I Keep Getting Dirty Texts From Random Numbers – Here’s What I Do

While spam texts to buy certain products or to meet new people in my area is something pretty much every one of us has had to deal with, I recently started to notice something very strange. In contrast to the spam messages that have been harmless, and that I delete and never have to think about, I keep getting dirty texts from random numbers, and that makes blocking them useless because blocking one number doesn’t stop the messages.

For me, this is a problem because my kids play around with my phone, and even though the wife will understand, I can’t imagine how this will affect my kids. I did some research on having this fixed, so here is my article on how I fixed it in my case and how you can too.

I Keep Getting Dirty Texts from Random Numbers, But Here’s What I Do

The first thing we would want to reiterate is that these are likely spoofed numbers. Basically, software is used to send messages, and recipients see random numbers, numbers that are in many cases not actually in service, hence how easy it is for these spammers to send you these messages nonstop. So while blocking might help, chances that they will use the same number the next time is slim, so blocking isn’t a permanent fix.

Don’t Click On Any Links

Am sure these scammers have a way of tracking who clicks on the links in the texts, and that is something you don’t want to do. Many of these are short links, so you don’t always know where they’ll lead to when you click on them. Always delete the texts when you receive them.

Don’t Reply To the Messages

Just like link clicks, replying to the messages might indicate that you are engaging with them, in which case you will continue getting the dirty text messages. Not engaging with their message in any way might signal to them that they have an inactive number and might lead to them removing you from their bulk text messages list.

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Block Message from Unknown Numbers

While this particular fix might not be the best for some of you, blocking messages from unknown numbers helps me when I keep getting dirty texts from random numbers.

If you are using an iPhone or another iOS device, go to Settings >> scroll to Messages >> scroll down to Message Filtering >> turn ON Filter Unknown Senders.

If you’re using an Android device, what I do when I keep getting dirty texts from random numbers is, open the messaging app (I use Google’s messaging app) >> I tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the screen >> I tap Settings on the next page >> then Activate Spam Protection. (You’ll generally need to wait for a few days to be sure of the effectiveness of this setting)

Basically, any unsaved number that texts you will not be able to deliver, and for many of us, this is one of the most effective fixes when we keep getting dirty texts from random numbers.

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Block Persistent Number and Report as Spam

While this might not be doing the job 100 percent, it has been helpful for me. After some time, check if the numbers are identifiable. If you notice that a couple of numbers are repeatedly sending you dirty texts, you just have to block them by touching and holding the message, then select something like “Block Sender” “Block” or “Block Number”.

After blocking said numbers, we will recommend contacting your carrier to complain about said numbers and also complaining about getting dirty texts from random numbers. Am sure they’ll be able to streamline where these messages originate from as it’s often very few bad actors sending all these messages.

Use an Anti-Spam App

While we recommended setting rules that will block any texts from unknown numbers, we understand that many of us use our phones for work and will likely get some texts from unknown numbers, texts we need. And that is where anti-spam apps come in.

These apps allow you set specific rules, including keywords, in hopes of blocking any messages that match these. You can get apps like Truecaller, Robokiller, Nomorobo, and YouMail. For me using an anti-spam app when I keep getting dirty texts from random numbers does the trick.

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Use SmartLimits (or something similar)

If I was ever again in a situation where I keep getting dirty texts from random numbers, something I recently discovered and that helps is a service offered by AT&T, it’s called “Smart Limits”. This blocks certain numbers (often numbers reported by other users for spam) and restricts access to inappropriate content for kids, either on the web or via texts. You might contact your carrier to know if they have something like this.

Mark as Spam

Marking any number that texts you dirty messages as spam should also do the job in many cases. Yes, it doesn’t stop the messages, but it is one little step towards stopping this spam epidemic.

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Someone Keeps Texting You from Different Numbers – What You Can Do

It is very annoying when you keep getting unwanted messages from someone you don’t want to talk to. This can be more annoying if you usually get dirty texts from random numbers.

Here are a few tips on how to stop getting those texts.

Don’t respond to the messages

The first thing you should do is to avoid interacting with the messages. If the messages usually contain links or attachments, do not click on them. The link or attachment may be a form of malicious software that could cause damage to your phone.

Also, try not to respond to any of the messages. By responding to the messages, you will confirm that your number is valid to the sender of the messages.

If you don’t reply to the messages, the sender may get discouraged and eventually stop texting.

Block the phone numbers

Identify and block the phone numbers from which you receive the unwanted messages.

For Android users, open the text, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right, and select the “Block number” option.

On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user, open the text message you received. First, tap the phone number at the top of your screen, and then tap the “Info” button.

Select “Block this Caller” when the info page displays, and then tap “Block Contact”.

Report the phone numbers

If you use an American service provider, you can report text messages by forwarding them to a specific number. However, you should note that the procedures for making the report differ.

For those using an iPhone, press down on the message. Tap More and tap the right arrow to forward it as a new text. Text the message to 7726, which spells out SPAM.

For Android users, press down on the message, tap the three-dot icon at the top, and select “Forward“. Then, text the message to 7726, which spells out SPAM.

This number works for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile. These mobile carriers will use the information to block future spam messages.

Filter out spam messages

If you are using an Android, you can disable all potential spam messages from the Google Message app. Simply tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the app and then select “Settings“.

Inside “Settings“, go to “Spam protection” and turn it ON. Next, enable the spam protection switch. With this turned ON, your phone will be able to alert you if an incoming message is spam.

If you are using an iPhone, what you can do is filter messages from unknown senders into a folder within the Messages app. To do that, go to “Settings“. Then, under “Settings“, go to “Messages“.

