Is FaceTime Free on WIFI Both Locally and Internationally?

The appeal of using FaceTime is how it makes communication easier; you can talk to whoever you want over long distances and still get a feel of that personal connection, and while it has its advantages, questions surrounding the cost of using FaceTime have also been asked.

For instance, when using FaceTime, does it require a data plan, is FaceTime free on WIFI both locally and internationally? And are there hidden charges that come with using FaceTime on your phone, this guide would help you see how FaceTime really works. 

Does Facetime Work Internationally?

Yes, FaceTime works internationally, as long as you and the person you are talking to both have an iPhone with iOS 7 and above. You also need a strong internet connection to ensure that the call goes through seamlessly, FaceTime allows both voice and video calls, however, video calls use up more data than voice calls. 

Is FaceTime Free on WIFI Internationally?

Yes, FaceTime is free on WIFI internationally. You just need to have an existing plan on your WIFI network, once that is settled, there is no additional cost. Using your WIFI for FaceTime is preferable, especially for international calls, this is because using cellular networks can rack up a hefty mobile bill for data, a situation nobody wants. Utilizing WIFI when FaceTiming a person internationally would cut down these costs and would make the whole experience go smoothly.

How Much Data Does FaceTime Use Per Hour?

On average, FaceTime uses 3-4 MB per minute and roughly 180-240 MB per hour to make calls. Though the audio calls consume lesser data, the difference is not really significant and video calls use just between 1-2 MB higher than audio calls.

Other factors that affect data usage include internet connection, as if it is weak, less data would be consumed and the quality of the call would also be poor. An easy way to track how much data you use in a particular call can be done with the following methods:

  • First, you open the FaceTime app.
  • The app automatically shows your FaceTime video history.
  • Press on ‘I’ which is the information icon beside any recent contact.
  • The data used for the call would show next to the call’s timestamp.

This makes it simple for you to monitor the data used for an individual call and what it finally adds up to. You can also track the total amount of data that the app uses per month by checking your iPhone or iPad settings. 

Does FaceTime Use Data on WIFI?

Yes, FaceTime uses the data on your WIFI plan with no additional cost to either phone bill or the cellular/mobile data package. This is why it is said that FaceTime is free on WIFI.

Does FaceTime Audio Use Minutes?

No, FaceTime audio does not use call minutes. FaceTime operates by using only data either from cellular/mobile data or Wifi and, even when you use FaceTime for video calls, it only takes out of your data packages in mobile or WIFI and does not in any way affect the call minutes.

Does FaceTime Use A Lot of Data?

No, FaceTime does not use a lot of data. 180-240 MB per hour is reasonable as both local and international calls can be done on FaceTime. However, this is entirely dependent on the budget you set aside for your data every month. 

There is also a way to reduce the amount of data used for FaceTime by your iPhone or iPad, just switch ON low data mode by going to settings and choosing mobile/cellular data options, after which you choose the option for low data, this restricts the amount of data being used by the apps in the phone including FaceTime.

How Much Does Facetime Cost Per Minute?

FaceTime uses a range of 3-4 MB per minute for the calls you want to make, when you add that up, you’ll see the amount of data it uses per hour. Your call minutes are not involved in any FaceTime call.

Does FaceTime Show Up on The Phone Bill?

No, FaceTime does not show up on your phone bill, this is because FaceTime calls are done with data and a working internet connection, unlike normal calls. This makes it unable to show up on the phone bill as it is not supposed to be included with normal phone calls.

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Why Is My FaceTime Audio Not Working?

There can be several reasons why your FaceTime audio is not working and some of them are; when the microphone is not enabled for FaceTime, poor network settings, or issues with the microphone, needing for the device to be looked at. Most of these errors can be solved by going to settings and resetting your phone, these actions should help your FaceTime audio to work properly. 

How to Make FaceTime Use Only WIFI?

Making the FaceTime app on your phone to use only WIFI can be done in these steps:

  • Click on Settings, then press the cellular/mobile section.
  • A menu would appear with all the apps on a list, a green and white toggle beside them.
  • Look for FaceTime and move the toggle from green to white. That would allow the app to use only WIFI while making FaceTime video or audio calls. 


A lot of benefits come with the FaceTime app, among them is using FaceTime which is free for local or international calls, the data costs can also be managed and tracked so that you won’t end up using a truckload of data.

So, is FaceTime free on WIFI both locally and internationally? Yes. But even though it has many advantages, using the FaceTime app is only limited to iPhone and iPad users, android users would have to use another video app. FaceTime can also be used for group calls, you just need the number, email address, and names of the people you wish to call.