Why Is My iPhone Charger Cable or Adapter Not Working? Best Fixes

The “iPhone charger cable not working” and “iPhone charger adapter not working” are issues iPhone users experience fairly commonly. Common charging problems are usually easy to diagnose and fix, however, they can become quite troublesome and more complex.

Why is your iPhone Charger Cable Not Working?

Your iPhone charger cable not working is most likely caused by a broken cable. If we’re being honest, only a handful of people treat their cords as they should. Others throw the cords around, pull or twist them, and this kind of treatment is what causes damage to the cords over time. Three out of five iPhone users probably have frayed cables. This happens when the cable gets twisted or bent and this causes the plastic coating to weaken and wear out.

Incompatible Cord

Another reason why you might face the “iPhone charger cable not working” issue is because you opted for an incompatible cable. Granted, there are some cheap and super-efficient cables out there. However, it is safer to opt for the appropriate or compatible ones even though they are typically more expensive because they will serve you better in the long run. An incompatible charger cable could also damage your iPhone battery or the charging port.

Failed Power Regulator Chip

Your iPhone charger cable not working could also be caused by the failure of the power regulator chip in the cable. This issue is more common with cheap third-party cables. These cables are typically known to not last for up to a month. You might however be lucky enough to cop a high-quality one, but the opposite will most likely be the case.


Some iPhone users have also come across the issue of their charger cables working only one way. This is caused by the corrosion of the contacts on the cable connectors. It can usually be seen physically as black marks or spots on the gold connectors that won’t come OFF easily but can be scratched OFF with appropriate tools.

Loose Connection

iPhone cables and connectors require a little push for proper fit. A user might not be aware of this and might connect the cable loosely in fear of damaging the cable. In this case, there is no proper connection and the iPhone might not charge.

Dirty USB Cable or Port

In some cases, the culprit preventing the proper connection for your iPhone to charge could be some dirt or dust stuck in the phone’s charging port or the USB end of the charger cable.

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Why is your iPhone Charger Adapter Not Working?

Your “iPhone charger adapter not working” issue is possibly because the adapter is broken or incompatibility with the iPhone. Your iPhone charger adapter not working could be because it is being used to charge a phone with a higher volt/amp rating. You should use an adapter with a volt and amp rating that is compatible with the phone in question.

Burn Out

Your iPhone charger adapter not working could also be caused by the adapter getting burnt. Some charger adapters might get too hot while charging the phone, this happens when the adapter receives more load than the phone needs. When this continues to happen, the function of the adapter deteriorates until it is completely fried. Charger adapters could also get burnt after years of use. The longer a charger adapter is used, the weaker it gets

Water Damage

If your iPhone charger adapter is not working, one of the causes you might consider is water damage. When a charger adapter comes in contact with water more than a few times and for long periods, it can become damaged and stop functioning properly – if at all.

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iPhone Charger Cable Not Working? Best Fixes

To fix the “iPhone charger cable not working” issue, inspect the charger cable for damages. Next, ensure all the connections are done properly >> disconnect the charger cable from the adapter and your phone >> disconnect the adapter from the power outlet >> reconnect them again, ensuring this is done properly >> if it doesn’t work, you can try connecting your phone to your laptop instead of the adapter or connect your phone to the adapter instead of your laptop.

Remove Corrosion

Over time, charger cable connectors can become corroded and this could stop the charger from working or cause it to work only one way. Corrosion on charger cables usually appears as black marks on the gold connectors of the cable. To fix this, get a pencil eraser and rub alcohol to try to remove the corrosion from the connectors. After doing this, ensure there is no eraser debris stuck on the connectors. To avoid more issues that may arise from the eraser debris, you can use DeoxIT D5 and a fiberglass scratch brush instead to remove the corrosion.

Clean the USB End and Charger Port

Another fix for the “iPhone charger cable not working” issue is to clean any dust or dirt that might be stuck in the USB end of the charger cable or the phone’s charging port. Use a flashlight to check for any dirt or debris and use the appropriate tools to clear them out if any is spotted. This can easily be done with a new toothbrush or tweezers. We do not recommend the use of paper clips or pins as these might cause scratches or shock.

Replace the Cable

If the fixes listed above do not work for you, it could be more complex issues, often damaged cords. So we recommend replacing the charger cord with an Apple-certified cable. You can also get your charger cable replaced for free if your phone is still under warranty, just make an appointment at the nearest Apple store or arrange a return.

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iPhone Charger Adapter Not Working? Best Fixes

Your “iPhone charger adapter not working” issue can be fixed by simply checking the connection. Ensure the adapter is properly connected to the power outlet. Also, make sure the charger cable used is not damaged. You can also test the adapter with another cable just to confirm where the problem is coming from. We do not recommend opening up a charger adapter because it contains several tiny parts that can easily break or go missing. Unless you have experience with it, it is inadvisable to open up your charger adapter.

Connect to another Outlet

If checking the connection does not get your iPhone charging again, you can try plugging in the adapter into another power outlet. Slack sockets often result in plugs and charger adapters not being connected.

Replace the Adapter

Most of the time, issues with a charger adapter will require a replacement or the attention of an expert. You can always get your charger adapter replaced or free if your phone is still under warranty. For most issues with iPhone charger adapters, replacement is often cheaper, and a better choice than attempting a repair.

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