Lenovo Legion Touchpad Not Working? Best Fixes

The Lenovo Legion touchpad gives you complete control of your laptop without having to plug in or connect a mouse.

So, it’s always frustrating to find the Lenovo Legion touchpad not working, especially when you have no mouse handy. You’re frantically tapping and scrolling on a laptop that gives absolutely no response.

Don’t worry, if it’s not a hardware issue, it’s an easy-to-fix issue. So, without further ado, I’ll tell you what to do to fix a Lenovo Legion touchpad not working issue.

Lenovo Legion Touchpad Not Working? Causes

Disabled Touchpad. A possible cause of a non-functional touchpad on the laptop is that it is disabled. This can sometimes happen even if you use the laptop every day.

The touchpad can be switched OFF with a simple key combination by using the dedicated function key. It is, therefore, possible that this may have happened accidentally.

Missing or outdated drivers

If the Lenovo touchpad driver is out of date, or if it is missing, the touchpad may not work again until the driver is updated. You can update the driver on the Lenovo website. You’ll discover how this is done further down in the article.

Low touchpad sensitivity

Perhaps it’s not like the touchpad is totally not working. It may be that it’s not responding as fast as it should. In this case, you have a touchpad with low sensitivity. The sensitivity and speed of response of the laptop can be adjusted in the Windows setting.

Lenovo Legion Touchpad not Working? Best Fixes

If your Lenovo Legion TouchPad no longer works, you have several solutions to try. These fixes I’m recommending work on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

Fix 1: Restart Laptop

I’ve always said the first thing to do when you have issues with your mobile device or computer is to restart it. So, plug in a mouse and restart your laptop and see if the problem resolves. You can also just hold down the power button so you do both a shutdown and power drain at the same time.

Fix 2: Enable Lenovo Touchpad in your PC Settings

Sometimes, your Lenovo Legion touchpad not working issue is because you mistakenly disabled it. Here are two ways to check and prospectively reenable the touchpad:

  1. Use the Touchpad shortcut key

If the keyboard has the Touchpad key, press the fn key and the f6/f8/f10 shortcut key to reactivate the touchpad. This works for Legion 5 and Chromebook.

  • Enable in Settings

Go to Settings >> Device Manager >> Touchpad and change the Touchpad toggle switch to ON.

Fix 3: Use windows troubleshooter

You can also use the Windows Troubleshooter to fix touchpad issues:

  1. Click on the Windows key
  2. Search for and click on Settings
  3. In the search bar, look for and click on Troubleshooting
  4. Click on Hardware and Sound and then on Hardware and Devices
  5. Click on Next in the box that opens and Windows will resolve driver problems
  6. If the touchpad driver or any other driver is missing, it will ask you to “Install a driver for this device
  7. Click on “Apply this fix” and the problem should be resolved
  8. Restart your PC

Fix 4: Uninstall touchpad driver

Another major culprit for a non-working touchpad is the outdated/corrupted/erroneous/missing Lenovo touchpad driver. You may need to uninstall your touchpad driver to get your touchpad working again. You can uninstall your touchpad driver in the following way:

  1. Hit the Windows key
  2. At the Start menu, click on Settings.
  3. Search for and launch Windows Device Manager
  4. Right-click on “Mice and other pointing devices
  5. Click on “Uninstall
  6. Restart your laptop, and Windows should reinstall the driver
Uninstall touchpad driver

Fix 5:  Rollback OS update

Many users are reporting touchpad issues after upgrading to Windows 10 or 11. An incomplete update can cause some device drivers to be missing. In this case, you can try rolling back your OS update:

  1. You can do this by going to Settings or pressing the Win key + i
  2. Click on Update and Security –> Update History –> Uninstall Update.
  3. Next, follow the directions found on the screen and restart Windows when prompted to.
Uninstall Update

Fix 6: Check for and install the latest drivers

You can update your device drivers in several ways:

  1. Go to the Lenovo webpage and search for the latest driver for the Legion device. Be sure to choose only drivers that are compatible with your variant of Windows system version.
  2. If you do not have the computer skills or patience to manually update your Lenovo PC’s touchpad driver, you can automatically update it with Driver Booster 8.
  3. To install new drivers with Driver Booster 8, download and install the software
  4. Scan your PC with it and it will check for missing drivers
  5. Click on Update Now and the driver will be automatically updated.

Fix 7: Increase touchpad sensitivity

If your touchpad sensitivity is low, you can adjust it this way:

download 2023 06 14T235649.997
  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Choose Mouse and then click on Mouse Properties
  3. Increase the sensitivity by adjusting the slider from Slow to Fast

You can also adjust mouse sensitivity by going to Settings (on Windows 10 and 11) >> Click on Bluetooth and devices >> under Devices, click on Mouse or Touchpad (depending on the one you want to adjust) >> then adjust the Cursor Speed as you want. There is also an option to choose between different levels of sensitivity.

download 2023 06 14T235534.551

Fix 8: Contact Lenovo/Claim warranty

If it looks like the touchpad is damaged, there’s not much you can do. Repairing it yourself is usually not an option. Instead, contact Lenovo for repair.

The first thing to consider here is whether the warranty is still valid. If this is the case, you can probably have the touchpad repaired for free by talking to Lenovo. Otherwise, you can have the touchpad repaired or replaced by Lenovo or a certified repairer at a cost accrued to you.

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Lenovo Legion 5 Touchpad Not Working? Best Fixes

  1. Ensure you have the latest driver updates. If not, download and install a new one.
  2. Activate touchpad by pressing the fn key and the f10 shortcut key
  3. You can also uninstall the touchpad driver by going to Device Manager and the computer will automatically reinstall it again.

Lenovo Chromebook Touchpad not Working? Best Fixes

  1. Clean any dirt or dust you may have on the touchpad
  2. Check for and get working drivers
  3. Turn the Chromebook OFF and ON
  4. Make a hard reset

Lenovo Legion Touchpad Not Working After Windows 10 update? Things to Do

  1. Enable the touchpad on Windows by pressing Win + R
  2. In the box that opens, type control and enter
  3. Click on mouse in the control panel
  4. In the properties that open, click on the last tab by the upper right side
  5. Enable touchpad

Lenovo Touchpad Not Working After Sleep? Things to Do

  1. You can try reenabling the touchpad by pressing the Fn key + F6/F8/Delete.
  2. If the problem persists, an incompatible or out-of-date driver can be the problem. So, consider updating the driver.