Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging? Working Fixes

If you have the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, charging is as simple as connecting it to the docking station with a USB-C cable. You can also charge it directly with the Switch adapter from the wall socket. But if your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is not charging with both methods, there’s a problem.

It’s, in most cases, not a big problem, though. I’ll help you troubleshoot your Pro Controller charging issues in this article. I’ll tell you why you have the problem, how to fix the charging issue, and how you should correctly charge the controller.

Reasons for Your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging

Before showing you how to fix the problem, the most common reasons for this problem are explained below:

1.      An improperly plugged cable

The most common reason is an improperly plugged-in cable at the dock end or the controller port. So first unplug your USB cable(s) from the Switch console charging station and controller. Then try reconnecting it again. That usually fixes the problem.

2.      A defective cable

The cable could be defective if the first method didn’t fix the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller not charging issue. You can get a replacement and see. But before spending on another cable, why not try your phone’s USB-C cable to see if it charges the controller?

3.      The USB port on the dock could be the cause.

Lint, debris, or dust may have gathered in the USB port at the back of the dock station and caused the cable not to connect well. That’s why some were able to see that the problem was solved by charging the controller directly with the Switch adapter.

4.      The controller’s battery is flat dead

This is common with all devices that run on batteries. If the controller’s battery is completely dead, powering back on may be difficult even with a charger plugged in.

Working Fixes to Try for Your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Charging Issues

Now that we’ve seen some of the reasons your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is not charging, here are the working fixes to try:

1.      Use the sync button next to the charging port

If your controller battery is completely dead or has other charging or powering issue, you can use the sync button to rouse it up!

For example, one user had his controller battery dead and not charging. He got it charging again by plugging in the device and pressing the sync button next to the charging port.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging? Working Fixes

Note that sometimes, you may have to press the sync button for up to 4 minutes.

2.      Use another USB port on the dock.

If the Nintendo Switch controller is not charging, the problem may be with the USB port on the dock station.

The Nintendo Switch has four USB ports for charging. So, switch to another port, and the controller should charge.

Of course, you can also charge the controller directly from the adapter plugged into the wall or extension socket.

3.      Change your USB cable.

If the controller still doesn’t charge after trying all of the above, you should replace the USB cable.

Ensure you get a USB-C type with a long cord of at least 5 feet. I recommend the USB-C Nintendo Switch Charger from Heatfun. It’s long, charges fast, and has a USB-C interface.

4.      Contact Nintendo

If you have tried everything suggested above and the battery is still not filling up, the device may be defective. You may call Nintendo at (800) 255-3700 to discuss how to send it in for repair.

5.      Replace the controller

As a last resort, you have the option of replacing the controller. If the official Switch Pro Controller is too expensive, you can get the Qiaoting Switch Controller. This is one of the best-selling Switch Pro controllers on Amazon. And it sells for one-third of the original Switch Pro Controller price.

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How to Charge Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

To charge the Nintendo mega pad, proceed as follows:

  1. Connect the charging adapter to a wall socket
  2. Plug in the USB-C connector of the charging adapter to the docking station at the back. Incidentally, the console does not have to be in the docking station.
  3. Plug the smaller USB connector of the supplied charging cable of the Pro controller into the pad
  4. Connect the bigger USB connector to the dock station, and your controller should start charging. A red LED will indicate this at the top of the controller.

Still not getting it? Below is how your setup should look like:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging? Working Fixes

Note: When the battery is fully charged, this will be indicated by a green LED.

How to Charge Switch Controllers While Playing

Note that the charging method varies according to your controller type.

●       The Pro Controller

If you have the Switch Pro Controller, plug in the USB-C charging cable to the docking station and charge while you play. Alternatively, you can charge the controller from a power bank, your laptop USB C port, or the Switch charging adapter connected to a socket.

●       The Joy-Cons

Connect the controllers to the Switch by sliding them down on the sides to charge your Joy-Cons while playing. Then, while you play, the Joy-Cons will draw juice from the Switch.

