How to Do iPhone Step-by-Step Guide

If you are looking for a way to spy on iPhones, we understand the struggle. These phones have tight security, and apps that pose as spying solutions turn out to be scams. So, we get the feeling that you have nowhere to run to.

That is why this blog is for you. Spying on iPhones has become the easiest thing to do if you have the right solution. The process is now done online without even touching the phone. Since such a statement can create a lot of doubts, we have an app for you.

You will see how it works on iPhones and why its beneficial to millions of users globally.

Part 1: ClickFree iPhone Solution

If you have never heard of it, then keep reading. ClickFree is a spying application that has over 35 spying features. It’s applicable to both Android and iOS phones. Here we will be shedding more light on the iOS version.

How it works has led to millions of downloads in more than 190 countries. The reason for fame is that it will work diligently to get you everything you need. The quiet aspect is led by the fact that it has the stealth mode feature.

It helps the application in staying hidden as you spy on the iPhone. So, the targeted user is never aware that they are being spied on. The steady part is propagated by its ability to continue spying on the iPhone after the initial set up.

You only need to set up ClickFree once for it to work. When acquiring it, the only thing you need from the phone is the iCloud credentials. That is why major news outlets such as CNET and Tech Radar have featured it.

Before getting started, you need to verify a few things from the phone. First, you need to make sure that the two-step verification is disabled. Second, ensure that the iCloud syncing is turned on. Once those two are settled, then you are okay to start the setup process.

Once you sign up for an account on the main website, the next part is about verifying the iCloud ID. After a few minutes of syncing, that is when you get all the data in your account. It’s that simple.

Here is a highlight of what ClickFree will capture.

Part 2: ClickFree iPhone Spying Features

Contacts and Call Log

ClickFree can get you all the calls made using the device. It will also reveal the incoming and missed calls. The information will include the timestamps, call duration, and contact details. If you would like to record the calls, this app will also do that.

For the contacts, it gets you everything saved on the phone.


Here, you see all the sent and received iMessages. ClickFree will get you the contact details, timestamps, and any other attached files. Are there any deleted iMessages? You will also see them since they will be retrieved from the iCloud.

Location and Geofencing

ClickFree will get you the exact location of the iPhone. You can also see all the previously visited places. The Geofencing option helps you in setting perimeters in the most wanted areas. When the target crosses the line, you get alerted via the set email.

Installed Applications

Here, you will see all the third-party applications on the phone. If your target is active on social media, this is where you get to capture all the activities.


ClickFree has the power to capture all the keystrokes made on the phone. The information is then stored in log files, which you can access via the control panel. It’s easy to locate the reports since its grouped into applications.

If you want to fetch the target’s usernames and passwords, this is the feature to use.

For more information about the ClickFree spy app for iPhone, check out the main website. What you need to note is that you can log in anywhere to view the updates. The control panel in your account is always compatible with all browsers.

The information you see is protected from unauthorized access. ClickFree does that by syncing the information when you log in. When you log out, the data is discarded.

Part 3: How to Spy on iPhone Step-by-Step Using ClickFree


  1. The iPhone should have iOS version 7.0 or above. Get the iCloud login details
  2. Reliable internet connection
  3. A valid email address

Steps to Start Spying on the iPhone

Step 1: Sign up an account on the ClickFree website and then choose the Apple icon. Proceed to pay for a suitable subscription and then wait for the confirmation email.

Step 2: When it arrives, log in to your account and verify the iCloud ID. Next, select the phone you want to spy and wait for the ClickFree and iCloud syncing.

Step 3: Once the syncing is complete, you will see the web portal with everything you need.

To spy the data, use the links on the left menu to see what your target is up to.

Part 4: Why Use ClickFree to Spy on iPhones?

  • Stealth mode operation: ClickFree does not require any jailbreaking, download, or installation. Therefore, it will never be visible on the target’s phone since everything is done online.
  • Quick setup process: Since you will be doing it online, it will take you less than five minutes to start spying.
  • Real-time results: You get to see the results as soon as the targeted user updates their phone.
  • Reliable: ClickFree has no malware. It also does not drain the battery when fetching the information.
  • Remote uninstallation: You can get rid of ClickFree via your control panel. There is a one-click uninstallation for that in your account.
  • Friendly prices: It’s a budget-friendly solution with no hidden fees after the payment.


You can follow the steps above to start spying on iPhones using ClickFree. It’s as simple as the steps depict. That is why it has won global recognition. Once you have the iCloud credentials, the rest can be done online.

After that, you will never need the phone for spying and even removal.