Infographic: 5 Types of Infographics

Infographics are gradually becoming one of the most consistent tools in the marketing world; in fact, the tool has been in use since sometime around 2008. Things haven’t changed, well, they have actually, because infographics have seen amazing saturation and its search value is simply phenomenal.

This saturation is now two ways. The search value has increased, and as we know with economics, the value of infographics and quality gradually suffers when more and more people start it. So if you could easily get an infographic published on Forbes, Entrepreneur or Mashable years back, it can now be an uphill battle to get that same exposure.

Speaking of search value still. Google, the leading search engine knows that many people now use Infographics to attract links, as link baits. They are actively working to ensure that this isn’t abused. But that doesn’t mean that infographics are no longer valuable in the digital marketing world of today.

So in case you’re thinking about having an infographic designed, here are the five most commonly used forms of infographics.

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