Charging and using the Joy-Cons in handheld mode

When playing in handheld mode, you cannot charge the Joy-Cons. However, you can charge them in handheld mode by getting the Joy-Con charging grip from MYCHEER.

To use it to charge while playing, slide the Joy-Cons to the sides of the grip like you do with the Switch. At the top of the grip is a USB-C port that you can connect to a charging cable.

This grip also makes playing in a handheld mode more comfortable because the grip is easier to handle and it provides support.

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How Long Does a Pro Controller Take to Charge?

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller needs six hours to charge fully. Unlike the Joy-Cons, the original Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a beast regarding battery life.

It usually lasts up to 40 hours of total use. It can last even longer if you don’t use motion controls and the HD rumble functions, for example.

If you’re the type who spends about five hours gaming every day, this means the controller will last more than a week of gameplay before you charge it.

The Nintendo Switch takes approximately three hours to get to full charge. As for the Switch Lite, you’ll need two hours and 20 minutes. Also, while the Switch Joy-Cons need just 3½ hours to charge fully, it lasts for 20 hours of gameplay.

Switch Pro Controller First Charge — How Long Is Best?

Although the controller comes with some battery juice, you need to charge it for up to six hours before use, according to Nintendo’s recommendation. Once the charging indicator LED turns green, that indicates a full charge, and you can unplug.

Can you charge Pro Controller with a Switch charger?

Yes, you can! The Switch and the Pro Controller use two use USB-C connectors. If you have the original Switch AC adapter, plug it into the wall socket and insert the Type C connector into the charging port of your controller.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging? Working Fixes

While it’s possible to charge your Pro Controller with the Switch charging adapter, I wouldn’t advise you to do this if you don’t have the original Switch charger. Think about it, this Charger for Nintendo Switch supplies about 15V/2.6A of power to the Switch during charging. But the power input spec of your Pro Controller says 5V/0.5A.

So mathematically, this means you’re more than tripling the normal power input for your Pro Controller. In other words, it takes more power than it’s designed to. That’s a good way to damage the Pro Controller or, at least, the battery.

But remember, you can use a charging cable like the PDP Gaming USB Charging Cable to charge your Switch or the Pro Controller.

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Does Nintendo Fix Broken Joy-Cons for Free?

Sure! Nintendo fixes broken Joy-Cons for free in most countries. In addition, the company will repair devices with drifting issues or other problems for free. Nintendo knows about the increasing number of drifting Joy-Cons. If your Joy-Cons are drifting – i.e., the character or the perspective on the screen is moving even though you are not touching the analog sticks of the Joy-Cons, you should contact Nintendo’s customer service.

In the case of any damage, you can send them to Nintendo for repair using the following process:

  1. Go to the Nintendo Repair Portal webpage belonging to your region. Here are the regions where Nintendo accepts Joy-Con repairs:
  2. The United States and Canada
  3. Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Australia and New Zealand
  6. Europe
  1. Register with your username and password if you haven’t done that already.
  2. You can then provide information about your defective Joy-Cons and send them to Nintendo free of charge.
  3. Send your proof of purchase of the Joy-Cons or Switch so they can check the warranty status. But I just learned Nintendo now fixes Joy-Cons for free regardless of the warranty status.

So, Nintendo will repair the Joy-Cons free of charge. You can also check the current repair status via the Nintendo Repair Portal.

Charging Switch Pro Controller with AC Adapter – Pros and Cons

I know Nintendo says you can charge your controller directly with the AC adapter. But there are pros and cons to this:


Without a doubt, this is a faster method of charging the controller. The adapter pumps 15 V 2.6 amps into the controller, and the device fills with juice in a shorter time.


You risk damaging the battery because you’re oversupplying it with electric current. The controller battery may not get damaged on the first try, but doing this every time you need to charge will most definitely reduce the battery’s durability. So except when you need to, always charge it from the Switch dock.