WordPress. Alidropship is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that works with WooCommerce.

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There is an Alidropship Chrome extension that makes it pretty easy to import products from Aliexpress. It gives you features like selecting products based on certain metrics. These metrics include supplier trustworthiness, lower-priced similar products, and it even helps you source real-life customer pictures for social-proofing. These are features that would require an extra app on Shopify.

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On pricing, you would need to pay a one-time fee of $89 for the Alidropship plugin. But that isn’t all. You’ll need to buy a domain name and buy hosting for your WordPress website. Basically, you’ll be building a WordPress website, and Alidropship and WooCommerce are used to add eCommerce and dropshipping features. So Oberlo vs Alidropship, which should you get to start your dropshipping businesses? Let’s draw them side by side.

Oberlo vs Alidropship Features Side-by-Side

FeaturesOberlo (Shopify)Alidropship (WordPress)
PriceFree – 500 Products
$29.90 / month – 10,000 Products
$79.90 / month – 30,000 Products
$89 – Lifetime
Hosting$29/m, $79/m, $299/m$48/y, $86/y, $129/y, $220/y
One-click importYesYes
Product Auto-updateYesYes
Auto Order TrackingYesYes
CustomizationVariant editorVariant editor, image editor
MarketingCoupon, abandoned cart, email lists
SEO product tags
(All these are with Shopify)
product reviews import, abandoned cart,
email lists, SEO product tags
Cash-Back System12% commission on each sale made in your storeCommission from Admitad for every product you sell on your store
Bulk OrdersYesNo

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