Merrybet – Complete Guide on How to Register on Old Mobile and Computer Versions Online, Predict & Win Big

Merrybet was founded in 2013, and ever since its inception, the website has grown to become one of the most visited websites in the country. The website has an old mobile version which was recently updated to a better version, and a computer version, both making it easy for customers who are constantly searching for how to register and win big on Merrybet, using both mobile and computer versions.

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You can play sports betting, live betting, web cards, shop fixtures, global bet, lucky six 1X2 games, golden race and so many others of the world’s biggest and most followed sports. In Nigerian, soccer is actually one of the most followed sports on Merrybet and virtually on all other betting platforms worldwide.

Football is the leading game for most betting, so I will maintain some bias towards football in this article, but you can be sure that you can easily play any type of game you want on Merrybet both online and in the shops in your community.

Merrybet (Old) Mobile App

You can place a bet from your mobile devices using Merrybet’s mobile app. You can easily download the mobile app from the Play store. The app is available on iPhones too, so it makes it easy to bet on the go. The app is also free, so don’t be scammed by guys who offer to send you the app for a fee. Simply install your Google Play Store to have the app installed and start betting in no time. In case you prefer using the Merrybet old mobile app, simply visit the Merrybet website to see if they still have it up. If not, you might have to make do with the Merrybet new mobile app.

How to Register On Merrybet

Merrybet – Complete Guide on How to Register on Old Mobile and Computer Versions Online, Predict & Win Big

Just click on the register button when you visit the official website of Merrybet. When the registration page opens, you’ll see a table with columns that you’re required to complete. From your username down to the bank you use.

  • So click register
  • Fill the form on the new page
  • Click on Register when you’re done
  • Remember your login details for future use

Note: You should be 18+ to be able to register on Merrybet.

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How Merrybet Booking works

If you feel you’re now ready and pumped up to start your betting journey, all you do next is to book specific games and bet stats.

How to bet both on a computer and on the Merrybet mobile app:

  • Visit the Merrybet website and login or register if you have not already done that.
  • Make a deposit of the amount you plan to play with
  • Choose the sport you want to bet on. Sports ranging from soccer all the way to racing games.
  • You will choose the tournament next
  • Choose the games you want to bet on
  • Choose your bet type. Eg Goal-Goal, X-Draw, Away team win, home team win.
  • Choose the number of games you want to bet on
  • Then input the amount you’d like to bet with
  • Click OK and the bet will be placed successfully.

How to Make Deposits on Merrybet

Whether you wish to play using the new mobile app or the old mobile app, or whether you’re using the computer version of the betting service, you will be able to credit your betting account seamlessly using any of the options listed below.

  • Bank Deposit
  • WebPay Nigeria
  • Paystack Card
  • Paystack bank transfer
  • Paydirect
  • GlobalPay
  • Perfectmoney
  • Quickteller
  • Webpa
  • Zenith bank
  • Credit and debit cards

You should choose the preferred means of payment on the website and click on proceed. If you use any bank cards issued in Nigeria, you should be asked to confirm the receipt of an OTP code. Enter all required verifications. If you use a verve card, chances are that you won’t be able to make payments on the Merrybet website. So I think you’ll need anything from MasterCard upwards to be able to place a bet on Merrybet, or on Merrybet booking and Merrybet deposit.

For those who are still not comfortable making transactions online, the Merrybet shops have been created by Merrybet Nigeria to make placing bets in your community as seamless as possible.

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Merrybet Payout and Cashout

When you place bets on the Merrybet platform, you either win or lose. If you lose, you don’t get a payout or cashout, but if you win, you get an opportunity to cashout your earnings in as little time as possible.

Bank Deposit

This option is available if you have entered your bank account details in your account. If you pass the minimum payout amount, Merrybet then deposits your earnings straight to your bank account.

Perfect Money

If you use Perfect Money, chances are that you will be able to have your earnings deposited in your Perfect Money account in as little time as possible.

Instant Payout

This option means you’ll receive a credit alert as fast as possible into the bank account you provided during registration.

Note: The maximum payout on Merrybet at this time is 1 Million naira.

Merrybet Bonus

From time to time, Merrybet offers bonuses on starting from as little as 17 percent if you place an accumulator bet regularly.

Merrybet Agent and Merrybet Shop

As mention earlier in this article, you can make money by creating a business for the purpose of placing bets for people on Merrybet. As long as you’re over the age of 18, you can register as a Merrybet agent and get a commission when people come to the shop to place bets. This is often subject to approval from Merrybet Nigeria.

Merrybet Customer service

If you have issues along the way and you’d like to contact Merrybet directly. Please contact them using the phone numbers below.

  • Deposits: 08147196465
  • Payouts: 08166382000
  • Betslips & Account: 08059061372
  • Merrybet Predict: 07019812141
  • Whatsapp: 08164387525
  • Customer care: 017002030

You can also contact Merrybet using the email address below:

The website also features a live chat option, I have been having issues connecting with it personally, so if you are able to use it from your end, it might be a faster way to get a reply whenever you have a query.

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