Live Stream Your Game for Big Time Wins

Ever since the first gaming console, Magnavox Odyssey, was released in 1972, the world of virtual gaming has kept on evolving with improved graphics, game-changing technology, more player freedom, etc. There were days when the games were only available in stores, but 8-bit Nintendo was the turning point in gaming entertainment systems in 1985. The goal of designing the games kept on improving with the evolving technology. In its initial stages, some games supported only particular devices. Then came the time for flexible devices and supportive computer gaming. Then finally came the video games, which changed the experience of gaming altogether. Access to mobile phones and laptops has only increased this reach to games. The comfort of gaming from your personal device laid the path for new developments each day, which gave way to video game live streaming.

What is a video game?

Simply put, video games are sports in a digital device. These are interactive digital entertainment via your computer, laptop, tablet, or your personal mobile. The invention of smartphones and laptops transformed video gaming. These have become a significant platform utilizing the unique features of mobile devices, which facilitates the live streaming of games.

Live streaming:

As most of you might have known, streaming is a data transmission method which is the method of transmitting videos bit by bit over the Internet instead of the whole video at a time. This reduces the burden of downloading the whole video at a time before having to play it.

Hence, live streaming is the method of transmitting the video continuously over the Internet without uploading the already recorded and stored video. Some of the examples of live streaming are social media live streaming of celebrities, cricket live and live interviews or even live news of an incident. There is no space for editing the video in live streaming, so the audiences enjoy uninterrupted and original content. There are various ways of live streaming like one-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many, each having their own purpose of serving.

Video game live streaming:

You may have seen many games streaming live these days, and also you may or may not have known that live streaming of games has grown to such extent that the industry has grown to be a far bigger force that it appears to be in our day-to-day lives. Live streaming of games can be simply defined as another revolution, which attracts people towards gaming platforms by capturing live gaming moments and streaming them online uninterruptedly. Youngsters and game enthusiasts are always curious for new developments in the gaming industry; hence the live streaming came as a blessing for them.

Live Stream Your Game for Big Time Wins

Confused with which platform to choose to live stream your new game? Let’s go enlist the priorities first:

Choosing your platform is indeed one of the biggest decisions you ever have to make, especially when there are so many options to choose from. For some, the vision might be obvious, but for some, its hard time thinking, searching and finally choosing. 

There are several things to be considered before taking your final call:

1. The genre of games I want to play?

2. What type of audience should I target for?

3. Do I need a niche audience?

4. What is my own niche area?

5. Do I have to combine other content with my video game live streaming?

6. If yes, then what type of content will go as the best combination to maximize my revenue?

7. Do I want to specialize in one single game, or do I want to cater to different audiences with different games?

These are not the whole range of questions, but for sure, these are the initial questions you need to answer yourself before choosing. Also, know that some platforms are different than others, so be wise and be your best judge. 

There are various ways and numerous websites to live stream your games:

  • YouTube game streaming: YouTube is one of the dominating video streaming websites. There are various advantages as it enables you to generate decent revenue through affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc., and the biggest advantages of all is the viewer base. It is a fact that YouTube is the dominating video streaming platform with a significant viewer base. You can find most of the game streamers providing content with commentary, adding humorous backgrounds and exciting music to stick the audience to the screens.
  • Facebook: Facebook is yet another social media platform as already known to all. Facebook game streaming is a bit similar to that of YouTube video game live streaming. If you want to explore and include a whole new community in your gaming world, Facebook will probably be the best place to do that. Having a lot of people watch your game once you gained that reach is the advance of Facebook video game live streaming. This can also gain you extra followers. Who wouldn’t want added benefits, right?
  • Twitch: Another famous website to stream your games is Twitch. It is both user-friendly and efficient. A large number of gamers daily consume the content provided by streamers on Twitch.
  • Then there are some lesser-known websites like InstaGib TV, Smashcash, Gosu Gamers, Afreeca TV and the list goes on longer and longer.


While like always there are different benefits from different sources, there are both social media and separate video game live streaming platforms, remember that live game streaming platforms make the task easier for you in connecting you with your already available gaming and gamers community. But the advantage of social media platforms cannot be ruled out altogether, which connects you with the world to always explore your new niche areas and gain potential new audiences. You can stream your games on the video game live streaming platforms on your social media accounts to reach a wider audience. Now, people are developing interest in watching the video games live-streaming than HBO, Netflix, and Prime, and they are moving to these sites to experience the quality video game live streaming. Roll up your sleeves and jump into exploring and experience the new world of video game live streaming, dear gamers! Download GameSee App