Tap on “Filter Unknown Senders” to turn on message filtering.

Use the ‘SMS Service Error’ message

You can use the popular “SMS Service Error” message whenever someone doesn’t stop texting. All you need to do is reply with the following message.

“SMS: SERVICE ERROR 305: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.”

The idea behind this method is that the sender gets worried about being charged for sending failed text messages.

Change your phone number

It can be a frustrating thing to resort to, but if the sender doesn’t stop texting you, changing your phone number is the last option.

Just ensure that you don’t give out your phone number to random people when you change it.

How Do I Report Inappropriate Text Messages? The Options You Have

There are a few ways to report inappropriate text messages.

  1. You can report it on the messaging app you use. To report a message, simply look for the option to report junk or spam messages.
  2. Forward the message to 7726 (“SPAM”). According to the Global System for Mobile Communications, 7726 is the number for reporting spam texts.

All you need to do to report a text message is forward it to 7726.

  1. You can report unwanted messages to the FTC and FCC. The FTC is known as the Federal Trade Commission.

Simply visit their “Complaint Assistant” page to report messages to them. On their page, click on “Report Now” and select the “Phone, internet, TV service,” option.

Select “Cellular or landline phone service” when a new list of options displays. After going through the process, you will need to answer a quick questionnaire about the message.

To report messages to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), visit their “Consumer Complaint Center”. You will need to fill out a short form with your email address and information about the message.

When you report the messages through these channels, they should help you to stop getting dirty or unwanted texts from random numbers

How To Filter And Get Rid Of Spam And Dirty Unwanted Texts On Android And iPhone?

You can automatically filter potential spam texts from appearing with important ones sent from legitimate contacts. If you want to filter and get rid of spam texts, follow the procedures below.

On an Android phone

  • STEP 1: Open the Messages app on your phone
  • STEP 2: Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • STEP 3: Select “Settings” and then go to “Spam protection
  • STEP 4: Toggle the “Enable spam protection” switch

On an iPhone

  • STEP 1: Open “Settings” on your iPhone
  • STEP 2: Scroll to where you have “Messages” and tap on it
  • STEP 3: Toggle the “Filter Unknown Senders” switch

How To Block Messages From Unknown Numbers On iPhone And Android

One easy way to stop getting dirty texts from random numbers is to block the texter’s number from being able to send messages to you.

To that on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Select the message from the number you want to block
  • STEP 2: Tap on the number or profile photo at the top of the message
  • STEP 3: Select “Info
  • STEP 4: Scroll down and tap on “Block this caller
  • STEP 5: Select Block Contact

To block messages from unknown numbers on an Android, follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Open the Messages app on your android
  • STEP 2: Select and hold on to the message from the person you want to block
  • STEP 3: Tap on the three-dot on the top right corner of your screen
  • STEP 4: Select the “Block” option from the menu

How To Block A Number On Verizon Messages

If you are tired of getting dirty texts from random numbers on your Verizon Messages app, you can block those numbers. Follow the procedure below to do that.

  • STEP 1: Open the “My Verizon” app
  • STEP 2: Tap on the “Account tab” at the bottom of your screen
  • STEP 3: Locate the number you want to block and tap the “Manage device” option below it
  • STEP 4: In the “Preferences” section, tap “Block calls and messages

How To Stop Email Text Messages

In some cases, you may not be getting dirty texts from random numbers through your texting app. Instead of regular text messages, some intruders send their annoying texts through email.

Fortunately, there’s a way you can stop getting their email texts. Follow the procedure below.

  • STEP 1: Open the Gmail app on your phone
  • STEP 2: Open the message
  • STEP 3: Tap the vertical three-dot icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • STEP 4: In the options it provides, tap on “Block [sender]”

How To Secure Your Phone Number From spammers? – Working Tips

To avoid getting dirty texts from random numbers, you can secure your phone number from spammers. Below are some tips for securing your phone number.

  • Figure out where your information is being shared publicly. For example, when you do regular searches of your name and phone number, you will be able to figure out if your phone number is exposed somewhere.
  • If you are not expecting a phone call from an unsaved contact, let calls from unknown numbers go to voicemail. You should only pick up if you recognize the number.
  • Don’t share your personal information with a stranger over the phone.
  • Register your phone number with the Do Not Call Registry. Though this will not help you stop all the calls, it will keep your number off robocall lists.
  • Download a spam blocking app such as RoboKiller. Apps like this can help equip your phone with some of the latest protection from potential scams and spammers.

Best Apps To Block Spam Texts and Stop You From Getting Dirty Texts From Random Numbers

If you want to stop getting dirty texts from random numbers, you can download an app to help you block the spam texts. Below is a list of some of the best apps you can use.

  1. Spam blocker for android, Block text: This app can help you block text messages from unknown numbers, text messages from email, and the ones you get through Gmail. It can also help you block group text messages.
  2. RoboKiller: The Robokiller app can automatically block over 1.1 million telemarketers and robocalls. It doesn’t matter if they are spoofing or changing their numbers because the app can always detect spam messages perfectly.
  3. TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker: If you install the TextKiller app, your phone will instantly be protected from more than 100,000,000 known phone scams. One of the reasons the app is so good at what it does is because its global blocklist is updated every minute. In addition, TextKiller has a predictive SMS blocking algorithm that can quickly determine if an incoming text is spam.
  1. SMS Shield: The SMS Shield is a machine learning-based SMS spam blocker for iPhones. Its manufacturers have exposed it to numerous spam SMSs to help it get accustomed to what a spam SMS will often look like.