Norton 360 Premium Antivirus: How to Download with License/Product Serial Key

Norton 360 Premium Antivirus is an advanced software for keeping your devices secure, the software features real-time threat protection against existing and emerging threats to your data and devices.

The Norton 360 Premium also comes with advanced protection against various types of malware. Including ransomware, viruses, phishing, and spyware. The Norton 360 sports protection that comes in powerful layers for your connected devices. The software also comes with features that keep our privacy online.

The Norton 360 Premium antivirus software comes with 5 main components. These are, device security, secure VPN (so no one tracks your digital footprints), cloud backup, password manager (so you can use as many passwords as you want without worrying about losing track of which password is used for which account), and then parental controls.

The Norton 360 Premium antivirus also comes with Norton Utilities, which enables it to fix common issues to keep your PC up and running and in the best condition possible.

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Here are the main features of the Norton 360 Premium antivirus

  • PC Safecam

This feature makes it possible to know when cyber criminals try to spy on you using your webcam. I don’t know if you have noticed top tech guys using tape to cover their PC webcams, its actually because criminals can easily get your passwords or even spy on you using webcams. The Norton 360 Premium antivirus blocks them out.

  • Enhanced performance

The Norton 360 Premium antivirus allows you to enjoy the very best of protection without sacrificing performance. You might have noticed how many antivirus programs eat a lot of space on your PC. The Norton 360 Premium antivirus is designed to take the smallest amount of resources without sacrificing your security.

  • Secure VPN

Make your browsing private. Leave space for no one to track your digital footprints.

  • Password Manager

Easily store all your passwords, credit card information and online credentials safely and securely.

  • Smart Firewall

This feature makes it possible to monitor all traffic activity to and from your computer, it then blocks cybercriminals and other unauthorized traffic. It also protects you from websites that are known to provide little to no protection for you online.

  • Identity protection

Get protection from identity thieves. Protect your personal information when you buy, browse and bank online. Stay encrypted with the Norton 360 Premium antivirus.

  • Automatic backups and restore

Get all your data and important files sent to any destination you want and have it restored anytime with ease. So if you think your information and files need an extra layer of protection. Backup and restore easily with the Norton 360 antivirus.

  • Network monitoring  

This feature helps protect your wireless network from outside interference.

  • PC tune-up

This feature helps your system run at optimal speed. With this feature, you can keep your useless files away in the trash and have your PC run without interference.

  • Registry Cleaner

This feature removes unwanted windows registry files, helping to keep your PC healthy and running perfectly.

Norton 360 Premium antivirus normally costs $39.99 for purchase. But you can enjoy the app for 30 days free of charge.

  1. Register and download the antivirus then choose Norton 360 on the download page.
  2. Once you finish download, install the software.
  3. Create an account in Help> Account> Create Account.
  4. An email with a free 1 month Norton 360 Premium license will be received. Use the received license serial/product key to activate the software.

Norton 360 Premium antivirus supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10 operating systems.

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