Is 2ms Response Time Good for Gaming [A Recommended 144Hz Monitor]

If you are in the market for a gaming monitor, response time and refresh rates are two of the most important things you’d look for. If you’ve been using a 16ms or 8ms gaming monitor before now, getting anything lower, either a 5ms or 2ms will show a remarkable difference.

But in reality, is 2ms response time good for gaming? I’d be answering that and sharing my top choice when it comes to a gaming monitor that will be providing you top-notch performances.

Yes. A 2ms response time is good for gaming. With a 2ms response time coupled with a decent refresh rate, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the gaming experience, including how smooth, fast, and responsive-to-control your gameplay is.

First, let’s begin by talking about what response time is, and just why you’d need to consider the response time of a gaming monitor before you commit.

Response Time Definition in Gaming Performance Testing – What Does 2ms Response Time Mean?

Response time (ms) in gaming is defined as the amount of time it takes from the time a person makes a request or calls a control to the time the request receives a response. It also refers to the speed at which the monitor transits from one color to another and from one shade to another.

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So let’s say you are playing a high FPS game. It’s expected that the in-game character responds to your command as soon as you hit the specific command. So generally, the lower the response time of a gaming monitor, the better the gaming experience.

The best response time for a gaming monitor is 5ms and below. With 2ms or even 1ms, you are sure to be in the sweet spot. If you have ever had to game with 16ms gaming monitors and then switch to a 5ms gaming monitor, you’ll surely see a remarkable improvement.

2ms Response Time Vs. 1ms

A 1ms response time and a 2ms response time are technically the same. While you get similar performances, 1ms response time remains the top option for gamers. And if gamers are using it a lot more, then there’s a chance it trumps a 2ms gaming monitor.

2ms and 1ms gaming monitors have almost similar pricing, so if you’re in it for a monitor that will last quite some time, then why not just invest in a high-quality 1ms gaming monitor.

2ms Vs. 4ms Response Time

While it doesn’t show a remarkable difference unless you’re coming from 1ms response time, you should be able to use any of these two and be just fine if you’re a casual gamer. You should remember that a 2ms response time is a lot better than a 4ms response time, and you’ll always enjoy gaming with a 2ms response time monitor over a 4ms response time monitor if you’re a pro gamer.

Response Time Monitor 2ms Vs. 5ms

Generally, I’d not trouble myself with anything from 5ms and below. 5ms is presently the standard for most gaming monitors, with 2ms being the top of the range set. Yes, 2ms vs. 5ms has a noticeable difference, and when gaming with a monitor with a response time of 5ms, you’d sure see a slower response time when compared to a 2ms monitor.

But this is mostly noticed when you deliberately look for the difference, for the most part, most casual gamers get away with 5ms response time monitors.

2ms Vs. 6ms Response Time

6ms response time is too low for most gamers. While most gamers will easily get away with 5ms response time gaming monitors, 6ms is simply stretching things too far. You will surely see a noticeable difference between 2ms and 6ms monitors. Always shoot for 5ms response time and below, better yet, shoot for 2ms and 1ms for optimal performance.

8ms Vs. 2ms Response Time

2ms response time trumps 8ms anytime. If you’re serious about gaming and getting the most out of every gaming session, especially if you’re into shooter games and others that require high FPS, then a 2ms gaming monitor will improve your efficiency. 8ms response time isn’t good enough for games and gaming consoles these days.

2ms Response Time Monitor – Gaming Monitor with 2ms Response Time

If you are looking for a high-quality gaming monitor with 2ms response time, then you should try the ASUS VE248H 24 inches Full HD monitor.

2ms Response Time TV

If you are looking for a high-quality high response time TV for gaming, I will recommend the TCL 55S425 4K TV. You get an amazing refresh rate, amazing response time, and great color and picture quality.

Samsung Monitor 2ms Response Time

If you are looking out for a good Samsung monitor with 2ms response time, either for work or gaming, the Samsung 850 is one of the best options on the market. You get amazing quality, excellent performance for both work and gaming, and a great build.

IPS Monitor 2ms Response Time

The LG 27GL83A-B is one of the best IPS gaming monitors with healthy response time. You don’t just get 2ms, you get an amazing deal. A 1ms gaming monitor for the same price you’ll find a gaming monitor with 2ms response time.

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