Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Review, Specs, and Price

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam is one of the best quality webcams on the market. The webcam lets you enjoy meetings on Zoom, Skype, Online classes, create videos for your YouTube, and stream games online with amazing quality, and smoothness.

It also comes with a background replacement feature that allows you to change the background without using a green screen.

It is increasingly becoming necessary to have webcams as part of both your work and gaming setup as a result of the COVID19 which has caused many to start working from home. So I am doing a complete Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam review, from the best features to the not-so-cool features.

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Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Specs and Price

Resolution1080p at 30fps, and 720p at 60fps for streaming
AudioTwo Omnidirectional MICs with noise cancelation
SensorCMOS 2MP
Field of View78 degree
Supported OSWindows 10, 8,7, Mac OS X, Android 5, Chrome OS
In the box1x webcam, 1x Tripod
ConnectionUSB Type-A, USB 2.0
PriceLogitech C922 Pro Stream Price is $147

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Review

If you have to work from home, stream on Twitch or you just want to record videos for YouTube on a budget, then the Logitech C922 Pro will pretty much do the job for you. You will be able to use the webcam for Zoom meetings, Skype calls, online classes, and a couple of apps that come with support for webcams.

If you also don’t want to show your entire room on your meetings and streams, the background remover does the job of removing the background. The ability to remove the background without using a green screen is one of the things you’d appreciate most about the webcam from the start. It also comes with a free tripod which is a great option if you want to have your footage coming from a different angle as you engage in your activities.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Camera Quality

I used the Logitech C922 Pro mainly with streaming of Xbox One, on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer, I also used it for Skype and Zoom meetings, and compared to the webcam that I had on both my desktop and my MacBook Pro, this is of a better quality overall. It comes with a feature that allows it to adjust to the lighting in the environment. It easily clips to the top of the laptop, and the tilt was great. The webcam stays affixed to the top of the tripod for as long as you want.

It produces videos of 1080p resolution at 30fps, while when streaming, you should be able to get 720p resolution at 60fps. It also comes with a CMOS sensor that’s 2MP. Overall the Logitech C922 Pro Stream 1080p HD webcam is worth every dime invested in it if we consider just the camera. But what about the audio quality?

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Microphone Quality

While not the best in the world, and not comparable to the traditional microphone, the Logitech C922 Pro stream microphone is enough for the most basic users of the webcam. It comes with noise reduction features that make the webcam’s built-in mic not pick on surrounding noises easily while delivering 2D and 3D audio quality.

The Logitech C922 Pro stream microphone works great if you are using it for Zoom, basic video conferencing and Skype calls, but if you’re planning to go into competitive gaming, or YouTube video making, you would be better off with a standalone microphone.

So overall, the Logitech C922 Pro stream microphone quality was good, but not the best you find on the market. If you’re not into heavy streaming and video making, you should be just fine.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Software

The Logitech C922 Pro stream software is one of the biggest selling points of this webcam. The device comes with Capture Software which was very easy to operate, handy for setting and calibrating your webcam to your desired settings. It comes with the auto-crop feature, which works like a green screen as it picks your head and chair out of the background.

While it isn’t the traditional green screen, it sure does a good job for the average user, so it’s a pass for us. The software passes the Logitech C922 Pro stream as a budget webcam for YouTube and Twitch streaming.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Price

How much is the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam? The price of the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam is $147 if you’re in the USA and internationally. If you’re in the UK, the price of the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam is £184.

Why Are Logitech Webcams Out Of Stock?

Why are Logitech Webcams out of stock? Logitech webcams are out of stock because of an increase in demand. Webcams are now used for work, for game streaming and for keeping in touch with friends, which explains why there is an increased demand.

Is 30 fps Good For Webcam?

Is 30 fps good for Webcam? Yes, for basic work and household use, 30fps is good for a webcam. If you plan to use the webcam for something as powerful as online streaming and YouTube video making, then you should shoot for 60fps and above.

Is 60 fps Faster Than 30fps?

Is 60 fps faster than 30fps? Yes, 60fps is like the mid-range and is mostly recommended for video transmission of any kind. It’s faster than 30fps, and generally offers better quality than 30fps.

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