LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi? Best Fixes

In recent times, smart TVs have become a common sight in many households as a lot of people prefer a TV that makes connecting to the internet and watching their regular TV and cable shows on the big screen very easy.

With the need to connect to the internet constantly comes a problem that many of our readers have reported. This is a situation where the LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. So I’ve researched and tested some fixes on some of our LG smart TVs with this issue, and I thought it’ll be helpful to some of you if we created an article that will help you know the causes and possible fixes if your LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

Why Does My LG Smart TV Keep Disconnecting From The Internet? Possible Causes

  1. Your wireless signal being weak is one of the reasons why your LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. If there’s a significant distance between your TV and router, the signal becomes weak and this will cause the Smart TV to disconnect from the internet in intervals. Generally, moving the router closer to the TV helps to fix this issue.
  2. Your Date and Time is Incorrect. Date and time are crucial, especially for TVs connected to the internet. If there’s a slight change between the date and time of your zone and the one displayed on your TV, your internet will not work.
  3. Your LG system is not up to date. Like phones and computers, LG Smart TVs have to be updated from time to time. If not, some of the functions will begin to fail. However, new updates come with advanced features that can replace the old ones for better efficiency.
  4. You are connected to a 5GHz frequency. The 5GHz frequency band has a limited range. So it can be the reason why your LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, especially when there is a significant distance between the router and the TV.
  5. Your smart TV has some features that disable Wi-Fi. LG TVs comes with a feature called Quickstart, which makes powering the TV easier. However, when turned ON, it disables the Wi-Fi when not in use.

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LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi? Best Fixes

Update Your LG TV’s OS. All LG smart televisions feature a built-in operating system, similar to how your computer would function on Windows. This is dubbed “webOS”. Like every other OS, it requires a periodic update to remain effective. So whenever your LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, check if your TV has been updated recently.

You can try the following steps:

  • Go to Settingson yourTV remote
  • Next, press All Settings 
  • Select General, then about TV
  • Choose Check For Updates

Note,if you have any updates pending, you must begin and wait for the updates to complete. Afterward, reboot your TV.

Turn Off Your TV and Router and Turn On Again

For this to work, you have to turn OFF your TV and router. Not just turn it OFF, unplug it from the power outlet to debug generic bugs and glitches. For example, a transitory issue resolves itself following a complete shutdown

After unplugging both devices, wait for about 15 minutes before plugging them back and powering them on. Allow both gadgets to finish booting, then connect the Wi-Fi, check to see if it disconnects.

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Turn OFF QuickStart

Quickstart is a lovely addition to smart TVs—this feature makes it easier to power on the TV. So you don’t have to wait a long time before the TV finishes booting. Although this feature isn’t in all LG-made TVs, quite a few have it.

I know having the feature is a fantastic idea. However, there is a downside to it. As the name suggests, the system doesn’t have much time to connect with the wireless signal before powering on correctly. This ultimately leads to the “LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi” issue for some users.

So, if you want to prevent your TV from disconnecting from the Wi-Fi, it’s best to turn OFF the Quickstart feature;

  • Press Settings on your remote
  • Then navigate to General
  • Select Quickstart and turn it OFF

That should do it. Simply restart your TV and see if it worked.

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Check your TV’s Location

Your present location matters a lot. So regardless of the location settings on your TV, you will need to activate your current location or GPS to ensure everything is operating properly. This can help fix the “LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi” issue.

Additionally, there may be other equipment in your home interfering with the wireless signal. Particularly electronic gadgets that operate on a similar frequency. For example, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and baby monitors.

If you position your television close to any one of them, you should consider making some adjustments in your setup.

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Adjust the Time Zone on your TV

An incorrect time zone setting may result in your LG TV repeatedly disconnecting from your Wi-Fi. Thus, it is worthwhile to take note of and make the required adjustments.

However, to ensure that the correct time is picked up automatically in your zone, it is recommended that you choose the automatic time zone.

  • Press Settings on your remote
  • Then go to General
  • Select Time & Date
  • Change the mode from manual to automatic

Connect Your Phone to Your TV through Hotspot

If your Wi-Fi signal is still acting up, try connecting your phone’s hotspot to your TV. This will help you determine if your TV can connect to a Wi-Fi signal different from your home network.

If you can connect successfully without a glitch, then there is nothing wrong with your TV. Instead, your home network is faulty.

However, if it doesn’t work, then something might be wrong with your TV’s hardware or software


It can be pretty frustrating anytime your LG TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. So before you go calling the technician or manufacturing company, why not try these troubleshooting steps at home. You might be surprised when you realize that this error is because of a trivial issue.

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