MFC140U.Dll Missing On a Computer? Best Fixes

A common problem faced by Windows 7, 8, and 10 users is the “mfc140ou.dll missing on a computer”. This usually happens when trying to install graphic-intensive applications like Corel Draw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, or other professional programs. This ‘small’ problem can cost a lot especially when you need to complete a high-end project.

You might wonder why I referred to MFC140U.DLL missing on a computer as a ‘small’ problem even though it can stall big projects. The reason is that it is fixable and you can do it on your own. However, before we go into fixing MFC140U.DLL missing on a computer, it will be fun learning what MFC140U.DLL means.

What is MFC140U.DLL?

MFC140U.DLL is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file that is included in the Windows operating system files. It contains several driver functions and a set of programmed commands that helps a computer install and run graphic-intensive programs like AutoCAD and Corel Draw. It was developed by Microsoft and is usually associated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

When at work, the MFC140U.DLL makes it easy for Windows programs to run smoothly. But when MFC140U.DLL is missing on a computer, any graphics-related software on the computer may not work well. Apart from negatively affecting work software, ardent gamers too are affected as most high-graphics games will stop working. The error message may not always appear as “MFC140U.DLL missing on a computer” as there are other variations of the message, like “MFC140U.DLL crash”, “MFC140U.DLL error loading”, “cannot find MFC140U.DLL”, and so on.

The bottom line is: they all mean the same thing, no matter what form the message takes and as long as you see MFC140U.DLL included in the error message.

Wondering why you are seeing that error message on your computer?  That is what we’ll be looking at now.

MFC140U.DLL Missing On Computer? Causes

As a reminder, DLL files like MFC140U.DLL contain information that EXE files (e.g., Setup.exe) must follow before they can run on your computer. These Windows files were created so that multiple high-end programs can all share them. Since DLL files are shared, they save memory and make your computer run smoothly.

However, the same thing that makes MFC140U.DLL efficient also makes it susceptible to viruses. If any of the following were to happen, you will be greeted with the “MFC140U.DLL missing on computer” error message the next time you try to run any software that shares DLL files.

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Editing or Unintentional Deletion

As a computer file extension, it must remain in its default mode for it to keep supporting various computer operations. However, if out of curiosity you search for MFC140U.DLL on your computer and you decide to edit or accidentally delete the file, MFC140U.DLL will go missing on your computer.

File Corruption

It is recommended that you do a deep scan of your computer once every month to be sure your computer is free from viruses. If windows defender isn’t updated and there is no scan, useful files (like the MFC140U.DLL) on the computer will be infected. Once corrupted, it will either stop working or go missing on your computer.

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Sudden Power Outage When Loading

CyberLink Media Suite should be left to load without any power outage. If this process is interrupted, this shared file will crash and the next time you try to load software that relies on a shared DLL file like MFC140U.DLL, it simply will give you the “MFC140U.DLL missing on computer” error message.

Faulty hard drive

Apart from malware infection, other things can damage your computer’s hard drive. Such things include water damage, heat, power surges, and hardware failure. If any of these were to damage the hard drive, your computer’s MFC140U.DLL is sure to go missing.

Other factors may affect the MFC140U.DLL extension on your computer.  These include Windows registry issues, malicious software, faulty applications, and so on.

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MFC140U.DLL Missing On Computer? Best Fixes

Uninstall and reinstall the program. If you are trying to launch Corel Draw for example and you get the “MFC140U.DLL missing on computer” message, you should uninstall Corel Draw from your PC and re-install it. Launch the software again and see if it works just fine now.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, feel free to try the next fix.

Scan your computer for malware

Using Windows Defender, scan your computer for viruses and remove them immediately. You should have Windows Defender on your computer, but if for some reason you don’t have it, install a reliable antivirus to remove the virus. Once completed, restart your PC and try launching your program.

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Update missing drivers

One or more drivers might be expired or may be missing, affecting the MFC140U.DLL file extension on your computer. You may update these drivers either automatically (using a driver updater) or manually (independently download and install them on your computer as needed).

For automatic updates, download and install a reliable driver updater. Once downloaded, launch the app and scan your computer. Once a list of missing drivers is displayed, click on update.

Manually re-download MFC140U.DLL

If MFC140U.DLL is missing on your computer, you can download another to replace it. Just take care to download a version that is compatible with your PC. For example, if your PC is 32-bit, download a 32-bit MFC140U.DLL and if your PC is 64-bit, download a 64-bit MFC140U.DLL. Once re-downloaded, you may restart your computer to complete the process.

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