Money Heist Season 4 Netflix Released-Review

The Money Heist Season 4 Netflix was released in the early hours of April 3rd, and it’s completely nuts. The Money Heist Season 4 Netflix episode 1 begins from where the previous season drew the cotton.

The Money Heist Season 4 cast was the same as the season 3 cast, and they are in the race to save the lives of one of them, Nairobi, while the Professor is mourning the death of Lisbon (or so he thought).

The season one saw Nairobi on the brim of death, and tensions went so high at some point that there was a standoff, with the team members pointing guns at each other. Nairobi was scared that she was going to die and then pleaded that she be released to the cops outside. Tokyo sides with her. They all got to know that Lisbon was executed on her knees, unharmed, and that reduced the tension, resulting in the decision to proceed with the surgery and sedate Nairobi nonetheless.

Palermo was being irrational in his decision making (in Tokyo’s opinion) and was asked to step down, with Tokyo taking over leadership.

The operation begins by now, and contact was made with a doctor from outside who could help. By this time, the Professor had thrown the pursuers off his track, while hiding under a box. The search party went after the bait that the Professor left, and everything just went back to some normalcy, as the police decided to negotiate, seeing how the plan to attack the Bank of Spain failed. No lives were lost, though, in the Bank of Spain attack on the police.

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Denver started having issues with his wife, over the way he reacted to a claim of infidelity Artorito made. The Money Heist Season 4 Netflix episode 1 ends with the Professor dealing with his grief and the team continuing to melt the Gold, as that was their only way out of the Bank of Spain alive.

The Money Heist Season 4 episode 1 also concluded with the police noticing that the Money Heist Season 4 casts were getting a video feed from the outside, in which the doctor was guiding them through the surgery. They took it down, but it looks like they managed to finish the surgery afterward. The takedown affected the whole of Madrid, as that was the only way to take down the video feed.

The Money Heist Season 4 Netflix episode 2 saw many of the casts getting emotional and losing it. The Professor spoke with Tokyo, and he discovered that all of this could be a trap, the same trap, and tactic that he had used extensively. He tries to see if that is the case, repeated seeing proof that Lisbon was still alive.

In all, I believe the Money Heist Season 4 Netflix episodes have been cool. Nice storyline. We can’t wait to see where it all ends now.

How Many Episodes Are In Money Heist Season 4 Netflix

The Money Heist Season 4 has 8 episodes.

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