Message Blocking Is Active on Android, iPhone, Lycamobile & MetroPCS? – What It Means and How To Fix

Many users have seen the “message blocking is active” error a couple of times, and this could get tiring, especially when we need to send an urgent message. And the fact that text messaging is a very vital part of our communication every day, any issues with getting information across in a short time could be heartbreaking.

Users with iPhone (ios) or Android devices have seen the “message blocking is active” error immediately after sending a text, and for most users, T-Mobile has been the main carrier with this issue, but we try to make this guide easy to follow for users who may have experienced this issue on some other carriers. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and see the options we can explore.

What does the “Free Message: Unable to Send a message – message blocking is active” error mean?

  1. The “message blocking is active” error you see on Android devices and iPhones could mean you have blocked the other person. One of the first things to note when you receive this error message is that the receiver either has you on their block list or you have them on your block list.
  2. It could also mean you have a service outage. So you’d want to give it a few minutes or hours before retrying as there is a chance that your network provider is doing maintenance, and might have paused the messaging service.
  3. Another cause we have heard about from T-Mobile could be an error with the shortcode. Some “message blocking is active” errors were caused by shortcodes being either inactive or incorrect. Verify that this isn’t from your end, if you’re on the clear, then the error would be on T-Mobile’s end, and you would have to contact them so they can have their technicians fix the issue.
  4. Your recipient might also have restricted messages coming from a certain group of users. Some messaging applications might have issues working seamlessly with your carrier. If any of these was used, you might have to check to see if you can manually allow these applications. If there isn’t an option to allow these applications, then you might not be able to resolve this issue on your own.
  5. You also want to be sure of the plan you’re subscribed to. If you are trying to send text messages from a Data only plan, then there’s a chance that the message wouldn’t go through and you’ll get this error message.
  6. You should also confirm that the service you’re sending the message to supports a premium text messaging service. We earlier talked about not being able to send the message because your carrier doesn’t support a premium text messaging service, in this case, you should be sure that the issue isn’t on the recipient’s end.

How to fix/unblock the iPhones and Android “message blocking is active” error issue

To have this error message fixed, you should try any of these possible solutions. Tell us which of these options did the job for you in the comments.

How to unblock message blocking Fix 1: Check coverage

If the coverage in an area is listed as None, then you wouldn’t be able to send or receive texts or make and receive calls.

Fix 2: Is your phone active?

On the device settings page in your account, check and confirm that your phone is Active, if it’s listed as Suspended or Still Porting, then you wouldn’t be able to send or receive text messages.

Fix 3: Are text messaged part of your plan?

We mentioned this earlier. In your account device settings page, see if the Can Send/Receive Text Messages setting is enabled. Enable this option if not yet enabled. If you don’t seem to be able to enable the option, then likely, you don’t have text messaging as a part of your plan or your number is inactive.

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Fix 4: What’s the country code?

If the error was on international texts, a simple Google search of the country code will help you see if you are using the correct one.

Fix 5: Restart the process

If the error is only on one phone, there might be issues with the number. Maybe it’s incorrect. Delete and re-save the number and retry.

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Fix 6: Unblock

An option that works, especially if you’re blocked is to ask the person to unblock you. If you are not sure if you’ve been blocked or not, call the number. If it also doesn’t connect, then there is a chance that you’ve been blocked or you’ve blocked the person. If calls go through, then you might have to try the other fixes in this article.

How to unblock message blocking Fix 7: Text Content

Some users have been able to resolve this by sending only plain texts in messages. There is a chance that this error was caused by all the other non-plain-texts added to the message. Remove all attachments, emojis, pictures, or graphics in the message and retry.

Is yours an android message blocking is active issue, or are you experiencing the “message blocking is active” error on iOS (iPhones)? Which of these fixed the “message blocking is active” error for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Message Blocking Is Active Text Messages Problem on Lycamobile

If you are experiencing the message blocking is active text messages problem on Lycamobile, we have a few different working fixes that should be able to work for you. Since 2019, you would experience the message blocking is active notification when you send a message on Lycamobile if your plans expire and you haven’t recharged.

  1. To resolve the Message Blocking Is Active Text Messages Problem on Lycamobile, visit the Lycamobile website and purchase a plan. Many users have stopped seeing this issue after buying a plan as low as $19.
  2. We will recommend turning off the Wi-Fi to see if messages will start sending. Some users have noticed that disabling Wi-Fi has somehow rectified this issue and they can start sending messages on Lycamobile
  3. We will also recommend putting the Lycamobile sim card in another smartphone. We have found that some sim-related issues are device-specific, hence changing the sim into another device fixes it.
  4. Another possible fix to the Lycamobile text messages problem is that you isolate the problem in question. Sometimes, you’d be able to send from your email to your phone but can’t send from your phone to email, in which case we will recommend going to Settings >> Networks >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Name >> Input and Save the recommended settings from Lycamobile.
  5.  Another fix for this Lycamobile text messages problem is to check if your device has the preferred message center settings for Lycamobile. Go to Menu >> Messages >> Message Settings >> Sending Profiles >> Tap the first profile to see if the figures fit the latest Lycamobile message center. To get the Lycamobile message center number, reach them on 1-845-301-1612.

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Message Blocking is Active on Metro Pcs

  1. One of the most popular and easily noticeable causes of the Message Blocking is Active on Metro Pcs issue is that your plan doesn’t allow the feature you are planning to use. If your plan doesn’t allow international calls, either from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia, a simple upgrade or subscription will fix this in most cases.
  2. The second thing to check is if the sim card is the issue. Trying switching devices and see if the sim works with your other device. If it does, then you might check to be sure what could be wrong. You could also do a network reset as there might be issues with either your message preferences or your network.
  3. You might also contact Metro Pcs to request a refresh of your smartphone and sim card’s message features. Quite a good number of customers have found that this fixes the issue for them.
  4. You also want to consider the recipient. If the recipient doesn’t have their phone bill paid for, this might lead to you seeing message blocking is active on Metro Pcs

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